Hello all..

Came across this site by accident as I was thinking of getting back to an old hobby of mine - lucid dreaming.

It’s been a long time since I had my last LD, but I can still remember vividly what fun I used to have. So once again I’m looking to have more of them, and glad to have found this board that seems so very active and friendly.

I started out with some reality tests the last 2 days, and went from zero recall to 6 dreams last night, so it looks like the force is being rekindled :happy:.

Hope to post my first LD soon.


Hi! …And here I thought I had another newbie post on my hands…

Whats wrong with newbie threads?

Ignoring newbies isnt very nice, they only want to learn this great skill !
I know its already done on some threads, but simple pointing them in the correct direction is better than ignoring them.

Im not sure wether this board is either very snobby or very quiet(probly all sleeping and LD’ing :happy: ) yet, but im guessin ill find out soon enough.

Insomniac, I think it is a mix of both :content: I agree, newbie threads are fine as long as they have a purpose (eg, if all it says is “Hey people, I just joined.” it is useless, but “Hey, I have this great story that relates to lucid dreaming, listen up:” is good content). But hey, I am relatively new here anyway… :content:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with newbie threads, and I’ve been making an effort to reply to 'em. It was just that I spent about half an hour writing one up (see https://community.ld4all.com/t/can-remembering-my-dreams-help-me-have-lucid-dreams/5209 ), hit the submit button, and saw this post smiling back at me… At 11:30 pm…

And I did see your’s there too Insomniac, but I couldn’t really think of anything to say… I’m not really proud of my country (see rense.com/general27/colrecal … rdered.htm for the latest)… Don’t box or rap… Hmm… Well I guess I could say hi, so hi! Oh, and all right… Here’s another thing… Try doing a reality check during the day whenever you catch yourself daydreaming, as the state of mind is similar to normal dreaming, it makes for good practice.

(returning to snob mode :tongue: )

Ironically, my post is probably still more on topic than some of the other posts in this thread :wink:

But I agree a small introduction it doesn’t seem very informative or particularly interesting, but I’d still like to “shake hands” before jumping right in there.

In either case, maybe the following will be of more interest and maybe some people have some adivice who have found themselvbes in the same position.

I failed to an RC last night in a dream when I should have. The problem I experience with obtaining lucidity is that I never became lucid through dream signs or reality checks before. So the whole RC buisness is quite new to me, or the application of it. So in that sense, I feel like a beginner.

My lucid dreams used to be almost invariable WILDS, where I would wake up in the middle of the night, and ‘leave my body’. If I did anything particular to make them happen, I’m not aware of it. Nowaydays, I don’t experience those anymore. I think it probably has to do with waking life being just too busy.

So I’ll continue with my RC’s during the day, in the hopes it will sooner or later pay of.

My plans in particular of what to do when gaining lucidity is to get back to where I left off. I had a few experiences where I was able to move around as a ball of consciousness, without a body, and I had a lot of fun with that, because I found myself able to move with crazy speed, without any acceleration of deaccelaration when coming to a stop. Anyone else experienced this, and how did you get rid of your body?


Particularly, I’m interested