Hemi-Sync -Gateway experience.

Has anyone here tried the Hemi-Sync Gateway experience from the Monroe institute? For those of you unfamiliar to the Gateway experience, it consists of a series of ‘excersises’ called waves. There are 7 in all. Each wave has 6 parts’ (not sure about the last one as yet) . Each part is about 30 mins long. I have tried Wave 1, part 1- Orientation and am now onto part 2- Introduction to focus 10. I plan to master each part before moving onto the next.
I can’t tell you what it does personally, because I haven’t been using i it for long enough (less than a week) so I’m hoping someone else can help out here. What I think it helps you to achieve are Lucid dreams, OOBEs and travel to other planes. Each level of awareness is given a Focus number. The most basic is FOCUS 3, The next Level is FOCUS 10. In this focus many on the web have claimed that Lucid Dreams and OOBES are easy to achieve-when coupled with other techniques. FOCUS 10 is described as mind alert, body asleep. It seems that to achieve constant success in OOBEs and lucid dreams, staying awake during the hypnagogic state is a requirement. Further excersises take one onto higher planes.
Each lesson, or part relies on suggestions, and binaural sounds. They are quite expensive (the whole set of 21 or so CDs being about 600 dolars).
An great alternative is to use “Brainwave Generator” to create Focus 10 frequencies. The main drawback being the lack of suggestions.
Try https://groups.yahoo.com/group/bwgen/messages for information on this shareware program. The files section has many presets for focus 10 and other great stuff.
Brainwave generator may be downloaded from https://www.bwgen.com
To import presets you will need to buy it.

Some info on the gateway experience may be found here

Please let us all know if you have had any experience using the gateway experience or brainwave generator.

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You make me want to break out my hemisync cd’s again. I’ve used some before. I’ve never had any profound effect with them, but they are pretty good. It does help you learn how to relax your body. I’m sure you know that by now. :wink:

I’ve never got past the third CD, so I can’t really speak much about them. I think I’m going to do what you mention, and “master” the orintation CD first. :smile:

600 dollars? SCREW THAT NOISE!!! They want people to pay 600 dollars for something that they can learn to do without the cds? Hmmmmm… methinks they would make much more money with a little more competitive pricing.

I agree. $600 (I assume $US) is a lot of money.

It is around 21 CDs though, so that’s only a little under $30 a CD. It’s not so much the price as the apparent near lifetime of listening you would have to do to get through it! :smile:

I do have a few MP3s which use other various techniques to either relax or hypnotise you (I should have seperated them :grin: ) so it does sound appealing to me.

Perhaps you could do 1 CD ($30) a week or something?

I don’t think that the whole set is required for lucid dreaming only. I think that focus 10 may suffice, which is described in the Wave 1.
People have made some incredible claims about the Gateway program. Lives have been changed. Intitially I thought it was an expensive scam but after searching the net for a few days looking at any info I could find and I don’t recall any negative ones. At one stage one person put all the 7 sets on his Kazaa server because they changed his life so much he wanted to share them with others. After this investigation I thought that perhaps there may be some element of truth.
I think it is worth a try, especially if you can get them for free. The initial ones are full of instructions - not just noise. They are no magic potion. They allow you to learn how to relax and enter different states of mind. Like learning how to ride a bike or to read, effort and time are required.

Until I feel that a definite improvement has been made, I will not go onto the next lesson. Currently I’ve been using wave 1, #2 (intro to focus 10) for almost one week. I can say with confidence that once the headphones go on, the ‘noise’ makes it much easier to forget the external goings on. Relaxation has improved slightly. I can tell this because for a few seconds during the focus 10 relaxation stage, I enter a state which I have never entered before (that I recall). This lasts only a few seconds, because once I think about it, I find myself back at the less relaxed state. Words fail to describe it , but it feels vast and empty. My guess is that with training, I will be able to extend the feeling to a much longer time. Once the lesson has finished, the headphones come off, and the lack of ‘noise’ feels uncomfortable. I’d like to point out that I’m a pretty ordinary person who has only tried meditating and other similar stuff for a few days before giving up. I’ve had my share of lucid dreams but only here and there. I’m determined to keep at it this time and will keep you all posted on any successes or dissapointments.

I have only used the MP3’s I have downloaded with bearshare.com

ronnie, I have a question. What the heck is an “energy conversion box?” I’ve always wondered that since I was introduced to Hemisync. The CD ask you to put all of your worries and fears into this “envergy conversion box” and then shut the heavy lid.

How have you imagined your ECB? Mine is more like a safe than a box :wink: He should have explained more on why it is called energy conversion box. What are we converting it to? and why a box? It’s weird. :bored:

The manual states:
“Energy Conversion Box becomes your mental container to hold concerns, distractions, or interferences for the duration of the exercise. See it, feel it, hear it, think it, or simply imagine it. Your container may be simple or ornate, high-tech or antique, a wooden chest, a sphere of light, a vacuum cleaner or a nuclear particle collector.
Imagine concrete symbols to place in the box, such as a wallet for financial worries, a photo or doll representing someone who is on your mind. You can place limiting words like “can’t,” “shouldn’t,” or “must” in your container; brick walls to symbolize your defenses; a desk or computer to symbolize work. Experiment. It’s a tool for your use. Allow it to change and return to it whenever you wish during an exercise to place inside any new distraction.”

I picture myself at a plant nursery I visit often and the box is one of the large pots. The pictures are not very solid as in real dreams but more like a daydream. I put some symbols in and close the lid (added to the pot)and walk off to lie down under a tree.

I just had the longest LD of my life :cool_laugh: and it was after I listened to the 2nd CD of the “Gateway experience” titled “Wave I #2 Introduction To Focus 10.”

I posted all about it here:
-> Dream Diary -> “the longest LD of my life”

It was a very amazing time. With hemisync I can easily achieve the “focus 10” state, the mind awake/body asleep state. After hemisync I try to keep that state as my mind prepares to dream. It can be hard, but very well worth it if successful.

could someone list the exact names of the ones they downloaded?

Hi dreamaddict thanks for the post. How long has it taken you to achieve focus10. I’ve been trying for over one week now and I know I havent reached it as yet. Initially I thought I was making quite some progress because I felt strange, but my arms were always tensing up. Now I don’t feel as strange and my arms no longet tense up, but I can tell that it is not all that relaxed but rather normal.


I first tried out hemisync a little over a year ago. I later lost interest and looked for other “relaxing methods.” I usually always try to see how long I can maintain my awareness as I fall asleep, I tried many different methods. So really I’ve been trying for “focus 10” without hemisync for quite a while. It wasn’t till recently that I realized how much hemisync helps with that. It’s not like some magical CD, it does require some self-discipline.

I should mention that I hope that I’m reaching focus 10. I start to feel really heavy and then weightless as I’m going through it. Maybe I havn’t reached true focus 10, but it is a very pleasant and unique experience. I know I’m near focus 10 when my face, legs, and/or arms start itching. I might scratch them 1 or 2 times, but you have to learn to not pay attention to it. It really does go away if you don’t pay it any attention. Don’t “try” to make it go away, just don’t give it any thought. Once I get past the itching, I feel my body sink into my bed and fade away. So the itching can be a good thing, it tells me that my body is falling asleep.

This last “hemisync sesssion” I used “Wave I #1 Orientation,” or as my filename is called “Hemi-SyncOrientation,” which is 33 min. 07 seconds long. I used this for 3 days right before bedtime.
Then I moved on to “Wave I #2 Introduction To Focus,” the filename is called “Sleep - HemiSync - Wave I #2 Introduction To Focus,” 37:09, I used this one time so far, and this is when I had my LD I mentioned above.

I use Bearshare to find these mp3’s, and they are really hard to come across. Last year I remember I couldn’t find “Wave 1 #3 Advanced Focus 10” so I skipped it. I was so happy when I seen it available a few days ago, and from only one 1 source. It is 33MB and it stopped downloading right when it got to 30MB. :grrr: So now I’m hoping it picks back up where it left off. Only 3 measly MB to go. :neutral:

I have the rest of the “Wave I series.”
“Hemi-Sync Wave I #4 Release and Recharge” 36:01
“HemiSync Wave I #5 Exploration sleep” 37:04
… so only 3MB till my Wave I collection is complete.

A really good relaxing MP3 without vocals is this:
“yoga zone-like - zen meditation - hemisync-holosync quietude” 30:18
It has soft music and nature sounds that are good to relax too.

Right now BearShare gives only 57 search results for “hemisync” and I only see 2 of the “Wave I” series. Different gnutella software might be able to find more. Any suggestions? :wink: It also depends on when you try, I might can try next week and they are all available. I just noticed I’m not sharing these Wave I series so I’ll make them available to share. So you might just download them from me :smile: but be patient … I’m on dial up. :cry: Oddly though, my ISP is configured to upload faster than my download … and I seen someone fetch a 16MB file in less than an hour. That was with my occasional 60k connection … long story.

Also, I should redownload #2 Intro to focus 10, the MP3 encoding does not seem too good. It sounds okay, but it has about 5 really loud beeps scattered through the 30 minutes. So once you get all relaxed it sounds like a bullhorn blown in your ear. :panic: Very disturbing and darn near traumatic.

I have experimented with the wave I series for some time (downloaded from kazaa), didn’t found the discipline to continue experimenting with them for weeks (and this is necessary I think) but it definitely has some effect, you feel the brainwave stuff doing its job in combination with the suggestions. But you have to put some effort into it, listen to it every day and follow all the instructions, maybe I’m going to give it another try.

DA, I have always suspected those beeps are part of the REAL focus 10-CD, sounds crazy :huh: but maybe it is included to keep the mind awake? I hear them too, and only in intro to focus 10. Maybe someone who has the original CD can tell if they hear it too? If you have the “intro to focus 10”-CD please tell us if there are beeps in it.

I don’t think one should expect too much magic from focus 10, it looks like you have to go further to experience all the possible states. Here is the full list of CD’s known as “The Gateway Experience” from www.hemi-sync.com, might be helpful to get the total picture (every wave contains 3 CD’s with 2 tracks):

In my experience, almost all those tracks are downloadable from Kazaa/Morpheus/Grokster. Make sure to do a regular check.

I removed those beeps from the intro to focus 10 because I found them annoying. I kept getting startled every time. I’m much happier with the clean product.
I’ve managed to download the complete set for waves 1,2 & 3 from kazaa in less than one week. I have wave IV #4&5 ,wave V #2 and wave VI #3. They average about 30 Mb each.

I think I may have achieved focus 10 occasionally, for a few seconds at a time. Its a feeling of floating into dark space. This feeling engulfs the body giving an impression that the body is numb or nonexistant.
Sometimes I find myself drifting into sleep and waking again when I hear the voice, having missed some instructions.

I have refrained from listening tho the other tracks but have checked them them for integrity using audio software.

I’ve gone over my download limit on cable for this month and they have capped my download speed for this month. But some guy on Kazaa Lite has all of Wave 1 and I have them all paused and waiting to go as soon as next month comes around and I get my Broadband speed back :grin:

What size is the 1st track of Wave 1? On the one im downloading on Kazaa its like 54MB. Is this the right one?



My “Orientation” file is the only one encoded at 224kbs so it is 53MB. So you should have the right one. All of the others I have are also around 30MB and encoded at 128kbs, but they sound just as good.

Today I finally was able to get the last 3MB of “#3 Advanced focus 10” Yippee! :cool_laugh:

I found a good introduction to the The Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync, and Robert A. Monroe himself. It’s a great short 2 page introduction. Don’t miss it if your interested in Hemi-Sync:
The Monroe Institute - An Introduction

I also found a helpful Hemi-sync FAQ:

Finally, I found an indepth explanation of each of the 6 sessions of Wave I :
Gateway Experience
It defines “Energy Conversion Box” as:

I’m still using “Introduction to Focus 10.” I’ve been practicing while I’m on my back, but I think I’m going to change that. The last time I praticed I actually started to hear myself snore. :happy: I was able to ignore it for a while, but it became a distraction. :neutral:

I’ve been using the intro for 2 weeks now, each night before I go to sleep.
Last night I slept thru a lot of it but was awakened by the awakening instructions.
I was going to make another CD with wave 1, part 3 and 4 but I discovered that part 4 is probably not complete. Its only 17 minutes long and seems to end abruptly. Be careful when you get this one because I’ve been tricked twice now.

I cant say if I’ve improved all that much since starting.I think its going to be a long haul, but worth it in the long run. Two weeks is such a small amount of time. One thing which I would like to try is to make 60 minutes of focus 10 sound and just concentrate on that. It seems that just as I’m getting somewhere, the voice tells me its time to wake up. Perhaps part 3 is longer.


Even if those hemisync cds does actually work, the mp3s wont, cause the frequensies is destroyed by the mp3 compression. :bored:

Cause the mp3 technology is made this way, to take away the info the human ears cant pick up, which sounds usually good with music… but will stop these things from working.

Nope, this is not true. Sound is compressed indeed, but the waveforms still have the same frequency. And it is the difference in frequency between the left and right channel that counts. This difference stays the same.

Thanks tomas and Hypnodude,
I was curious about that myself. I’ve also read that about MP3 compression, how it takes away sounds not heard by the human ear. I was wondering if this had an effect on hemi-sync. I was actually thinking of posting this question.

but Hypnodude is right. The hemisync effect is still produced. The wavering sound you hear in hemisync is created by your brain. If you turn the balance on your MP3 player left, you only hear 1 consistent tone and the same for the right. But when you put both together your brain starts to produce the “wavering” effect, which is what makes hemisync. My experience so far has been very rewarding. This is my second time trying hemi-sync and this time seems more successful.