Has anyone had any luck with healing via LDs?

My current goal is to heal (or partially heal) someone with diverticulitis. I have received permission but (frustratingly) have yet to become lucid in order to try it. (Well, I was lucid once but I got hijacked with eating bread as I am gluten-intolerant in waking-reality :ack: I was pretty embarrassed…since I got seduced too!)

But, live and learn…ready to try again! Anyone have luck in this area of healing self or others? (Please don’t tell me to try and gain maturity since it was a human mistake and I have had successful and meaningful lucid goals met in the past…) :smile: Thank you!

First: Nobody is going to judge you here, it’s your life, we are not your parents to tell you what’s right or wrong for you to do, and besides, what’s so wrong about doing something wrong? Just try again, and again, and again. Until you get it right, it’s not like failing is a big disaster.

Second: From a technical perspective, no, it is not possible to heal a physical disease with lucid dreaming, or anything other than an actual physical solution. However, I do believe it’s possible to heal your self from some kind of psychic problem with lucid dreaming. I can’t say for sure, considering people have reported doing amazing things wihth lucid dreaming, such as having a 100 year lucid dream. But again, technically it’s not possible.

This could be a debatable subject if we take in account the latest theories on healing, energy and stuff. However, I don’t believe in SD’s though. After all dreams are dreams, you can’t affect the RL from dreams in a life-changing way. :meh:

Can anyone say, with absolute certainty, that it just isn’t possible to heal oneself or another while dreaming? I know I can’t. Who am I after all?

Robert Waggoner mentions experimenting with this, and with some success (if I recall correctly), in his book.

As for myself… I am still working on achieving lucidity more than once in a blue moon.

I have been experimenting with healing, of a sort, while awake though. I’ve been ‘treating’ sore muscles with apparent success.

Two Mondays ago I went to work thinking that I might have to get time off to give my right ankle a real rest. I do a lot of walking, and stepping up and down, at work and had been mildly suffering with its soreness for a couple of weeks already. It had gotten to the point by then though that both my ankle and right calve had a faint but persistent feeling of burning.

On a whim I decided to try grabbing energy from the luminous shell of energy that is said, by my favorite author, to exist around each of us. It’s said that its size extends to about an arm length out all around us.

I simply passed my cupped hand through the air a bit and then lightly touched the areas of soreness. I did not massage anywhere at all; the touch was very light.

Not long after the first time I tried this, having ‘grabbed some energy’ just three or four times for three or four touches, damned if the muscles didn’t feel less sore!

Of course I repeated the same exercise again that night, and the next day, and the next…

The end result is that, to my amazement, within a day any thoughts I’d had about having to get time off vanished. (Though I’d have loved to have had a reason for paid leave - as some of my co-workers have had).

Did I heal my muscles? Maybe. Maybe they just got better even while I continued to walk and step up/down lots and lots.

I certainly intend to continue this practice, any time I get sore muscles, until it no longer seems to work.

I encourage others to try this too! I don’t think you even have to believe it’ll work. I mean, if it’s true that we have an energy body around us - and that we can grab at that energy with our hands and pull it to us - then, well, maybe this kind of minor healing is that simple.

As for curing more serious maladies? And in another, while dreaming? I’ve no idea.

If anyone does try ‘healing,’ sore muscles this way though I’m very interested in hearing about your results. Please send me a PM.


Yes, judging by Robert Wagonner’s book and based on faith, I do believe this type of healing is very possible. Again, there are never any guarentees and the cosmos may have a good reason for whomever it is being ill to begin with…but remember too, that what happens in lucid dreams often has much to do with intent and expectations.


Well, I replied imagining you wanted a scientific answer. But if you want a religious one:

It is possible, mediunically yes, a person with high mass of healing energies might do it through lucid dreaming, however you need to be a more elevated spirit, you can’t do it just as a regular person, or without superior spirits’ authorization.

This topic might be more suitable for the Beyond Dreaming forum section.

Personally, I haven’t been able to heal myself through dreams. Considering that I wake up with actual physical pain (if not damage) if I get hurt in dreams, that doesn’t seem fair. :bored:

Okay, time for my opinion, from the scientifical side,

Dreams are yours and only yours, therefore, they only affect you. There is no way to affect someone else by your dreams, as they are created inside your brain, and not other’s brain. So it’s only possible to affect your mind with your dreams, not other’s minds (or physical bodies or diseases).

I can only say from my own believes that the mind is very powerful thing, and if one that you are trying to heal really believes that you can do that, possibilities are open. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone just with power of the mind achieve something extraordinary, or to better say for “believers” miracle!

In my oppinion, I think that if the person that you’re trying to cure really belives that you can cure him, than his chances of getting better will improve, but will not heal him completely, depending on the problem he has.It’s something related with the power of the subcouncious (more known as placebo effect) over the body. But I strongly suggests seeking a doctor. And like Paulius said, your dreams are formed by your brain only, thus cannot affect other people brains. It’s like prayer, if you really belive prayer will help you heal, than the chances of you getting better will be higher than someone who believes he’s doomed.

Robert monroe talked about dreamers being out there in the astral.
Lets assume both normal dreams and lucid dreams have you in the astral in your energy body. Doing healing in such a state would be just like someone practicing reiki or casting healing “spells” would. The point that does make a difference is you are completely out of your physical body that attracts your own energy to itself so much.

Theories theories…
Never will replace a doctor in either case, at worst it has no effect, at best you’ll get some degree of success.
Let us know when you do :wink:

I’m unsure if it’s possible, but I truly hope it is! My mother has many food-alleriges, including gluten-intolerance, so if you find a way to heal your friend, please let me know!

I beleive its completely possible to heal yourself and others…
Everything in the cosmos is made up of energies…On a subtle level energies can be manipulated…U do not need LDing to heal, you can even do in waking reality by going to alpha/thetha states and visualising the person sitting before you and pass pink, violet, white, yellow and green colours to them and see that its completely healed…
Advantages of healing in lucid dream state are:

  1. you need not visualise, you can see the energy flowing.
  2. the deeper states you go, more chances of healing, LD takes place in theta state.

3. The energy in the cosmos can be directed to the affected part for healing.
4. There are dream healers who can assist in healing.
Of course, you need to believe that you can heal.
I suggest not disclosing to the other person that u ll do healing as their thought forms could interfere in the healing process.
Many persons have successfully healed themselves as well as other. Read Robert Waggoners book on LD to know more about this.

The human body can only generate three types of “energies”: Physical force (movement), heat and nervic impulses. Since heat and nervic impulses don’t heal anything, they are uselles for other people’s treatment. You can only heal others by using physical means (that’s why we have doctors, surgeons etc.). The energy & cosmos you are talking about is not possible, since the human body can’t generate such stuff. I can’t find any body part, which would be responsible for such healing you’re talking about.

Sorry to prove you wrong Bleant!
It is entirely possible to heal oneself or others through lucid dreaming.
Basically we all consist out of energy, healing your body with lucid dreaming only means that you successfully align your body energy with your inner self energy who is doing the healing in a lucid dream.
I have succesfully healed a molar that the dentist wanted to yank out.
It is true that attaining that level of lucidity might be a bit of a challenge, but no, not impossible at all. See my dream journal :pharaoh:

That makes me think that high levels of lucidity in dreams might compare with deep hypnosis trance? Where the two subjects ever compared on this basis?

I sure hope that you are talking about self hypnosis!
To have someone else hypnotise you seems like a major loss of self, and not at all like a total lucidity where you are accutely aware of self.
Never done self hypnosis, so I don’t know. I’m not hypnotisable :smile:

Oh not necessarily, I’m not an expert in this field, but I’ve read super deep levels of trance have been linked to healing of various conditions. With the help of a knowledgeable hypnotist, you can achieve such levels of trance. Sure, you need to trust the person, but if you take the time to explain what you want to achieve, you can see him rather as a guide.

Dear Paulius, i am not referring to physical body here…LD has nothing to do with physical body…I am talking about “mind over matter”…In sense, our mind is inexcritably connected with universe and is capable of healing the physical body…In fact around 85% of physical illness we face are ‘psychosomatic’ in nature…Of course i do agree physician is needed but healing via LD can drastically accelerate the healing process…