Hey. [how to keep yourself alert while attempting WILD]

Hey long time no…post. Some of you may remember me. Been away for a while with school and so on. Atm im doing my exams :cool_laugh: . But i just wanted to post and say hello. Also has anyone got any tips on how to keep yourself alert while attempting WILD? I have time atm the attempt this as only a few times a week i have to be up early. Im going to attempt it with WBTB. But i fear like it has happened so many times before that i will just slip away.

Ive heard counting helps any other good tips?. Has there been any shockingly brilliant revelations on ways to induce LD’s while ive been gone?


Dude, haven’t you heard?! Stephen LeBarge and his research team developed a legal pill that aids in keeping you alert while facilitating the relaxation of the body!!! I and others have used them and they totally work. I had like, 5 crazy WILDs the first week! Go to lucidity.com/store/pills and get 'em for like, $10.

Or you could try the tight-wad method and just focus on your third eye, or count or some sort of minimal mental activity. I’m thinking of simple addition, and when you realize that 2+6 != 3 you can catch yourself nodding off.

[EDIT] Before this goes any further I was just being sarcastic. No pill. :smile: Sorry. I want to keep my reputation up, so I’m not going to be someone like… Darxide and his FOIL (more like FOOL!) method. :wink: LOL

Wow, they have a pill now? That’d be worth a try, cause I’m reaaallllyy bad at WILDing :tongue:

EDIT- That link just took me to a page with the Nova Dreamer and nothing else, are you sure it’s correct?


Yup, I was dooped by the pill :content:

Please try to title your topics somehow informative.It saves lots of time to the potentiall readers.Thx:)

I thought pill thing was funny.I wasn’t duped but amused. :wiske:

Haha, that’s what I was goin’ for. :smile: I actually just read in EWLD’s nightmare section the effect of drugs on REM and that using drugs for pleasant LD’s is something that he (Dr. LaBerge) plans on researching (if he hasn’t begun already by now). Not that I’d take 'em. I’m 100% drug free! :happy:

Good research!Finally we maybe will find out what substances cause nightmares.
So far we have just our " post your pics when you were little" thread:)


He actually listed a few that are known already. You can find this on page 223 in EWLD:

Keep in mind the book was published in 1990 (at least the edition I’m reading). :smile:

Well,good info but not so usefull.I cant imagine myself going into “troubled relationships, and traumatic events, such as being mugged or experiencing a serious earthquake.” just to have a nightmare.
Same with pills for Parkinsons:)
But i consider alcohol:)

If you smoke, try a 10mg nicotine patch, applied when you first go to sleep or when you wake during SBTB (assuming you stay awake long enough for the effects to begin). I don’t like recommending nicotine, but it really works so I feel I have to.

Woops sorry for the informative title of my thread. :bored: Anyway last night i tried a bit of WILD. I tried it without going to sleep before hand (i know it makes it harder). But i was willing to lie perfectly still for ages. I lay there and i was just trying to keep my mind clear. My room was getting warm, then suddenly my feet started to feel warmer kind of like a burning but nothing painfull. Then my feet started to tignle and it moved up through the bottum of my legs this warm and tingle feeling. Then it moved slowly to the top of my legs then my backside and progressively up my body.
When it reached my face, i noticed that the dots that you see when you close your eyes started to move. The only way i can describe it is, if you have ever seen star trek when the ship goes to warp and you see the start all fly past the ship well thats what the dots looked like that. Or the old screensavers that where on Windows Pc’s where the stars fly past the screen.
After that the tingling feeling went, i noticed though that i could nolonger feel parts of my feet and i couldn’t feel the covers on my feet…it was as if they had disappeared. However, i hadn’t entered a dream :sad:.
BTW it took about 1 hour for this to happen, but the time only felt like i had been there about 20 mins…freaky really.

Hey C_mon, welcome back :smile:. I changed the title of the thread so it fits better…

Sounds like you were pretty darn close to actually dreaming :smile:

Hmm, was this not the vibrations people talk about? I will have to try this again tomorrow, but along with WBTB and i can read some lucid dreaming stuff coz i got a book on it :happy:.

Oh BTW, after my attempt for WILD when i had to move to scratch my nose coz it was unbearable after 20 mins lol. I noticed my legs felt really stiff and heavy. It felt like my legs had seized up from doing lots of excersise (which i haven’t done for about a week). Could this been early SP?

I also experience this. It get’s so uncomfortable sometimes, like my muscles are fatigued or something, even though I’m laying perfectly still. So uncomfortable, I usually give up and roll over :content:
Of course, this is when I first go to bed, it probably would go by faster if I did it in the early morning.

Well im gonna attempt to do this tomorrow. Properly 100% effort. Im gonna read some lucid dreaming stuff WBTB and WILD or try a variation on it.

Hey C_mon,
Uh… did you try any sort of progressive relaxation technique? When I hit the sheets I breath VERY slooowly for a good minute, very slow and deep. Then I progressively relax each major muscle and some minor until I feel the tension has completely left me. Continuing to breath deeper, I vividly imagine doing some Tai Chi moves I picked up from P.M. Chi for Beginners and breath in sync with the imagined moves, all the while my physical body is completely still.

Anyway, it takes me 15 minutes to get to the same state where I completely lose connection with my body. In fact, I paniced a little last night. I hit the sheets at 10:00 but by 10:20 (I had to peak at the clock to see how fast it was since I’m trying to find my mean time, I usually keep my eyes shut once I close them) by 10:20 I had noooo idea what position my body was in save my own visual representation in my minds eye. It started getting weird when I felt like I was standing up and floating around the room.

I’ve never WILD-ed as soon I’ve hit the sack (I’ve never really attempted to stay up longer and see what happens), but I think if you do these things and want to, you will. I usually WBTB around 3:00 AM or so. If you want more in-depth procedure instructions, lemme know!