Hemi-Sync -Gateway experience.

So I have some questions… what IS focus 10? What does each wave teach you to do? Do the seperate music CDs have instruction with them as well or are they just music with embedded frequencies?

May someone please explain what hemi sync is to me ?

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Has anyone ever used the Hemi-sync Lucid dream series ?

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there is a lucid dream series? :happy:

yesterday I got a hemisync cd as a present. It’s called ‘inner journey’ and it lasts 30 minutes. I listened to it today. It’s nice and relaxing and i almost fell asleep with it. Afterwards I took a nap, but no real recall. So, no lucid dreams so far.

unless you count the fact that i had it on my nightstand this night (not listened to yet, just sitting there in it’s package), and i had 4 LD’s last night :happy: ( :hyper: )

I plan to listen to it more often and maybe it has some effect on the dreamstate :smile:

Wow, pasQuale you revived it and now I’m downloading it to see if it has any effect for a week. Must charge myself up for a repetitive schedule. I’m not really used to that but I’m sure I won’t forget to listen to it daily. x3 So would it be wise to listen to it while you fall asleep or before, like during the day?

i was planning to fall asleep with it, see if i can have a WILD while listening. Before my nap i got a lot of HI, but the CD was over before I could enter the sleepstage.

not all hemisync cd’s are the same, hemisync is the name for the technology used to ‘sync’ your left and right brain hemisphere. Mine has relaxing music on it and you hear the sound going from left to right, right to left all the time. You have them with voices on it as well, that seems more like hypnosis to me then. Keep us posted on any success :smile:

I will. It hasn’t finished downloading yet though, maybe I should try kazaa or something. So I’ll post for the first day and so on and so forth.

Just wondering, but are you supposed to fall asleep on the first file when he reaches counting to twenty? :help:

stiffy, can’t help you because i don’t have the gateway CD.

yesterday i put on mine before going to sleep. I wasn’t relaxed at all when I put it on. The funny thing is that it prevents you from thinking when listening to it. Normally when i fall asleep, i have all kinds of thoughts going through my head that prevent me from sleeping. Somehow with this CD you can’t think, you just have to drift with the music.

Then, the music stopped and i mumbled: “darn, is it finished already?” and i reached for the CD player - but then the music continued.

The next morning my husband told me that i had been snoring, suddenly stopped, mumbled something, and went back to listening :tongue: So i was sleeping eventhough i didn’t even notice it :rofl:

i hope to get a WILD with this, tonight i’ll listen to it again :smile:

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Having said that, last night i listened to it again before sleeping. If anything, it gives more colorful and vivid ND’s, and i awake more refreshed. When listening I get more colorful HI than when i’d fall asleep normally. Still not succeeded in WILDing although at some points i felt i was nearing it. So far, so good, and i’m looking forward to listening to it again tonight.

sidenote: i am not talking about the gateway hemisync CD, but about a hemisync CD, mine titled: “inner journey” and has only music on it, and bought in a new age store, not downloaded, i might add :tongue:

:truit: now what did I just say - read the guidelines

i’m planning on using it tonight.
my spirits are up and my hopes high for this to work
hemi sync pwns

I dont know if anyone realizes it or not, But Hemi Sync also has a package called “Lucid Dreaming Series” just go to there website and search for “lucid” theres tapes and theres a dvd available.

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Is it ok for me to say that if anybody wants a free digital copy of the hemisync cd’s that they can pm me and ill send them a copy? I have the rights to distribute a limited amount of digital copys.

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Just stumbled here to this topic, and this site, all is completely new to me. Looks like I have plenty to learn! Curious if anyone has some used copies of the Hermi-Sync materials they no long want?

Also, it seems these CDs are now quite old, is there a better version/system/etc to start with?


I did find something similar on You Tube:


Wave III #1, perhaps the 3rd disk of the series?

One last question:

Noise cancelling head phones or no?