Having a LD without trying too much

Hi all,

The subject of my topic might be enigmatic, but I’m in a rather embarassing situation: many of the people to whom I’ve talked about LD though that I was a fool, a mad, a psychotic, etc… so, I can’t to any RTs unless if I want to be regarded as a schizophrenic.

In school period, I can’t write down the dreams that I remember in the morning (I haven’t got the time), and, during the hollydays, I share my bedroom with my brother, who would repeat everithing to my parents if I started writing down my dreams …

I try the most discreet techniques: just before sleeping, I repeat to myself “I’ll do a lucid dream, I’ll do a lucid dream…”. While I wake up, I try hard to remember of the dreams that I’ve done during the night. Sometimes, I try discreet RT.

I’ve done that during three month, and I manage to remember quite well of some dreams, but I never had a lucid or semi-lucid dream.

What leads me to this question: can we have LD without trying too hard? If I continue to try with my method, haver I got a chance to make a lucid dream?

PS: sorry for grammar faults, I’m French…

:content: You do have a chance! It’s just harder, but it is possible. Less effort means that there’s less of a chance of having one.

Good luck!

For me the dream world is something new to me, a new place… and to control it and consciously enjoy it, we need to practice… I like to compare myself in a dream world with any infant in real world, it need to practice to start walking, it need practice and learn language…

So I like to take small steps in new world… I would like to suggest you the same…

Enjoy it!! :happy:

Hey Brucell, sometimes I think trying too hard can be counter-productive. Read the post about my one and only Lucid dream (yet) here. I did not even want to get lucid, it just happened, and afterwards I started my interest in this topic. Now I’m trying, but with no success yet. And as people always tell me here, I was more lucid than many others who practiced for months.

Maybe (and just maybe) things that we do very conscious cannot get to our subconcious mind.

At the moment I try WILD technique and, btw, I have (little) results when not following all the crampy rules about not moving, laying on my back and so on. :smile:

Simply try it your own way, do what you think could be the best for you to relax and let things happen.

Not all RT’s have to be visible for others. Just ask yourself, “where am i. How did i get here? Where was i 15 mins ago?” In a dream, you just can’t answer this question or the answer is so strange it with make you lucid.
You can also look at your hands and count your fingers, of just watch the clock twice. No one should notice that?

To write dreams try using the note function on your phone/ipod or something, thats what I do, Keep it by your bed so when you wake up remembering a dream you can just tap away on that, just tap key words to jog your memory then type up the full thing on your dream recal thread in the section here.

You can also use a substitution method to retain your privacy. If Role Playing Games (the ones with pencil and paper) are accepted among your brothers, simply write your dreams in a medieval, third person way.

Put “Role Playing Game, Scene XY” in the headline. Instead of “I” use a name of your favorite RPG character. Instead of very personal actings or scenery use your own “code”. Dream or dreamscape could be the country, like “Aventuria”, Sex could be “Archery” and so on. Just find your own code.

If someone finds what youve written, he’ll think youre writing a strange RPG storybook for your next gaming session. This may look strange, but still better than having an insight in your dreams.

That’s an excellent idea! I think that will help a lot.

Thanks to all of you for your answers! :smile:

Yeah, brilliant idea, I used it last night, I keap a notebook close to me, and I wrote the dreams that I remember using a code. If I awake myself during the night, I use the light produced by my mobile phone (lbsf1 gave me the idea :content: ) to be able to write it.

Yes, I found a list of RT on a WikiBook article:
en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Lucid_Drea … Techniques
Some are very usefull :cool:

I disagree on that. It’s about putting effort into the right thing. I can get LD’s by using less effort than a beginner would need to do.

There is also the concept of “trying too hard”.

I also disagree with that.
I tried for months to get and LD, but after getting no results, I finally started to loose interest. I got my first LD on a night that I was so tired, I fell asleep the moment I hit the bed, and I didn’t even think about LD’ing. I saw fish floating in the sky, and thought, “is this normal?” I did an RC, and there I was, in a LD!!! :smile:

That’s an interesting point as well. It is not uncommon for beginners to get their first LD right after they stop trying.