Hey! im new!

Hello, im new to this site and i want to learn how to Have lucid dreams!
I remember having dreams that i had control of before but they happen very far apart! … well i only rember one! but i have them like once evrey 2 years or so! :cry: i really find them cool and want to find out how to have them more reguarly!

Welcome to the club. :cool:
Keep a dream journal by your bed and share. :tongue:

Hi Zingar36 welcome! :smile:

There is here, at Lucidity Intro a topic already where new members can introduce themselves called The Big “Hi Iam new here!”
Give it a shot :smile:

Again, welcome and many good and happy dreams and lucid ones!



Welcome :smile:

There is a lot of information on this site about lucid dreaming. There are also different techniques people use to induce LD ‘s (lucid Dreams). I suggest you start by reading about the different techniques and see which techniques you want to try first. No matter what technique you want to try the first step is to remember you dreams. As #Six suggested, starting a dream journal would be a good start.

Have no fear all these techniques do work and if you practice you will start to enjoy more lucid dreams. You have all ready had a few so you know they are worth working for.

Happy Dreaming.

Easty, he doth point to “The Big ‘Hi, I’m new here’” topic!

Oh well. Welcome. Have fun.

Welcome to the forum. We ask that Introductions be posted in the “The Big 'Hi, I’m new here” topic.