Hey. [how to keep yourself alert while attempting WILD]

i have tried deep breathing before and tensing muscles and that and yes it does help. But last night i didn’t do that. Should have really. But i will try tonight. With me being able to lie there for 50 mins unmoved with the help of the relaxation techniques i may be able to get better results.

I would almost guarantee it!! Motionless for 50 minutes is huge!

Hmm a guarantee well ill see you tomorrow and tell you how it went. Im off to bed now to try it out.

Don’t you just hate that! :wallhit:

Anyway, some other ideas:

After you induce a state of alert relaxation:

  • focus on creating a falling sensation or try Dm7’s variation on this and create a spinning sensation (very cool experience)

  • imagine yourself walking down a flight of stairs

  • focus on your breathing

-focus on a point in the center of your forehead between your eyebrows

  • If you can visualize then visualize a simple object or symbol and stay focused on that.

hope this helps.

Happy Dreaming

What works for me is getting in the most comfortable position possible, taking slow deep breaths, and kind of what milod suggested, rolling your eyes up (which is what your eyes actually do during sleep).

I guarentee that after experiencing WILD once you wont have too much of a problem getting there again. The transition from HI to dream feels pretty strange… I happened to figure out how to do it accidentally with out much knowledge of lucid dreaming, so I’m sure you will get it soon.

Here is what usualy happens to me. I lay down and get as comfortable as I can. Slow my breathing, which is hard at first and lay as still as I can, but i’m sure like many of you the harder you try not to move, the more you feel the need to reposition yourself or get an itch. Anyway, after about 5 minutes, or so it seems, I get the feeling that I am slowly floating upwards twords the ceiling, still on my back. My body begins to tingle alittle. At that time I try to imagine a senario I’d like to be in and when I feel like I’m an inch or less from hitting the ceiling thats the time I usualy fall asleep. What would happen if I ever make it past that point, I dont know, but I’m sure it would be a good experiance.
Anyone know what comes next?

If you could keep your mind’s eye locked on a scene you want to appear in, you’d probably end up there. For me (during my first long and vivid textbook wild) there was like 1 second from being aware in bed to being aware standing outside my bed. No moving out of bed, just BAM I was there. :smile: It’s worth holding your concentration on. :wink:

I was going to take a nap and WILD earlier today but my phone woke me up JUST as I was going into a LD. I kind of remember it… after about 10 minutes the SP and HI kicked in At this point I’m half conscious, thinking and picturing really abstract things, half dreaming. I’m not sure if I’m actually seeing the things I’m thinking about, but when I woke up it seemed as though I was. It’s tricky how memory works at the stage between consousness and sleep. On normal nights I have no recollection of falling sleep. I think this is where you fell alseep. I’ll experience a strong vibration feeling after this, mostly in my head… I don’t know what causes this to happen or how long it takes to happen ( theres really no sense of time for me at this point), but it’s a really strange sensation, and an LD will follow after it. I think this feeling is caused by the brain fully cutting off your physical body and allowing you to enter a dream and move around without actually moviing your body, and waking up.

For me, the key of being aware during the WILD progress is to FOCUS on something, but not too much. You have to act like you’re asleep, but you have to keep conscious; otherwise, you’ll be having a normal sleep.

My tips/suggestions:

  1. Do a relaxation technique
  • spin like a top to induce a trance
  • breath deeply and slowly
  • using exhaling to relax muscles
  1. Slower breathing
  • after being relaxed… you’ll notice you breath much slower… try to make it slower and slower
  • breath with your belly not your chest
  • if you feel you’re choking, just ignore it and let your breath be taken over (it becomes automated)
  1. Patience
  2. Falling technique
  • imagine falling helps speed WILD up… if do it right (it has to be done in black void where you can’t feel your body and/or begin to feel your dream body)
  1. Focus on what you see/feel
  • If you see a blob, then focus on it. Try to zoom into it or try to make it more stabilized. Use it to enter.
  • If you feel your dream body, feel it and try to roll over (without moving your real body).
    … in #5 it’s usually when vibration happens
  1. Leap in a LD
  • Enjoy :wink:

I used to have a lot of WILD techniques, but that’s all I can think of right now. :smile: Please ask me any questions if you didn’t understand my tips/suggestions or if you wanted some more tips/suggestions :smile:

I tried number 4 this morning, but my alarm when off when I started to loose the feeling of my body. I’m gonna try again tomorrow.

Thnx for all the advice. Last night was unsuccessful. I Woke up at 6 (went to be at 1:00am) i read some Lucid dreaming stuff. After half an hour. I lay back down. Clamed my breathing got relaxed. my breathing got heavier. But because i had just read something. My mind was all over the place. I wasn’t able to concentrate. I could see words and pages and other images. I could here a voice which i presume was my own trying to read what i could see out like i was speaking to someone. I found it hard to concenstrate and i was getting more and more agitated (sp). I eventually after 5 mins got too unsettled and just turned over and went to sleep. I think my best chance for a successful WILD will be at night when i first get in bed. As this is what i have had most success with (not a lot but some). I will try some of your techniques Dm7. I have tried the rolling one before when i got relaxed in my computer chair. It actually worked i visualised myself swing in the chair and kept imagining and it soon felt like i actually was it was getting stronger and stronger. And i eventually managed to swing full 180 to face the door but it was all like a dream. and so sureal i got too excited an woke up.

No problem. :smile: I WILDed this morning. Yay, but I have a hard time remembering my LD… not to mention my ND’s. :uh:

No luck last night. I did the deep breathing and the tensing and relaxing of the muscles. After that i felt like my body was heavy and relaxed. I started to just lay there and i tried the imagine rolling. My mind kept wondering but i brought it back and everytime i brought it back my body felt like it was going to either tingle or sink into my bed…but nothing ever happened. I lay their for 40 mins just trying to roll or just concentrate of my breathing but nothing came of it. I wonder how people can say within 5-10 mins they have SP? Lol beats me.

You could try setting your alarm for say, six hours after you go to bed. Then when you awaken, shut your alarm off, get comfortable, and then try to WILD. You’ll fall asleep much faster that way.

Hmm ill give it a go tonight…but i bet you ill wake up and go…right WILD time. Lay there for about 5-6 seconds and ill wake up another 4 hours later and go “Oh shoot i fell asleep” :razz:.

Just don’t let it happen by trying to keep awake in mind… as if you’re afraid of falling asleep. :tongue: I know I have been there sometimes when I don’t feel like WILD’ing and fall asleep without trying, but I force myself to keep “awake” and it’s amazing easy to induce a WILD… easier than I think… I always overestimate that it’d be hard… but the more tired you are… the faster your body falls asleep and go back into a dream. :wink: So keep that in your mind. :biggrin:

Well, i have on many occastions gone back into dreams that i was having but never really saw that as an opportunity to LD duh! But i will deffinately give it all ive got! Maybe i should try and set the dream up while doing WILD and hopefully i will “transport” into that dream i have set up for myself. Maybe a room with a door in that once im lucid i walk through to the rest of my dream? And in this room i could have RC written on the walls so i remember to RC. What do you think?

C_mon, sounds good. When I WILD it’s usually from SP, so I have the leg up because I know when I’m about to go, so if I focus hard on an imaginary scene I’ll transport right into it in the blink of an eye. I’m sure normal WILDs are this way too? Just don’t lose your focus. :smile:

I fell asleep this morning, but practice makes perfect. If i keep trying i WILL achieve what i want.

Yes, thinking it is hard does seem to be the biggest problem. If you think it is hard it will be. You wind up conceding defeat before you even start.

Another problem I have with WILD is boredom with a technique. If I use one for too long I lose patients with it and therefore fail. I have a number of techniques I use and switch them around a bit to combat the boredom.


Rather than trying to do WILD right away perhaps you could put yourself into a state of alert relaxation. Don’t try to WILD. Instead, just observe what happens as you drift off to sleep. It is just a thought I got from a topic I read a week ago so I am just thinking out loud here but, you never know, it just might work.