help me out

i was just wondering how long it took you guys to have your fisrt lucid dreams. i been goin on for 4 months now with nothing but better dream recall (like 2-4 each night). i really want to have one, just wondering if im not doing something right or if im just being an impatient little prick… :tongue: thnx in advance.

What are you currently doing for lucid dreaming? Personally I have 1 dream each night (I do MILD eveyr night for dream recall) and I do these two RCs every few minutes literally, which is what got me my first lucid dream! They are:

  1. Closing one eye and checking if I can see my nose through the other one
  2. Sealing my nose and trying to breathe through it (best IMO!)

Everyone’s different. Sometimes it takes a few days for a person to experience their first, and sometimes it takes a few months. It does largely depend on how dedicated you are to achieving success, and what methods you frequently practice. It’s great that you’ve built up your dream recall - this is largely regarded as the most important step when starting out.

Do you keep a journal? It’s a good idea to write down a few details about each dream when you wake up in the morning. This allows you to identify your own personal dreamsigns, which are just commonly occuring events, places or characters that could be used to trigger the realization that you’re dreaming. Once you’ve developed have a short list of dreamsigns, you can use them together with MILD to ‘prepare’ yourself for when you next notice them in a dream.

Also, do you ever perform reality checks during the day? Most of the lucid dreamers I know (myself included) had our first after the topic of RCs came up randomly in a dream. If you do them frequently enough, it’s only a matter of time. :smile:

Anyway, good luck with your quest. You might find it useful to check out some of the other common induction methods (WBTB, WILD, VILD) to keep yourself interested. You just need to find what works for you, and that means trying absolutely everything you can. :wink:

thnx, i do everything you guys have suggested except doing reality checks every two minute (and i have never tried the RC’s you use r3 but i might now). and i have never heard of VILD. thats saying alot since i’ve read everything i could find on lucid dreaming since october.

i keep a journal but not a written one. i have a mini taperecorder by my bed which i imediately reach for when i wake up. it seems more convinient.

i do a modifed version of mild in which i repeat this mantra at different times in the day: " it is very important that i have a lucid dream, therefore the next time i’m dreaming i will remember the i’m dreaming. all reality must be questioned." then after that i do a reality check. i also make sure to put urgency behind my words…(i listened to myself saying it once and i sounded pretty desperate…lol).

Pedro recommends those two LDs so I use them. VILD can be read about in topics started by Pedro in the Quest for Lucidity forum.

Have you tried WBTB. Works Like a charm. When you falling asleep, just ask yourself every 30 seconds “Am I dreaming?” Eventually you will be.

Realms of Perdition, that isn’t WBTB. WBTB is getting up before you’re satisfied of sleep, spending 30-60 minutes reading about LD and then going back to sleep.

WBTB consists of few variations.
Lets not argue about that classification cuz we gonna end up in dead end and confusion:)We have this discussion on Pedros thread allready too:)

i drank warm milk last night before i went to bed to see what it would do. when i woke up i recalled seven dreams! pretty vivid too. wow!

uhh how can you…warm milk makes me ill by just looking at it :wink:

me too…but alittle sugar can do miricales for your taste buds

Well me too I have been trying to Ld for 5 months on the 1st of February. Funny my friend had a ld on Monday. Lucky bugger. I also do RC’s like 30 times every 30 minutes. I can wake myself up anytime that I want lol. I always wanted to do that. Well I don’t do any mantra to help me remember my dreams. They just come. Try to do that. I have also have a lot of other expeariences with dreams look at my sig.
Hope that helped.
Green_slash, The Golden King of Avalon

to answer your question, it defently took me a few months. Probibly about 6 since I heard about LDing, and 5 since I actually tried inducing them!

Hold on! You’ll get them soon! And once you start you’ll start having them more regularly (Says the dreamer who has had no LD’s this month :sad: )

i have high expectations of my subconscious…the first time i have a lucid dream i plan to stay for 10 years in my dream world…(on day per second real time…)actually 9 years and 315 days to be exact if your nitpicky like that. :grin:

when you say your mantra, do you SAY it out loud or just say it tou yourself? when i do MILD, i just say it in my mind. just curious

usually out loud, but when im in public places i say it my head.

HEY!!!, that looking a mirror thing doesnt work for me dammit! i had a dream last night and saw my self in the mirror. i looked the same…save afew weird looking pimples on my chest… and a hole in my right forearm that kept gushing hot water. i remeber spitting up blood too.

oh yea that reminds me, i woke up at the exact moment that i spat in the dream. my first memory upon awakening is spitting on my pillow. is their a special term for that? also, if i do something physical in my dream like, idunno, sneeze or spit…will it happen in real life?
~thnx in advance.

sorry i have one more question for today. i was reading the forums about SD’s and they were talking about the ‘crossroads’ and ‘jeff corner’? what are these things? are they places in the dream world that are common for everyone? just wonderin.

Your body is fully paralysed while you sleep. Except for the eyes. A few people speak in their dreams occasionally, but it’s unusual and unlikely.

Oh, and by the way, things like pimples and hot water gushing out of you show that it did work - sort of. Did you not realise that this was wierd?

ur probably right, i must have just panicked…oh well, next time i’ll get lucid. holds nose and tries to breathe through it