Help me with lucid dreaming!

I am very new to this and I need help. I think I have had a LD before but it was a long time ago. I was in a DBZ ( Dragon Ball Z) like world and some guy was teaching me to fly. I need to figure out how to lucid dream. I don’t know how to start help me please.

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To start off on your journey, you need good recall. Good recall meaning at least one to two dreams remembered a night. Once that is done you can start off on an induction tech.
Techniques include:
MILD- Telling yourself you will have a LD.
WILD- Conciously going into a dream.
WBTB- waking up in the middle of the night, combined with mild or wild.
HILD- moving your fingers and then doing an RC (it’s difficult and long to summarize)
and quite a few more.

I hope this helped and if you have any more questions just ask.

Im still having trouble i dont really understand. I think i might be able to learn this fast because i am a natural at things. Well i jsut need more detail… :help:

It’s ok, I assumed you knew the details, but now that I think about it you couldn’t of.

Back on topic. To boost your dream recall, you should keep a Dream journal and record every single dream you remember. You can also tell yourself before going to sleep “I am going to sleep, I will dream, I will remember my dream.” Once your subconcious realizes you want to remember dreams, you should see an improvement.

As for techniques the easiest one for most beginners is MILD. (put the mouse pointer over underlined words for their meaning.) MILD is simply telling yourself before bed that you will realize you are dreaming while you are still in it.

WBTB is an easy technique also. Just set your alarm for 4-5 hours after you fall asleep. Then throw in some MILD or WILD and reap the benefits.

WILD is probably one of the more dificult techniques. It requires patience, persistence, and being a light sleeper. You relax your body a lot and then it falls asleep while your mind is still awake. You soon find yourself in the dream.

HILD or sometimes called FILD is a technique developed by an ld4all member, i beleive it was hagarts or something like that. But what you do is relax a whole lot, more than WILD, to the point where you’ll fall asleep in seconds. Then wiggle your fingers, about 30 seconds later do a RC. You might find yourself in a dream.

Now I’m being helpful. :smile: Right?

Edit time! YAY!: Did you check the main site to learn more about LDing? If not here it is

Well, actually im still lost.LOL. :tongue: I still dont understand what do i do to actually have a lucid dream . I’ve had alot of bad dreams and some of them i remembering tightning all my muscles in my body and i could actually feel me tighting them, and i did that as hard as i could and woke up.

Time for round three. Will I come out the winner? Ding Ding

To get your LD’s just do one of the techniques I described above. Pick one of them and add WBTB if needed. Practice that one technique for about a month or two. If you keep jumping around to different techniques, chances are, it’ll take a while to get a lucid. (That’s what I did :sad: ) So just relax and keep trying and eventually you are garuanteed results. The first LD will most likely be ony 2 seconds long and you’ll wake up. Nearly everyone’s is, so don’t get discouraged and stressed out. That’ll only make getting LDs harder and harder.

Any more questions or still don’t understand?

Here’s a guide to choosing your perfect technique

I acually have a question. 1. What is the easiest Technique? 2. What is the point of the dream recall part? And i will keep a dream journal for that. Thanks btw

I understand better. I think i have an idea. I will think of a C in any color i want. Then i will turn it into a monster that i will fear like a bad dream and take control over myself and conquer it. Could that help with LD? Like make me more active and something i could remember because its scary?

  1. There is no “easiest” Tech. All of them have differnet results for different people. Some find WILD easiest, some don’t. I edited my past post to include a link to help decide on the right tech for you.
    2)So you can remember the LD when you wake up! What’s the point in trying if you won’t remember?

Make the monster during the dream? If so, it could help recall because it was scary. But since you created it, you might not be scared of it or if you are, the fear would become less over time the more you do it.

I’m helping a lot tonight. :cool:

Ok, Something i am really scared of SPIDERS! EEekkk. I am terrified of spiders. What if i made it a giant spider. ( OMG i think im gonna pee myself) That could make me really scared then have a sword or seomthing appear in my hand and kill it.

Sure it’ll work the first few times. But if you coninue doing it you may conquer your fears. So then you kill two birds with one stone! You remember your dream and get rid of your fear. By the time you aren’t afraid, you should be able to remember dreams without scaring yourself.

Although that’s one way to remember, I wouldn’t want to scare myself whenever I have an LD. I’d rather have fun. Just tell yourself before you go to bed that you’ll remember the dream and more likely than not, you’ll remember at least a small fragment. But the trick is to really beleive you will remember it in the morning. Picture yourself writing down the dream and remembering it. That’s what I did and I remembered a deam a night.

EDIT: By the way, I’m going to bed. So you have to get someone else to answer yor quesions. Sorry :sad:

  1. Ok, if its possible can you explain the three techniques somewhat more, if not thats ok, i mainly want to know what technique did you do?
  2. I didnt know i was supposed to be LD yet, i thought i was just supposed to remember regular dreams, i think which is called REM but not sure. So im supposed to try to lucid dream tonight or just dream regularly?


Ok, Now you’ve lost me. Back to explaining :eek:

Good morning! No one helped you yet? :sad:

MILD- A good technique used by most beginners because it is easy to master. The reason for this is bescause all you do is tell yourself before bed “Next time I dream, I will realize I’m dreaming.” Over and over again. Then visualize yourself realizing you’re dreaming in a previous dream you have had. You have to truly beleive what you say otherwise the chances of gaining lucidity is lowered. This is the technique i mainly use.

WILD- WILD is usually more difficult than other techniques. It requires you to stay completely still and relaxed for what seems like forever. You lie down in a comfortable position then watch for HI, which are pictures that you see before falling asleep. Don’t get to distracted by them though, you might fall asleep. Sometimes you might hear strange noises, such as loud crashes, voices, and footsteps. This is why some people don’t like WILD, it scares them. If you’re lucky, you should find yourself in a dream. I use this technique whenever I can, but I still have not gotten an LD from it.

WBTB- This is a simple tech also. All you do is set your alarm 4-5 hours after you go to sleep. (ie, you fall asleep at 12 am, then set it for 5 am.) You wake up, get out of bed, then go do something LD related. This should be combined with MILD, WILD, or another tech like VILD, or even HILD. I use WBTB every single night.

VILD- I don’t have much experience with this one, I’ve never tried it. But what you do is, You relax yourself, then repeat a dream scene in your head over and over again. Then you find that you’re in the scene you created, not necesarilly lucid though, but if you created it right, you should soon be. (A scene can be someone running up to you telling you to do a reality check)

HILD-I don’t know how to go more in detail with HILD. I’ve tried this tech a few times but could never get to the required state of relaxtion.

  1. REM stands for rapid eye movement. It is the stage of sleep we dream the most and the most vividly. If you haven’t been remembering at least one dream a night, then work on your recall. You could try one of the techs if you want. Maybe you’ll get lucky and have an LD.

Well, I used MILD lastnight. It was weird though i could’nt control myself all i could see was blackness for about 2 seconds then i woke up.


Good morning and Thanks alot, i had alittle progress last night trying to use MILD. I remembered 2 dreams i had and i wrote them down in my Dream Journal. I dont usially remember dreams every night and when i do remember a dream its usially only one dream.

And for Bright eyes with the blackness dream, i cant say ive ever done this becuase i havent, but why dont you try to yell “Increase Lucidy!” or imaging new surroundings. But i dont even know if you had a lucid dream, lol, i dont even know if it was a dream, but did you think you were in a dream? I have lucid dreamed before without relizing i was LDing, and do i dont think that counts.

Yeah, i thought i was in a dream. Then woke up. What happened for you lastnight??? :peek:

i told you in my last posts. My dreams lastnight were dumb though, one of them i was in Shawn of the Dead getting attacked by zombies. It wasnt that bad of a dream though…

Hmmm, sounds weird yougamer. could you control it? I also heard to write your dreaming on your hand before going to bed or a few hours before and if you dream you will do a RC to see if your dreaming and look at your hands… I might try this.

I couldnt control myself for i didnt know i was in a dream. But the hand thing sounds weird. I cant wait till tonight though, i might now get ALOT of sleep tho for school, but i should get 8 hours.