can heat affect dreaming?

I find that if I wake up (with no alarm clock) and it’s hot in my room, I’m significantly less likely to remember my dreams.

If you mean, “can heat change my dreams?” I think the answer is clearly yes, especially if the room you are in changes temperatures. Any environmental change while you’re asleep can be incorporated into your dreams, such as music, people talking, etc.

does heat makey u more sleeper?

I think it depends for me. If I’m too hot I just wake up all sweaty and annoyed at waking up from being all hot. If I’m too cold then I can’t get to sleep at all. My body always gets colder when I relax so I think whatever heat you’re comfortable in is good for sleeping. I don’t think that heat makes me dream more or anything because the summers here are really hot and the winters are freezing and I don’t notice a difference in dream recal/ludity.

Personally I can sleep better if it is really cold in my room and usually my dreams are a bit vivider that normal and in the morning I remember almost every dream I had.
I’m such a cold person :shy:

heat does help me get to sleep quicker, but i don’t think it affects my recall or frequency of lucid dreams.
And it hasn’t affected my environment but i think if the weather was a bit more extreme it could

Obviously, if it’s really hot in my room than it can take quite some time to get to sleep, thus decreasing the time available for dreaming. It may not seem like much, but just think: Each hour you stay wake, practically halves the time you’ll be dreaming. REM sleep is cumulative.

As far as affecting dreams when you are asleep, it’s possible. All environmental changes are taken notice of during the night, and sometimes might influence the dream in some way. If it’s really cold, you might dream about being somewhere cold, for example.

I don’t think that could actually affect the vividness or chance of lucidity in the dream though.

Yes, I think so.
Any external stimuli, heat, noise, the feel of a heavy blanket on your chest or someone moving near you or touching you can influence your dreaming.

It is usually hot here in Aus. I have to sleep during the hottest part of the day as I am a shift worker. If it is hot, my sleeping is usually disturbed, I need to get up every couple of hours for a drink of water. I constantly feel tired and sleep deprived as a result. If I have an airconditioner running (which I prefer) I still like to be warm to fall asleep but then usually kicking the blankets off to be cool as I sleep.

I definately dream better if it is not hot in the room as I sleep, I remember much more probably because I am alseep undisturbed for a longer time.

I wish I was hot. :sad: It was -2F here last night. In the winter I sometimes have dreams that I can’t breathe because the air is so dry. Actually a lot of times that makes me dream that I have saw dust in my mouth and can’t get it out! :cool_laugh: Sometimes I wake up and find my 20 lb cat on my chest. :eek:

I don´t like heat, my room is the coldest in our house.I usually sleep with an half opened window, even now when it is winter.Perhaps that is couse the rest of our house is so hot (my brother has frogs, and they like temperatures around 30°c (303 Kelvin) ).When I am at my fathers house, it is the other way round, I usually feel that it is too cold in it.

Anyway, back on topic.
When I manage to sleep in a room that is very hot, I won´t sleep deeply.I think I will have some very strange dreams, but not strange like a story “Purple aliens want to conquer earth with the help of flying snowmen” , but strange in a way that there is no story at all, like the dreams you have when you are sick or drank way too much alcohol (right amount of alcohol can cause very vivid dreams).

And I think I will be very exhausted when I wake up…


Hi people,

just a little stinky comment on the topic:

I recently read that (scientifically) the best temperature for sleep is 14°C, which is a little less that 60°F (for those of you in the U.S.). Personally I feel as thought I can fall asleep more easily when it’s cold. The nasty thing about it is getting up in such a cold room :sad:

How the temperature affect the propability of lucid dreams, no idea.


There’s no possible way for me to fall asleep when it’s 14c. I’d be shivering all night. I put the thermostat on 20c before bed and my feet are still cold. I have 9 thick blankets on my bed. 30c is hot though even for me and I’m always cold!

I agree that 14 degrees seems a little too cold. Unless they are talking about outside temp or temp in the room but not in the bed. 14 degrees just seems too cold. I prefer a warmer night >20 degrees.

Anyone ever taken a long hot shower before bed? I read somewhere that it is a good idea to do so if you’re fighting with insomnia, as long as you don’t make it too long. I feel exhausted and tired after, and I’m not even sure if it’s healthy to do so.

Hmm… I’m about to go try that now. :grin:

I always take a hot shower before bed, but I don’t suffer from insomnia (maybe that’s why :happy: ). I can’t help but wonder why this might help you sleep easier, unless you have trouble sleeping in the heat. The reason I say ‘heat’, is because after getting out of a hot shower even the usual air feels cold. Everything is relative to everything else. :wink:

I think maybe there’s nothing complicatedly scientifac about other than it’s just relaxing or something. :shrug:
ok honestly i just wanted to use that smiley because it cracks me up.

After the shower your body starts cooling down.
The change of your body temperature makes you sleepy.

Tonight I will have a hot shower and I will sleep good for once. I’ll also get a chance to WBTB WILD.

Hey!! There is an old folk story that says that cats sometimes sleep on peoples chests and try to steal their breath at night. Watch out!!! :content:

I often will take a really hot shower and then a few minutes before I get out, turn the temp down so the water is comfortably cool. It makes my whole body relax completely. All of my muscles feel loose and free of tension. I highly recommend it. You don’t have to get the water cold, just cool.

Ive also heard that its better to sleep in a cool room. Also, if your pillow gets warm or hot in the night, that can cause you to get shallow sleep or wake up.