Has anyone used this lucid dream induction technique?

I wanted to know if anyone has ever used this lucid dream identification technique that allows you to wake up in your dream 4 to 6 hours after you went to sleep. Then, you stay still for about an hour. What do I do during that 1 hour? I play and set an alarm? After that hour, I lie down on my bed in a comfortable position because I’ll be lying down without getting up for about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the time, until your body is completely relaxed, and you have to let go of your mind. While waiting, keep repeating a mantra so you don’t fall asleep as your mind alerts your relaxed body. Then, your body will start to become relaxed and numb. You have to stay like that until sleep paralysis happens, and you transition into lucid dreaming straight from sleep paralysis. When sleep paralysis occurs, I can’t imagine a scenario or anything like that. It’s like you’re falling into a black hole, you know, like it’s pulling you. I’ve been able to have a whole week of lucid dreaming using this technique, and every time I wake up in my bed without any action.

Yeah this seems like a mix of a few I’ve seen. It’s a combo of WILD, MILD, DEILD, and Corpse