Having LDs every night?

Is there anyway to have an LD every single night?

Yes. But I think the only way is practising. :smile:

But I believe it’s really worth it!

Some people have LD’s every night.
Sometimes they WILD every night.
Sometimes their SC wants them to LD.
Sometimes… they are extremely lucky… :wink:

sometime in the morning tell yourself “I am going into a lucid dream right now to do…” and then do it !

There ws a guy on chat that was calaiming he had LDs every night :
Her must be lucky :tongue:

In ‘exploring the world of lucid dreaming’ LaBerge says that you can induce lucid dreams at will with enough training.

i have them whenever i want to. sometimes, many nights in a row.

the thing is that every person has them whenever he (subconsciously) wants to.

The “failure” to succeed arises when your subconscious and conscious will are not coordinated.

cool, relV, didn’t know you were one of the Chosen Ones :tongue:

So you think it’s more of a conscious-subconscious coordination thing than a matter of the SC wanting us to LD? I guess it makes sense, working with your SC instead of “against it”…

“Stupid SC, I want a LD!” doesn’t really sound like beeing productive…

well, the whole thing is that every one is a chosen one :smile:

What Im saying is that whether you like it or not, when you “fall asleep”, you don’t really get shut down or anything like that. You are just operating on a different level, on a subconscious level instead of the conscious one you operate during waking hours.

Your SC decides if you go lucid or not, but, as opposed to what most people think, your SC is you. It’s not a dark entity lying around inside your brain…

You fall asleep, and YOU decide, (yes, DECIDE) whether to go lucid or not.

So if you subconsciously want to have a lucid dream, you will have one, as it is a very simple and natural thing.

The problem arises when someone (consciously) says: hmm… I want a lucid dream tonight, but subconsciously he is afraid of having one, or for whatever reason don’t want to do it.

That’s when that person says, I wanted to have a lucid dream but I didnt, so this doesn’t work.

Well, he consciously wanted, but on the subconscious level (which is a part of his own mind, NOT a separate entity) he chooses not to become lucid.

That’s all there is to it.

your quote says it all…

the subconscious part of our mind should be treated when trying to convey something upon it like a child.

So if you go to sleep while thinking about positive feelings and a calm state of mind, visualizing the lucid dream you want to have and the nice feelings it will make you feel, you will probably have one.

But most people trying to achieve lucidity go to sleep while thinking about previous nights, about “failed” attempts to get lucid, about how hard it is, about how improbable is it that they will have a lucid dream. That obviously conveys to their subconscious that they don’t want to have a lucid dream.

I just thought of another something.
Most people think of their subconscious as a CONSCIOUS part of their mind. As if he’s sitting there, listening to what they are consciously saying in a similar way.
Think about your subconscious as a massive structure , while your conscious mind is just on top of it , much much smaller in size. Your general conscious, present moment vibe, is sinking down to your subconscious, shaping it constantly , with it (your subconscious mind) actually meaning yourself.

So if you go around, always feeling as if you already have a lucid dream every night, experiencing the joy and fulfillment it shall bring as if you already are experiencing it, your subconscious mind will get the hang of it pretty soon and it shall manifest as your reality in a matter of no time.

It then becomes easy to see why going around having the feeling of failure and difficulty in achieving lucid dreams, while experiencing the frustration , anger etc will cause you to stay in that reality and keep experiencing those feelings over and over.
The few words you say in your mind when you go to sleep, therefore, have little to no impact at all, as most people still completely keep their past state of mind active, therefore not permitting their Subconscious mind to be receptive to the commands given.

Ponder on that for a while.

Thanks for the post, great stuff there. :smile: The SC is kinda tricky to understand…

The funny thing is I feel somehow I know all this, but I just forget it sometimes. Or maybe I just have trouble making it happen. I have this gut feeling LD’ing is just as simple as Eyelids said above:

and I HAVE done this, I know it’s true! but even so I can’t do it everytime (or just more often)…

it is indeed something to think about and reflect. My best days of LD’ing (july 07) I had about 25 LD’s and I have to say I almost didn’t use any techniques.

The truth is the ability to LD is “simply” a state of mind, isn’t it? hmm…

A had a very small LD this morning. I’ll focus on everything good about it and keep trying. I’ll get there :grin:

(having longer LD’s might just be a state of mind too… hmm… but that’s another story… going off topic here :tongue: )

Its just as simple as that ^^

just a state of mind
as everything else :wink:

dont get me started about the time illusion ^^
Just yesterday, I was meditating, and after returning to waking consciousness, I thought that many hours has passed to find out that it has been only 21 minutes !

and it also goes the other way around…

Sometimes, you feel as if only 15 minutes have passed and you find out its more like 15 hours :lol:

Im glad to be of service ^^

and I wish you perfect success with LD’ing and everything else.

thank you :content:

and btw, can’t wait to experience 15 hours in 15 minutes! :happy: