Has anybody ever died in a Lucid Dream?-PartII

This is a continued discussion. Part I can be found here:
Part I

I die in my dreams all the time. The most recent time I remember was also the only time I had an afterlife experience. It was nice, but sad because I was alone with nothing to do. It didn’t go lucid. It freaked me out when I woke up. I don’t think that you can die in a LD. You will always save yourself.

Here is a funny lucid dream that I had like mmm probably 1/2 year ago.

I’m fully lucid. A snowman comes alive and begins to shoot at me. I just smile and walk toward him as all shells enter my body. It doesn’t hurt. I become more alive as the shells go through me. I smile and he begins to freak out. I comment, “I’m immortal. You will die!” I throw flame balls at him, but guess what? He is immortal too. We end up fighting and fighting until I wake up.

It was so fun to fight someone who is at the same level as I do. :wink: I love being immortal in my dream. :biggrin: I even survived being in the torando. I even survived being in hellish evironment. Anything you can imagine… I probably have survived there.

ANyways, thought wanted to share that with you. :biggrin:

I’ve died a few times in my dreams, and I’ve been to my own wake before. But I was never lucid during it.

I did something like that in my last LD. Im a full christian, but I was being pursued by a man in armor named Jesus Christ, I realized I was dreaming, and we stated fighting, he generated a sword, and stabbed at me in superspeed but I dodged it, while saying Never.

Im scared of what this dream can translate to. Am I running from Christ in pursuit of lucid Dreaming? o_o This would be the only reason for me stopping LDing if true. Its semi-true though. I have not been reading the bible or praying as much, because I MILD.

Why not just turn around and say “When I turn around, I will be shot and killed. And I will die in my dream.” ?

I never die in dreams, everytime something happens that should kill me, I end up denying it. Like when you were a kid playing make-believe and someone says “Bang, you’re dead” and you say “Nu-uh, you missed” Several times I’ve been shot, without dying. Car accidents too. I’ve had dreams where I’m drowning, but finally I just decide to breathe, and I find that I can breath underwater. I think I’m about to die, then I just reject it as untrue, sometimes it happens without going lucid even. I wake up thinking, how could I have missed such an oppertunity to go lucid? But I have never experience the feeling that I died, or went to my own funeral.

I had a dream a few weeks ago where I was on a set of railroad tracks. A train did come along, but instead of killing me it passed through me.