Hey. [how to keep yourself alert while attempting WILD]

I’m thinking of trying to WILD as soon as I hit the sheets tonight and if it fails, a definite WBTB. Heck, I might try and sleep on my back as soon as I get in bed too, but that’s pretty scary… I only turn onto it if I wake up at 4:00ish and it’s lighter out and the birds are chirping and it’s all happy. :happy:

Has anyone tried earplugs? I’ve used them in the past and what you get it your heart beat (thump thump) and breathing, nothing else. You can concentrate on one of the two and block all other noises out that might arouse you somewhat. Tomorrow is Sunday, so it’s WILD day fo’ sho’. I’ll definitely have one by tomorrow morning. :smile: (See, positive outlook!)

I did that last night.
It was interesting, I got to the point where I get really uncormfortable like always, but I kept going. Ii got soooooo bad I couldn’t even lay still. I’d roll over and all of a sudden I’d be overcome with a wave of uncormfortableness to where it felt like my muscles were all ‘buzzy’. When I did loose conciousness I was jerked back awake by myself. Once I got hit with it sooo hard it felt like someone had nudged me to push me over.
I’d have to roll over every few minutes, and every few minutes ther feeling would come back. It was too uncomfortable for me to lay still and try to WILD.
Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Ai carumbah! (sp :razz:) My legs are soar enough to begin with. Neverless, I’m gonna check it out. I think I’ll lay on my back, and if all else fails, I’ll do it from SP (always works)

Ok ill be more positive. Milod i have never tried to WILD really. I just lay aon my back and see what happens and see if i can get far enough to attempt WILD.

I must remeber WILD is easy very easy and i can do it. And LDing is easy, because people can even roll into their LD’s so thats how easy it all is. I WILL HAVE A LUCID DREAM TONIGHT!!!


(But don’t force it - don’t be too over-exuberant. :wink: )

Alot of times when I do WILD I feel really tired afterwards. Any explanations for that? Also, the dreamscape appears…fuzzy alot of times, almost like I’m only half way in the dream. Are there techniques to help with that?