hearing voices at night

i used to really try to do wild or somthing where you would stay awake while your body fell asleep and i think i really screwed up my mind or somthing.

now every night or close to it when im going to sleep i hear noises in my head or talking and sometimes a scream. it’s hard to describe but sometimes i hear a noise out of nowhere and it scares me so bad i open my eyes all the sudden and realize there is no noise.

this happens even when im actually trying to sleep. it doesnt bother me that much, its just really weird. also if im on the computer really late i hear conversation in my head or some one saying somthing. it always just somthing i saw on tv that day though or a song.

is this crazy or… what???

Do you hear it clear as day, or is it more like a thought of voices?? Like for example when i read or write now, then i hear my inner voice reading out what i read/type. Is the conversation like that or does it sound more realistic, as if someone real is talking?

it like if someone is talking to you but your not paying attention so they’re talking but you either dont notice them or you dont listen to what exactly what they’re saying

That’s sounds like HH, I think. It only happens when you’re trying to sleep right?

Seems like it also happens when he is awake:

it happens when i try to do wild and it also happens when im trying to sleep and i’ve had my eyes closed for awhile and starting to fall asleep but not there yet

Josh, I don’t think that’s crazy. Ever listen?

That is completely normal and is called HH.

I had it too when I tried to WILD, it scared me SO much that I slept with the light on for 1 week and didn’t start to LD again until the summer of 04.

I came to the forums and found out what it was.

I heard what sounds like TV snow just really really high pitched and what I described as a demon talking to me, I Know there are no such things that’s just how I’d describe it.

Just stay calm and get past it, you are actually close to LUCID dreaming.

And last night on the chat you kept joining and saying “is anyone here?” and when I’d reply you’d log off. What’s up with that?

He actually logged off right before you replied, so he never saw you were there. He didnt stay connected more than a bit over a minute, so didnt get a chance to reply hehe.

yeah, i signed in and waited but i got kind of impacient (or however you spell that word) so i got off and went to the forum, sorry.

i was just wondering because this NEVER happened to me until after i started doing wild. so i guess i dont fall asleep as quick anymore or somthing

I have that too!
Voices, images whatever :grin:
I normally hear my mothers voice.

I mostly see images, though. Midgets running aimlessly around, bags of potato chips talking to me, severed heads reading my books…

i never see images

thats kind of weird you hear your mother, lol :tongue:

I think that’s normal. People may have visual, tactile (somesthetic) or auditive hypnagogic hallucinations while WILD’ing. Generally, you’re not aware of this, but it always happens. Now you developped a better awareness of those things, that’s all.

when i try to wild I dont see images either
i often hear one of my friends talking though, but i can never understand what he’s saying but i just hear him talking

and i dont understand what they say i just here a yell or talking.

also sometimes im so close to sleeping and im not aware of myself much anymore then all the sudden my hand or leg jerks and it wakes me up all the sudden and i never noticed it until now.

i guess i am just more aware now, coooooolll

Myoclonic jerks. There was a little thread about this.

This is common, and as Anamcara says is probably a HH. Since you also got this while awake, were u tired? because i know that i have been on the computer till the early hours and your more or less asleep!

If u want it to stop, try being less aware of yourself during the night (as this is obviously a skill you have learnt). Also try to think of what u have done during the day and let yourself slowely drift off to sleep.

Its that awareness that produces the HH and limb jerking. I know because i get the exact same thing. I actually dont mind it, since my aim is to achieve lucidity anyway…

Good luck!

This happens to me all the time. Sometimes it is the beginnings of a dream, but sometimes, I have received messages which went on to become true. I know this makes me sound like a nutcase, but really, it has happened.

I think it is clairaudience - hearing the spirit world. I have learned what is dream and what comes from spirit - there is a distinct clarity to the spirit messages, and the sentences make sense - whereas dream voices often speak gobbledygook.

This is just my experience of course, I am not asking anyone to believe me - I know it’s true.

Sue x

Hi, These voices… if they are HH when you are falling to sleep then what on earth are they when your fully awake?? I have heard the odd few voices, but usally when I’m awake! The most wierd one was about two years ago & I was in the car with my partner, my friend & my new-born daughter. We had just pulled up out side my friend’s house when I heard a real deep male voice waffleing something to me! The voice spoke really loud, but I still could’nt make out what it was saying! wierd thing was that I could only hear the voice through the left ear! I turned to my partner who was on my right (thinking this odd as I had heard voice on my left side). “what were you saying?” I asked. “didn’t say anything” he said. Ok I thought, seems odd but I’ll ask my friend what she had said to me (even tho it was a male voice!) it was after all coming from the left side (where she was at) “What did you say?” I asked her. “didn’t say a word” she replied. ok now this is odd i thought & stupidly glanced at my sleeping baby thinking it could have been her (but not a chance can a new born baby speak in a loud deep male voice).
I then asked both my friend and patner if they had heard anything, but none of them had heard a thing, I couldn’t understand this as it was a very loud voice and we didn’t have the radio on or anything. So I just thouhght to myself either Iam going bonkers or someone is trying to contact me! who knows??? It has happened since, but it is never as strong as it was that day!

You know I’m glad psychicsue you said what you did. I’ve never experienced the hallucinations that others have mentioned which come with HH experiences. The voices I have heard.

Like psychicsue I too have experienced things that have come true from these voices.