Have anyone had their first LD from WILD?

Many beginners decides to try WILD, but I have never heard of anyone that got their first LD from a WILD. That statistics should be enough for beginners not to choose WILD. So have anyone actually done this?

I’m fairly new, I’ve only been practising for the past week or so, I haven’t been doing any reality checks yet and when I try WILD, I tend to fall asleep.

I don’t know much about WILD, there’s still a lot to learn, but when I first tried it, it was when I was going to sleep, and not after sleeping. In my first day, I got to a slightly numb feeling when staying calm and trying to relax, but I just got tired of nothing happening after an hour or so of laying in bed and doing nothing, maybe longer, and I decided to turn over and fall asleep. The next day, after reading about trance, I tried again, I think I had some sensations at times but they quickly disappeared and I got bored even quicker, which made me fall asleep. The third day, I just fell asleep within a few minutes.

Recently I tried again, this time after sleeping for around six hours, but I end up falling asleep and just having a dream. I must say that my sleep patterns are really messy though, sometimes I go bed at 12PM, at other times I end up going at 1, 2, and even 3, AM.

I’ve got a lot of studies hence I think I’ll be just focusing on remembering my dreams for the time being. :happy:

Nope, me neither. Never really got the hang of WILD at all, so far. I’ve read quite a number of “My 1st lucid dream!!!” topic, but don’t recall any of them being achieved by WILD.

i believe the only ones who are able to do WILD easily are the naturals. the people i know who have done WILD well have always been doing it, since they were kids. it might have happened on accident to them at some point.

i was really surprised when last week i had two WILDs on accident. on the first one i even doubted that was a WILD, but the second one for surely sure was a WILD :content: and i had all the typical problems every beginner always has, i figure. thing is, for better or worse… i’m really not so sure how i did it xD and so far, i don’t know if i can willfully make it happen again :rofl: when it comes again, it’s because WILD chose to come, not that i chose so have it :lol:

I have never ever completed a WILD. Its the idea of inducing lucid dreams at will that attracts so many beginners to this technique but there is just one problem. This technique is very hard to master and isn’t recommended for beginners. Just try WBTB you will see results faster than you ever will with WILD. Unless of course you have a natural talent for them.

Nah. Its common for people to first discover lucid dreaming and get lucid in a day or two without trying. That’s what happened in my first LD. After a while I started practicing on my WILD and I think I have a pretty good grip on it.

Not me. But I know a few people on another site that had there first lucid as a WILD. On guy can only WILD. he has no DILDs yet.

I don’t think that’s very common at all. First time I tried I didn’t get any LD, second time it took 2 weeks I think. I heard about people who have tried for a month without success.

I tried WILD last night, i worked all day and was very tired, but i kind of freaked out of the wierd feeling i got, it felt like i had a weight on my chest. I also had trouble to concentrate on the counting, my mind was drifting away to the most random things… I caught my self thinking of rollerblades, which was wierd cause I haven’t seen those in years, pretty entertaining actually :smile: But i gave up when my bed got to hot and i just wanted to sleep.

My first lucid dream was caused by a reality check.

I’ve gotten close to lucid dreaming through WILD once, and that was unintentional. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, came back to bed, and shut my eyes to hopefully (eventually) go back to sleep. I started hallucinating and seeing weird shapes and hearing voices saying “You’re going to dream”, and I freaked out and bit my tongue to stop it.

Agreed. :yes:

But as far as I can remember, when I was a newbie and tried WILD (for the first few times) I hit the “tail of SP”. Each time I tried to do a WILD back then I hit SP (even unwanted sometimes) and each time I freaked out so hard I didn’t want to go further. So it may also be the fact, besides that WILD is really something to master and can’t be achieved that easy (mostly), that beginners get scared of it. After some time of DJ writing and all that “basic” stuff to have LDs they get more confidence and go for WILD.

(Only this half year, after 1 year 1/2 of knowing LDing, I’m trying faster LD-methods than the DJ, as I don’t have time for it anymore).

My first LD was a DILD. :smile:

Well i dont know if i could ever have a LD by WILD, but i will sometime try it just for having the experience of a sleep paralysis lol

Nope, not me. My first was RCILD. And even now WILD is only about 20% of all of my dreams. Really, its not that reliable even when you find a way to make it work.

My first LD was spontaneous. I noticed absolutely no transition between being awake being in bed and being in bed in a dream. I really want to know how I did that.

well altheman9993… that sounds like a WILD to me xD a spontaneous one, at least.

I’m sorry to say, but if there’s no transition, then how can you say that it is a WILD or a natural DILD?
I consider all of my spontaneous LDs as DILDs.

Please, let’s keep this topic active, I really want to see if someone has got a first LD from WILD technique.

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I actually did. I was at my grandma’s house and started feeling weird while I was laying in bed. I started to see and hear stuff, then eventually got that notorious falling sensation. I opened my eyes, and I was in the bath tub. I was a little weirded out, but just made my way back to the bed… only to find myself still in it, sleeping.

I considered that I was dreaming, so I tried flying. It worked… I had my fun, got up the next day, and researched what happened.

All this talk about first LDs not being WILDs makes me want to deviate and try my hardest to WILD tonight. :grin:

I’ve never noticed any transitions at all with WILD (or chaining). One moment I’m laying still in bed, the next I suddenly slide out of bed and I’m dreaming. Same with waking up from a dream. One second I’m dreaming, the next I’m out of bed acting as if I’m sleepwalking, while I’m actually awake. So I guess that’s just different for some.

It differs for me. My WILD transitions are usually quite weak but I have experience them clearly. It was a while since I woke up from a LD but when I do the transition between dream and awake is usually very clear. Experiencing waking up is one of many cool feelings you get to encounter as a lucid dreamer :smile:

If you haven’t experienced waking up you can simply force it and intend to remain conscious. It could be seen as “Reverse WILD” - fading from a lucid dream into being awake. Lets call it LDIW: Lucid Dream Induced Waking up :shy:

But there is really no reason you would want to awake from an LD :smile: