gotu kola made me astral project

just wanted to pass along this herb is excellent for meditation and for lucid dream/astral projection (within a dream). It’s used as a mild sedative but it doesn’t knock you out like other herbs it literally keeps the body relaxed while the mind awake almost like a mild drowsy awake state and I think the reason why it works so well and is considered brain food. They use it for anxiety/stress as well and in india its known as brahmi the best of the best for meditation. I’ve used it I’ve achieved many lucid dreams ending up with astral projection with this herb if I take it prior to going to sleep along with some body awareness exercises.

Very interesting.
Some say this enhances your frontal lobe.
Yes, what you experienced is quite real.
I however dont recommend its over use, you can burn out your frontal lobe of your brain.
But then again the source I am quoting from is not entirely reliable.
Use at your own risk.

I’ve taken this before and it did help me with meditation. I have a bunch of it, maybe I’ll try it tonight.

well any sedative herb obviously use on your own risk especially during pregnancy not to be used. Gotu Kola is very mild it doesn’t work all the time but with combined meditation/body awareness exercises it helps the mind be more aware than it should so many times I was able to achieve mind awake body asleep and lucid dreaming during sleep.

I’m going to try another powerful sedative herb called wild lettuce its supposed to give you a LOT of lucid dreams people claiming it does that. But of course with most sedative herbs to try in moderations just like sleeping pills you don’t take them everyday.

That’s bizarre. I used to use GK to help me stay awake during 12 hour work shifts. It didn’t overwork the heart, but instead just kept me at an even pace.

I agree it stimulates something in the CNS, and probably the frontal lobe, because every time I used it my short term memory was very sharp and I had an increased sense of incipient knowledge.

I don’t think it’s really mild, per se, but instead you just don’t realize it’s having an effect unless you know what to look for. :wink:

Mmm…one of the chemicals of gotu kola is theobromine…also in chocolate!
An alkaloid belonging to the methylxanthines (caffeine is also a member of the methylxanthines)…its milder then caffeine but works in a simulair way…probably stimulates dopamine a little in the frontal lobe…

Mmm i agree with Davion…i wonder who said its the best 4 meditation…lol!
Because with theobromine in it, a mild caffeine sort of molecule i wonder if u can meditate really good? I mean…deeply!
I am sure a meditation pro would not say that…they even dont use drugs to meditate at all…never heard of a zen master or yogi that said well i use drugs or herbs and that beats my own meditation talent…

But ok i wont listen to what i read or what i think…i buy it and test it myself 4 meditation and post here what the resulsts where!


I’m allergic to caffiene baddly (I get sick for 3-4 days from one cup of coffee/tea) and I can take Gotu Kola so I think it’s different enough that it maybe doesn’t have most of the same harmful effects? Thats just a personal guess. I’ve very sensitive to every kind of anything I put into my body and I haven’t noticed anything bad or undesirable from gotu kola. It just seems to make the crown of my head tingle and I feel clearer. It doesn’t keep me awake or anything, it actually relaxes me.

Hi Aydira,

ok! :smile:

Curious to buy some tomorrow…hope we have it here in the shops!
Well theobromine is also in chocolate…u can eat that?



well it relaxes you but doesn’t dope your brain up to fall asleep like sleeping pills that is what makes this an ideal herb it relaxes your body while keeping your mind alert (mind awake body asleep) that is probably why it works so well with meditation your body doesn’t tense up as much and it can be used at work because you can still work be relaxed and have your mental functions it’s literally a stress buster. What I like about it is I can probably meditate more without my body tensing up thats another problem people have to overcome.

does it have any other name?Latin i.e?
cant find anything by this name in our stores

Its Centella Asiatica 1 Jack!

Good hunting… :happy:


Anyone know how well this works for meditation? Every once in a while I just can’t seem to concentrate, even on my breath. It just feels as if the whole world is talking to me. Will this help me relax during those times? Sorry, I am a complete neophyte when it comes to herbs.

Well Gotu Kola is a mild central nervous system stimulate, but it doesn’t (to my knowledge) increase the heart rate. Therefore, it seems to me that if it were to be a meditation aid, it would be because one’s awareness was improved slightly without increasing physical activity in the blood vascular system.

However, if your goal in meditation is to gain better mental control and to eventually be able to snap in and out of OBE states, ascend to a higher consciousness, etc., then you are doing yourself a disservice by using any aid other than a quiet, clean, neat organized space and confortable clothing.

If ‘the whole world is talking to you’ then that’s pretty indicative that either a.) your mind is cluttered and hasn’t learned to focus, b.) you have some fear of being alone that needs to be confronted, or c.) both.

Meditation is something you must PRACTICE in order to acheive real long term results. Try a very simple breathing and counting excercise such as breathing and counting to ten over and over, switching numbers on every expiration. Breathe slowly, count slowly, and force yourself into a rythm. Do NOT close your eyes, but instead partially close them and stare at one point or object.

Hey Weagle, aren’t you a member of Astral Pulse? If so, it’s good to see you here.

yes me its the same weagle as gotu does help very very mild if you want strong stuff I’ve heard people have gotten many lucid dreams on wild lettuce (opium lettuce) which is legal now that is much more stronger than gotu this relaxes the body even more but seriously in a society we live in if we aren’t brought up as children to meditate and knock out the stress/chatter box then herbs are a good aid of doing it til one adjusts/advances to doing it on their own for example my bro was on sleeping pills had chronic insomnia literally addicted to the over the counter sleeping pills which were only meant to be taken temporarily but afterwards skullcap/valerian herb took him off of it and he didn’t even need the herbs after to sleep it fixed his sleeping patterns. So herbs do serve a purpose it changes our bad meditation habits so to say like being anxious or tense or thinking too much of other things. salvius: try wild lettuce 1 tablespoon boil it for few minutes then drink it, I’m testing it out I will let you know but so far this stuff is even stronger than gotu kola I’ve heard many had lucid dreams so thus it does trigger those obe/lucid states many times if you keep your awareness that you’re having them then you can obe from them. So far i’ve had many small obe’s where I didn’t get farther than my backyard with meditation & gotu kola haven’t tried the wild lettuce I betcha it would be many times more and maybe I may have more control of them since I will be even more relaxed. Also the 6 hours sleep (wake up wash face for 30min-1hour read obe or do meditation) then go back to sleep for the next 2-3 hours also works as well.

How much practice is needed? I have one year of practice, plus two additional years before I took a break that I really regret now. 99% of the time I could focus just fine but even now I sometimes have probems. However, I am interested in your suggestion of staring at one object. During guided meditation my teachers always told me to close my eyes. I will try staring at an object the next time I can’t focus, it sounds interesting.

By the way, I have never had an OBE while meditating. I have had silence more than once and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I would not mind learning how to do OBE as well, however. Any pointers on the internet?

PS: Thanks everyone. I’ve been lurking these forums for about one month, and just started posting. You are an incredibly helpful group of people.

I think reason being is you haven’t gotten your body into vibrational states where the whole body vibrates a lot then you can literally just walk out of your body from that point. I do this always when I am in a sleep state or a false awakening and my body vibrates like crazy and I’m just easily able to will myself to walk out of my body with no resistance and it happens and one time I did one of those motion techniques that I’m moving on a fairess wheel and my body is at the bottom of it and it ejected me once out of my body once. Personally if I keep practicing on the vibrational techniques I can probably pull this off on the conscious state, others probably can do it using the motion techniques only difference motion techniques you may get ejected but still stuck to your body so you need to do a a trick like the rope technique (another motion technique) to get out but if you get your body vibrating a lot its so darn easy to walk out. Also certain incenses can help induce (SOME) body vibrations like sandalwood, heavier ones are agarwood/helichrysum oil. And if you need to read books on vibration techniques (which are body awareness exercises) and motion techniques (like rope technique/fairess wheel) as well check out Robert Bruce’s book Astral Dynamics really good book you can also read it for free at his treatise which he originally wrote til he published his book. I’m surprised you haven’t obe’d atleast in your dreams after so much effort you did all those years?

Hmm no gotu kola in Finland :razz:

Aydira: Drink herbal tea (Mint tea for example), those have no caffine whatsoever. As long as it’s herbal it’s guaranteed to have none. Green tea is bad bad bad, deviate from it. Mint tea will increase dream recall :smile:

Does anyone know the dosage for powdered(non-concentrate, but powdered leaves IIRC) GK? I read that you can “take 1,0 to 4,0 grams of dried GK”. What does “taking it” actually mean? Just eating? For the powder they(not that shop but some other site) just recommended making “tea” from 1 teaspoon of it.

I hope you know if you have tried it… :wink:

No gotu kola in Finland? Well, this shop sells herbal products that have to do with ancient Ayurveda medicine, and that includes- gotu kola. Powdered, 15e/100g. I guess that’s a bit expensive- but not near the rip-off prices of GK concentrate capsules.