HandBook Website is UP! [READ]

Well…I just spent a couple of hours on the handbook. I got everything going except the tutorials. I will put those on in the next couple of days. [Actually probably by tomorrow :razz:]

I have many techniques that I will post tutorials upon. More will be added!!

I have the techniques sorted in: Beginner, Beginner-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advaced. That’s just to help out people with choosing their tech. I will add a substantial amount of stuff on to this website, so please use it!!

For money reasons, it is on a freewebs account. The URL is:

freewebs.com/lucid_dreaming_ … index.html

I will also have an updater popup on the forum, so please make sure to turn off your PopUp Blocker, if you have one. Music will also be added, as long as my movie that may or may not be shown.

I want to note to all the people, I am not replacing this forum, so don’t complain about it…I am also not replacing the WikiBook. I am just making a more organized resource for techniques. Nothing more and nothing less.

I hope that you guys will take advantage of this website. If I don’t get too much population, I will shut it down.

Stay lucid!

I hate pop-ups (that is why i dont use IE) and websites that “force” me to hear music if i have not turned it on first :cry:

I will check out it later, and give some more comments if needed. But i prefer no-pop ups and no forced music (i.e. what i have not turned on, because it makes my sucky pc more slower and makes my running Winamp to crash).

Ok…I will not put popups on there and I will have it so that you have to press the play button to play the music. :smile:

Any1 else looked at it?

I’ve looked at, but just a tip…the punishment tech really sucks IMO, and is useless.

well, like i said, this is a resource center. I am going to post every and all techniques. The punishment tech could be some1 elses best tech.

Just to inform you, so far I have added the first three tutorials: Hand Technique, RC Technique, and MILD. More is being made :smile:

ANOTHER UPDATE. All beginner methods are complete. That includes: Hand Tech, RC Tech, MILD, AutoSuggestion, PILD, RILD, Sound Tech, TILD, and UILD.

More is being worked on.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: All Beginner-Intermediate methods are complete, and the Intermediate methods are nearly complete.

Beginner-Intermediate: WBTB Tech

Intermediate: VILD
Chaining Dreams Tech

hehe last post.

the site is finished!! All tutorials listed work!!! there are tons of them. 15 to be exact. More will be added soon.

for now…im gunna eat some ice cream and vedge. ive just spent about 6 hours on the handbook.

Looks good. A few things:

  • The list looks ugly because of the [Beginner] you put next to each tutorial. It isn’t nessecary. You’ve already put the category on the left. :smile:
  • You should have completed most of the techniques? Maybe simply have tried them?
  • The links look bad: blue against grey, purple against gray, blue against dark blue, purple against dark blue. Would you like some help changing the link colours using CSS? (I would change the left ones to white/light blue and the middle ones I think I might leave)
  • I wouldn’t expect the links to go directly to external sites… even though it’s labelled “LD4all forum”. Maybe have a links page mentioning dreamviews, lucid crossroads, wikibook, etc?
  • Maybe a list of stuff you might want to do in dreams?
  • The colouring system is goood.

Apart from that, a good site. Hope you update it and make it even better!

Hey, no need for that! Just leave it alone in that case.

thx r3m0t. i know there are lots of things to be done. it hasn’t even been up for 24 hours :razz: I just wanted to get the main stuff such as tutorials finished. crap loads more is going to be added :smile: and no i dont need help with programming…i got it covered

Aww, r3m0t just wants to be the only one with a good resource center lol :tongue:

As far as the [Beginner] stuff goes it does seem somewhat useless because there arn’t two version of the same tech. I do like the color coding on the Tutorials though. Pretty nice for such a short amount of time:)

This site will be added to a list of handy LDing sites for The Library.

Techboy :mrgreen:

Neo, again it isn’t mine, again I’m sure the handbook will constantly improve. :smile:

And I was the one who added it to the links list on the wikibook (about to, anyway) and to the Library one. So there!

Lol, I was kidding, but alas you win…

…this time…[/size]

Hi bendrummin58, just to report that with firefox 1.0 the music isnt working, firefox cant find any plugin to download

I never said it wasn’t :happy:

There is no such thing as a begginer or advanced technique. Wild is hard for people and really easy for others. WBTB is extremely easy for some but doesn’t work for others.

It will discourage some to try the “harder” ones. WILD method is one of the bets (IMO, even though I can’t do it) because if you do it right, it is a guarenteed lucid dream. So think about that…

do you guys read? lol. in the tutorials list, i sepcifically said that i ordered these in categories from my opinion and my opinion only!!! not some scientific reason! SDfjaslkfjasdl;fkj lol. website will be dramatically updated tomorrow :smile: