Help Getting the Girl

Simply put, there’s this girl :wiske: . She’s in all my classes. Monday is the last day of school. She’s funny, smart, has a great smile and laugh, and is very attractive. I don’t know her too well. We occasionally talk, more often lately. And I helped her in calculus a little. More importantly, she’s WAY outta my league. I don’t know if she’s already got a boyfriend. I’m thinking about making somesort of move near the end of our last period.(I’m very nervous and am not keen on being shot down infront of a large group, not many people will show up to religion on the last day of school right?) Any suggestions? I’m kind of on a time limit :bored:

I’m thinking casually saying that we should goto a movie or something together during the summer. Too bad I get really distracted and usually start blushing around her. :sad:

Oh yea I’m very shy :shy: (as if you hadn’t guessed right?)

Try to get her email adress or ICQ/phone number :wink:
Or just get straight to the point when you meet her next. And remember: blushing is cute. Really. :eh:

start a lil convo with her, then “hey what you doing on **?”

I say go for it. If you don’y you’ll live with regret. Just go up to her, your best bet is at the begining that way if something goes wrong you’ll have time. Just talk to her and at some point say something like we should get together and do something this summer like bowling,going to the movies,swimming,etc. SO JUST GO DO IT.

I’m really hoping for the phone number. That is my goal. Well, actually my goal is to go out with her :cool:

I’d use that but I’d want to hit a movie that we’d both want to see. Plus I got to get some serious work in this summer. Engineering don’t pay for itself. So I don’t know when I’ll be working. :neutral:

Blushing is cute? Are you a guy talking about girls blushing? or a girl talking about guys blushing? Sorry but I really can’t guess your gender from your name

On a side note she’s a tapdancer that competes in competitions. And I’m up to $2400, only $4000 to go :bored:

Dreamwalker you posted while I was typing but thats what I’m planning on. And theres still the question about her possibly already seeing someone. 40 hours to go. . . .

Everyone cross your fingers and hope for a green light for me :grin:

Ask one of her friend’s if shes taken or not, and if she’s looking. ask where shes going in the summer

Genius at work there. Gotta remember that

I should have made this a poll:

  1. He shoots, he scores! :cool_laugh:
  2. Rejected! :sad:
  3. Never finds his balls. :bored:

Just need to pick up a few things before Monday: a spine, some guts, and some balls.

two options…

Number one: give it time. get to know her, just ask for a screen name or phone number, i know it’s really hard sometimes but it does pay off.

Number two: go for the kill right away. that could work, but there are things that could make you dislike her that you don’t know. such as…i’m really anti-smoking and drinking, i always have to get to know a girl to make sure they don’t do those otherwise i lose interest…

hope it helps.

Good luck! :grin:

I’m hoping to go option 1. Gonna ask about her summer and use it as an opening to suggest we do something like go to a movie or make out, whatever comes to mind. :content: Depending on her initial reaction I may try to “push the envelope” and get to option 2.

I’d ask one of her friends about a her having a boyfriend but I pretty sure they don’t even know my name, they’re pretty much complete strangers.

“Uh, hi, you don’t know me but I sorta know your friend. Is she seeing anyone?”

don’t worry you’ll do fine! If she’s a nice person that’s worth you going out with her she wont burn you at the stake if she does have a boyfriend and you ask her what she’s doing over the summer. she’ll be nice about it.
Alternitively you could say (I got this from some corney radio show)
'You have such great qualities, If you had a twin sister I’d love to go out with her"
you can decide from the responce, If she says
'who needs the twin, I’m here!" go for it!
If she says
“well, you know, haha that would be really funny” and doesn’t sound into it you can back out of it saying that you were just imagining if she DID have a twin

yes, It’s stupid, but theres a POSSABILITY it would work
I’d just ask her straight out myself (I talk big)
also, for the blushing, I (girl) think it’s cute when guys blush :blush:

I say you cut the bullshit, be yourself and everything that is supossed to happen will.

I’m NOT a female but I really think that the grade of cuteness does not depend on your gender. In my opinion, blushing is a sign of real emotion…nothing you have to be ashamed of. I’d be flattered if someone was “blushing around me” :happy:

hmmm…just go for It…don’t think too much…It won’t help :content:

I’d love to do that but I’m so shy, nervous and paranoid. I’ll be ok as long as I can keep the paranoia at bay right? :wink:

Dreamwalker you sound like the little voice we have in heads. Good work.

If I dont think at least a little about this I have a feeling I’ll stutter.

Anyone have some stories like this that end in success? I’ve been dreaming about her for the last couple nights. Like every dream, its weird. No not those kinds of dreams!

Oh yea, thanks for the support everyone. Only 24 hours. . .

I have a success story. i had to pester my girlfriend for like four months before she’d go out with me. Be persistent it usually works.

But he got only 24 hours left :wink:

24 hours to get her phone number after that . . . who knows how long I could have to wear her down.

Has anyone seen the movie “8 Days a Week”? In it a guy camps out all summer on a girl’s front lawn to get her to like him. I obviously don’t have time for that, gotta work. . . unless I start collecting donations to pay for university. Please send cheques and money orders to:

Raging Canadian
c/o The Dream World

I know, that’s why he needs to get either a screen name or a phone number or something. Then through that he can start planning to do things with her and stuff like that.

Hmm… I agree with Dreamwalker. Be yourself and cut the crap. However, if who you are is someone that is shy then you have to play the game deffensively not offensively. The problem is that YOU are trying to make the move here. Thats a good thing… thats just as hard for girls as it is for guys.

Maybe give her YOUR number and tell her to call you sometime over the summer if she wants to get together. Then… if she doesn’t call… you know. And the rejection doesn’t occur in front of a ton of people.

Well…whatever you choose to do…I wish you the best of luck :smile: I know how much it SUCKS to want someone when they don’t/might not want you back.

The only problem with me giving her my number is the lack of closure. The unknown. I’ll be all anxious and wondering all summer. Did she call yet? What if I go out and she calls? I’m definitly going to try to “cut crap” and get her number.

By now I normally woulda wussed out if not for all the “support”. I’ll try to post a little of what happened. So far we (I) got this:

Hey Ravishing_Canadian*
(wait for response. . .)
Blah blah blah little bit a small talk.
Touch on her being a dancer.
Blah blah blah
You doing anything interesting this summer? Any competitions?
Blah blah blah
We should get together over the summer, go to a movie.

*(I’m not posting her name here for the same reason I won’t post a picture)

Should I replace that last line with something a little more direct and closer to asking for a phjone number. Do you think she’d go for some study help for finals? All we got is religion and social though, no calculus final. Calculus would have been easier to work in with my unprecedented mark in it.

Thanx Brad, thats the best post so far :smile: