Hearing in other languages

I had a dream in which i later became lucid where i was in a house and there was a Japanese person there. I think they were trying to teach me Japanese. Anyway They said a word bungo. bu as in book, n as in nut and go as in golf. This word means language in Japanese. I am currently learning Japanese at school. I looked it up in the dictionary when i woke up.
I was just wondering if anyone else had dreams where they heard words or phrases in the language they study or another language they speak.

YES! I’ve experienced this a few times. Once I was in a bus, talking to someone in english. You have to know that english is not my mother tongue (it’s german by the way). Anyway, I tried real hard to form correct sentences…fortunately, the dreamcharacter understood me…

In another dream, I was reading in a book…After I woke up, i just remembered one sentence…it was half german, half english. Makes me think… :eh:

A friend of mine told me that he had a dream in which his thoughts and what he said was completely english (he’s german). Unfortunately i don’t know more about it.


I used to be pretty good at Spanish, but I don’t remember speaking or hearing Spanish in any dreams. Maybe it’s because I only heard Spanish in my class.

People whose native language is not English have an advantage when it comes to becoming bilingual. There are so many message boards across the internet that have interesting topics (like lucid dreaming), where everyone speaks in English. On another forum I visited, someone from Germany said that after spending a few months on that forum, he was picking up “a mean English slang.”

This got me to thinking about how during the cold war, KGB trainers were always trying to teach their agents the most current English culture, so they could completely blend in while spying in the United States. Now people can do that from their own home, on a computer. Could government agencies be using chat rooms for their training?

Furthermore any student in Germany has to learn English. At least the basics.

The internet helps alot to better your english! Sometimes, after hours of posting in message boards, I think completely in english. Sometimes i even get words mixed up when I talk to people in german. A couple of minutes ago i used the phrase “Step by Step” …in german its Schritt für Schritt…but instead i said Schritt by Schritt…funny… :cool_laugh:


I think the relation of language to what we are actually thinking is something that would be interesting to study by taking advantage of the lucid dreaming environment. It may take me a little while to think of something useful though… :slight_smile:

Yes, DCs have spoken to me in english and french, and I answered them in their language.One time a women said some turkish words to me,although I can´t speak turkish! But I forgot what she said, so I could´t look it up the next day :sad:.You have to know that many turkish-speaking people live in germany, so it could be that some parts of this language are stored in my subcounciousness…

The internet helps in english, especially if you already can speak school-english but aren´t used to the way normal people speak.But it sometimes isn´t so good for tests.E.g I got used to write “cause” instead of “because”.Well, at least it´s not “cuz” :wink:
The stupiest thing that happened to me was in a german essay:
träumen = to dream
But I wrote “dräumen” cause I read more about the topic in english than in german, and so I am used to the “d” in it…


P.S: Anyone lives near Stuttgart?

I have had the odd dream where I have been speaking French or German, both which I studied at school. It was certainly not natural to me, but I know that I was speaking real words.

I, myself, cannot recall ever having a dream in which people spoke in different languages. Most likely because I’m not bilingual and am very seldom around people who speak other languages, I’m assuming. Sounds very interesting, though.

I once had this dream that I had relatives in France, and I was sending them a package and I was speaking French fluently in my dream and I knew what everyone was saying!! I woke up not having any clue though… but I know I was speaking actual words because I had two years of french and I recognized the words I was saying, but I dont remember what they are or what they mean. Weird :smile:

I had a dream that I was on a bus and a woman with a pram was being really stupid (for some reason, I don’t know what she was doing but we were all looking at her and laughing) when she wanted to get off, the tram(don’t know how it turned into a tram without me noticing!) stopped, and she struggled to get her pram out. She started talking in French but I kind of had subtitles…no-one else could see my ‘subtitles’ so I had to tell everyone what she’d said. She said “Ooh, look at me struggling to get my big huge pram onto your oh so compact floors” and I was really amused cos it made me think about why she thought other floors weren’t ‘compact’ and I was laughing in the dream saying to my friends that they must have floors with holes in in france…

I remember actually hearing her speak in french, but I can’t remember any of it, and it probably wouldn’t be accurate cos I only did french for 3 years…and was never good at it…all I can remember is “parlay vous francais/anglais” cos I learned that before i went to school!

I’ve had dreams were people have spoken languages like Mayan - i don’t speak mayan and i ain’t learning it. I wish i could remember the words so i could find out if it was real however.

I’ve also heard other languages too - but i chose to meantion the mayan because i found it kind of strange that i’m hearing an old language like that.

Wow nice experience Dark Matter! Suppose these words you’ve heard truly exist in the Mayan language. I wonder what implications this might have (universal unconsciousness etc…). How else could the language have slipped into your dreams - in case those words really exist?

The most foreign language I remember from my dreams is Italian, when two Italians were mocking at me. Who knows what they were shouting :tongue:

I too have heard Italian in one dream but I can’t remember the words and I don’t know any words in italian. But somehow I knew it was italian. My native language is swedish but I have spoken both english and finnish in my dreams. But since I hear and read english alot I’m not really sure if I have spoken/heard swedish or english in my dreams when I wake up.

I don’t beleive that I’ve had a non-english dream before. I wish I could have one.

I was thinking, why’s it so easy to speak a language while dreaming? It must be the sub-c kicking in. Imagine if we could tap into that sub-c power while awake. I hope as people take more interests in learning languages, evoltion lets us take advnatage of that sub-c language skill.

I had a long dream and suddenly I realised that I was speaking english. But I was drunk in the dream so I didn’t jump to the conclusion that I was dreaming. Also noticed a few other strange things.

Well i would love to know if it really was mayan, pity i can’t remember mayan or at least write it so i could have copied it. Most likely it was random sounds that sounded mayan lol.

Although an intersting topic to note would be that a woman (scotish) had a stroke and afterwards could only speak french - the women prior to the stroke couldn’t speak french and naturally her first tongue was english.

I can’t remember where i saw this report (a book - possible one of those unexplained mysteries things.) So i can’t varify the validity of it I just remember that it was before i had internet. But if the had “no” french teachings it’s certainly an interesting one and ties into the dream language things quite well.

Ack. All the Germans have to learn decent English, but us Americans get away with minimum of 2 years of a foreign language. :cry:

I’m trying to learn German, I really am…Nothing in my dreams yet, though. It seems like by the time I learn German all the people in Europe will be speaking English. Boo.

I’ll just have to try to learn really fast or something.