Hey, this really IS a dream, right NOW

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Hey did you know that you are dreaming right now?

I am

I am writing to you. You only exist in my mind. Why? Because I expect a certain audience reaction.

Kind of that same reaction I expect when I gussy up my hair all pretty. Or when I close my blinds so ‘they’ won’t see me.

Or when I don’t dance and skip and frollick in public because ‘they’ will think I’m weird.

Who are they? They are me. They are my thought-patterns judging myself. When I go to sleep they become archetypal dream characters that play out these fantasies.

That guy at the counter, he must not like that I am buying this book.
That’s a dream right there.
What if I said, that guy at the counter, he loves me, he likes this book and thinks its great.

Wouldn’t my reality be COMPLETELY different?

Sure, sometimes when we dream we have to really keep suggesting something a lot before it shows up in the dream, but it still happens.

Did ya know you can control the entire waking world? Why? Well because you are 1 6 (and a half?) billionth of the waking world, so therefore you are completely soveriegn in your own reality wherever you go.

Hey that guy is cutting me off, what an A-hole! Hey did you know, you’re dreaming? You just wove a nightmare.

Hey what if you thought, hey, that guy, he just made an innocent mistake, I will slow down and give him about 500 feet of open road ahead of me, so we can share this space as brothers.

You would be weaving a really darn happy dream.

Hey did you know, that right now, you disposition is a dream.

Oh, I’m a grumpy, Sally-sue didn’t like my new perm and she said I shouldn’t have dyed my hair.

Ummm… no you’re on a computer reading someone else’s dream right now… Sally-Sue isn’t here.

Did you know that you can be lucid right now? Your mind controls everything.

If you are sad you will see things that are sad and they will reinforce your world-views. I mean it. You are sad and because your eyes can only see what they are seeing, the sadness as an energy particle wave has you LOCK EYES with a ‘stranger’ (and you can change that, you can live your dream so everyone thinks you are sexy and wants to marry you, and it will happen) and you will see them as mutually sad people.

If you feel persecuted people will yell at you. how can they NOT yell at you? You ARE persecuted aren’t you just telling yourself that over and over?

I mean, this place is an ink-blot.
Did ya know?

Someone says, tell me what you see. I see daisies and daffodils.
I see a gun.
I see an inkblot, good sir, nothing more, nothing less.

Well, ya

every wonder why that random dude is grinning from ear to ear.
What does he have in his dream that is so special, when he is right next to you on the pavement, yet you feel bored and listless?

He’s dreaming up something nice, you know?

I mean, this place, it is a dream.

Whatever you interpret the world as, it is. Whatever you STRIVE to interpret the world as, it becomes.

Don’t you know George W is Jesus? If you think that, do you know how happy you will feel?
Don’t you know George W is Satan? If you think that, do you know how paranoid you will feel?

I mean, who am I? Who am I?

and so are you

this is a lucid dream right now.

I really mean it. The same rules that govern your sleeping life govern your waking life. Even to the extend that you can FREEZE time and CONTROL reality, THIS reality, with your MIND.

I mean it. You can get stuck in eternity and your feet will be moving on the Earth but you won’t be going anywhere, and then you have to say ‘I am moving to the trash-can’ then BLOOP all of a sudden time is moving again and you float magically to the trash-can.

This is what true Sages know. Tai chi masters, for instance, at the highest level, learn how to freeze time and they move their bodies with their minds, and they move… well… things with their minds.

I’m not whistling dixie, I have seen it.

This place is a miracle if only you let it be.

When they say on the TV
he was shot in the head and torso
he was shot in the head and torso
he was shot in the head and torso
and you keep listening, you come to think that people, especially black people, are dangerous
are hostile

that’s A DREAM

this world is not anything in particular you only have your own sphere of reality which you are soveriegn in, and whatever DREAM you carry in your mind will imprint itself upon wherever you go, in such a way that it will influence others

if you have a certain dignity, and a certain compassion, you can ONLY attract people that are willing to PLAY with you in that STORY

if you think that every guy wants to hit on you

well obviously

but why?

What DOES it mean to be hit on?

I like women. I look at them. But though I look at their bodies, I also look to see their souls.

If they do not know that, if they are insecure and think guys are hitting on them all the time, they will only see that I see with my eyes, their physical form, and this will already cause a chain-reaction of dream movements in their minds that cause emotions to flare up so that they will react to me with the DREAM STORY that I am hitting on them

when in fact, i would never have sex with them unless it was a mutual contract of love, and we truly cherished one another with our full spirits

if you look at someone’s eyes you can tell how awake they are, how lucid they are
because a lot of people will flicker like robotic machines

and look away
and fidget
and some will look right back

and if you keep staring, well, you’ve seen Waking Life,
the holy moment
see we are circles
() . () . ().
and sometimes the circles can overlap
and thusly the prophet Maynard spake, pure intention juxtaposed will set two lover’s souls in motion.

See, fundamental differences are flwas of the dream stuff made of words known as logos.

He’s a nigger, I can’t be friends with him!
He’s a beautiful guy, his skin is a wonderful chocolate complexion, I can be friends with him.

well, whatever you think its true.

The TV tells you how to think, and it interprets the inkblot for you.
They teach you to fret.
No matter.

But you know what, the biggest thing to learn is not that he’s an N word, the N word is what I used when I spake of the skin color, I think it was censored but you must understand, if you have an emotional reaction to the word

it is because of your neuro-linguistic dream programming and free-associational patterns

the biggest thing to learn is that
he is not an N word
or a man
or she is not a woman
or a s - l - u - t which was the other word i used in case it was censored

we are just people


more than that
we are all ONE
we are all DREAMERS

know that, if someone approaches you
even if they seem like they are barking at you like a dog
or they have a gun
you sitll have a choice whether this is a nightmare or a comedy

if some dude says GIMME YO MONEY
and you say with a keen smile and tears in your eyes, WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO AN IRISH JIG WITH ME?

he cannot shoot you

why? because his script involves either that you become terrified and cry
or you try and attack him or take his gun away
or that you do something, anything violent or in polar reaction to violence

im dreaming right now, i hear thumps of movement and i assume my attempts at writing to you will be interrupted by the presence of people this is not a good dream to live

but he cannot shoot you because in order to shoot you you have to play in his dream sphere () and if you don’t play in his dream sphere you will be okay

plus how stupid and MORoNIC is it to expect that every ‘stranger’ (when you can replace that word with BROTHER AND SISTER) is out to GET you ?

how absurd
shot in the head and torso
he used the poison
drowned by the ocean

how absurd absurd absurd silly stupid nonsense fretting

how absurd is that?

Everyone has a soul and we are of the same Source and we share the same mind and the mind is composed of VOID , NIRVANA, PURE LUCID LOVE AND LIGHT

and beneath that light are 10 trillion masks each mask weaving an intricate series of dreams most of which are held together by the forces of money and general societal norms, rules, mores and laws so that most people are just sheep asleep working jobs and a few people are fully illuminated lucid journeyman who are full of love and divnity and can have whatever they want

and many are wide awake, especially children just having a great time

babies see a puddle of oil in a parking lot and are mesmerized at the beauty of the rainbows

can’t you be?

can’t you find this very article so beautiful it moves you to tears?


isn’t that cool?

Isn’t it cool?


if it IS you have enetered THE KINGDOM OF GOD
and I say to you, the Kingdom of God is within YOU
it is in your heart

and you are dreaming this up

go and be free, free to wave a pink circle around the sun and dance and cherish and cry and make love and hug strangers and write inspirational lyrics on the ground with sidewalk chalk and LOOK AT THE CASHIERE IN THE EYES AND FIND THEIR SOUL AND TRULY WISH THEM A GOOD DAY


Realizing you are a character in someone else’s dream.

…eh ok, link doesnt work^^ fix it. Umm… heh heh Everyone has so much to learn, so much :content:

It did make since, well most of it.
Thank you for the information. I’m sure that took you a while to type :wink:
And that movie is called Waking Life that is in the link your provided.

Wow, that was worth the read, it did make sense. Very insightful

Thanks, SoS

Head explodes from the knowledge in this thread.

That, right there, is just like the law of attraction. Ever heard of it?

Everyone has so much to learn!

Consider the miracle of this.

You are sitting here reading this.

It must mean YOU are alive.

How much time do you have?
50, 60, 70, 100 years left?

Even if you are old and crippled, or ill.

Did you know the body regenerates itself, completely, every few years?

You have the potential to have 20 or 50 or 70 new bodies.

You have eternity, literally, to do whatever you will, whatever you wish.

THIS right here, right now, is your easel. You are free to find your art.

It is the only commandment, LIVE.
Be ALIVE! LIVE! This is your commandment.

To listen to your soul.

You have your entire life to make art, to make love, to make and create and sustain joy, to have the most complex and exciting adventures.

You are free to make of it any-thing you will.

The only thing you must do is will.
You must find your will and get in tune with it, and be ALIVE.



do YOU understand the gravity of this? You can be whatever you want, anything you conceive. You have aeons to do this. Sky’s the limit.

You don’t even have to die. You can purify your energy body and access the higher planes and transcend physicality.

You can do anything. You can go out and paint, you can go out and dance.


and you are an AUTHOR and an AUTHORITY

and when you find your Soul and you start speaking from it like a mountaintop

you will find people that fit so perfectly that they will help you build your Holy Reality your Holy Temple
your Holy Dome

and you will have so much goodness and greatness

the only thing required is to wake up

no matter what you are now, what you are is the product of all the dreams you have woven in your history, and if you change the dreams you change the weather

you can have perfect vision
perfect health
perfect love
perfect vitality
you have so much grace in this present moment to let go and be free
and be at ease

this place is truly a lucid dream the likes of which we have never seen before

and its only just beginning if we just but find the WILL to begin and take the first footstep of the eternal holy journey

it is YOUR life and YOU have a responsibility to be that which you TRULY ARE on the INSIDE already a GOD, a GODDESS, a BUDDHA

true, pure

you have the entire world’s resources

you were born here, so fragile, so tiny
yet you flourished enough to have the fortune of reading this
and having an online community of friends
and no matter what you are, no matter what limitations you may perceive

they are but illusions to command away like a lucid dream

this is how the world becomes HEAVEN

it is not about get a job
it is about finding your passion
a job is a means to an end
a passion is an end in itself
it is constantly rewarding do that which you are

if you take an artist and put him in a business suit
you have terrible business
if you take a businessman and put him with a paint-brush
you have terrible art

everyone must simply do that which sustains them to the highest vibrations of PURE SIMPLE JOY AND BLISS
and the world will function as A WHOLE

and easy

that is why money is an illusion, do not fret over it
it is just an energy
use it to your advantage and have a good reliationship with it
know that as long as it exists, it will sustain you
and that your opportunity is to live in YOUR SOUL

he who would trade a little bit of freedom for security deserves and will have neither
do you know what this means?

security is an illusion

in order for there to be security there has to be a threat
the threat is never here it is always in the future
this means the threat never comes
communists, terrorists,
who cares

money? for what? food? FOOD GROWS OUT OF THE GROUND DERRR
we have money in this world, so we use it and we enjoy it
and we attach positive energy to it

BUT WE NEVER compromise our souls for the accurance of ‘wealth’ or ‘security’


in fact I say to you, if you follow your SOUL you can have abundances of ‘wealth’ and ‘security’

if you take an artist and put him in a business suit
you have terrible business
if you take a businessman and put him with a paint-brush
you have terrible art

be that which you ARE and never ever compromise
dare to dream

its wonderful that some people like to be businessmen, but they key word is like
if it is their soul’s calling it will be GOOD for them, and it will be GOOD for the world

but when someone wants to be a businessman just so he can have money
it will murder his soul with stress and all sorts of ailments
and make the world an ugly place

this is why we are transcending beyond the need for money

or not

what do you want us to do?

utopia is simple

everyone here has a soul and everyone’s soul has a unique and beautiful purpose

and it must be adhered to fully with Trust.

Head also explodes from the amount of information

yea i have
i’m new to it
i just read the Secret today
it has to be true becauseI got a miracle magical astral healing energy cat show up at my apartment through asking for a girl named Kat incessantly while i was sleeping

the final thing that created it was that i said ‘i am going to meet a reiki healer in the astral plane tonight’


alos if yuoll noitce my tpynig is prefect
is that a kitty?
snore i go back to sleep
i get up many hours later, open my door and a kitty barges in

and its so beautiful
and it sends immense energy into my body causing me to see cat stripes in my inner-vision for hours afterwards

this is why Jesus says to us if we only have faith we would ask a mountain to leap into the sea and it would

if you can have an energy kitty, when saying very specifically things about the root chakra, and journeying into astral realms, and such

you can have anything

that CAT waited for me, for hours, lol, just sitting there while i was sleeping.

i wanted someone to sleep with, and be intimate with

there it was.

Wait, ok so you got all of this information from the book “Secret”?
I have heard of the book but hadn’t considered in buying it.

WOW, i really need to write my books! You find the secret that amazing? My friend you have no idea! The “secret” is just a smalll fragment in the grand structure of reality. There is so much more to this world!!! THERE IS SO MUCH EVERYONE HAS TO LEARN AND DOESNT KNOW!!! WOW, man i seriously need to inform the world in what I have uncovered. Every one has so much to learn!!! MAN, man man. I think i have my motivation. Its time I begin my journey. thank you for that, (not that your probably going to understand any of this but thank you) I need to get to work…


the information i got was from the internet

the funny thing about information, true information

is that it spreads everywhere through everyone and no one has a direct monopoly on it

for instance, for those with ears to hear, i referenced Maynard and the album Lateralus is a direct transmission of Dharma truths understood by the Buddha

this does not mean to worship Maynard or not, or that for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, that they should go listen, no not at all, i don’t really think people should listen to tool

i think tool should listen to people, and fix them, and that’s their job

but so, what we see in this world, what i am understanding right now, is that this one truth is spoken of by all different people, and now and then certain individuals will make an artwork, or write a book, that gets very popular so that the one true teaching spreads to many many minds

and this teaching in general is

a collection of words

and words spiral around and around and around truth, but unless you are a very clever poet you cannot take people directly there with words alone

this is why Lao Tsu says that naming is the mother of the 10,000 things, and that the Tao that can be named is not the real Tao

because whatever bewilders, causes inspiration, causes joy enough to weep like a widow, causes immense grace and love, whatever that is

cannot be put in a bottle and sold

you can write poems from that space, and the poems will be beautiful, and they will touch many people’s souls and heal them deeply

and this is the highest and purest art

and this is the only reason anyone should ever make art, to HEAL

though you can do this, the words are a gate, and the true space, the true heart center, it is so
beyond conception
i have authority to speak about it in theory
i am on the journey of living there
i am working on it

it is the result of yoga
it is the result of love-making
it is the result of skillful and honest use of psychedelic substances, only by those who can handle them
it is the result of poetry
it is the result of true art
it is the result of many things

and it is beyond naming

so when i write these things they are only true to an extent

if you sit and stare at a mountain and say FALL IN THE SEA over and over that might not work

if you say I HAVE A MILLION DOLLARS over and over that might not work

but what the SECRET does explain IS true because there IS a process that works

and that process requires blazing your own unique trail and walking the path less traveled and using what they say as a guideline in order to awaken and understnad your own inner potential

because first of all who really really really REALLY cares about $1 million dollars?

what you care about in your soul is what you will have the best luck manifesting with the ‘Law of Attraction’

and though a rose by any other name is still a rose,
if you call it a stink-blossom most people will never feel like smelling it

this is why Lao Tsu says naming is the mother of 10,000 things

i can take you only as high up the holy mountain as I have been

and mainly what I have is knowledge

the inner experience, it is from yoga
it is from unity
it is from knowing
it is from this just
gentle thing
this gentle graceful thing
and for me its about crying in gratitude
and appreciation
this subtle crying that is so pure and so good
letting the water kiss and touch and transmutate
and heal
and restore

so what i’m writing is an instruction manual, more than a PORTAL

some people can write portals

i am one of those people, through the law of attraction by stating that i am

but i am not one of them in writing this, right now

more that i am creating an audience of enthusiastic listeners in my mind, imagining that my words bring them inspiration, and through this chain of imagined events, making the world a better place where we live as artists and playful children

this is my vision and i am sharing it

and it is the same vision as anyone else who has a pure vision because all utopias cooperate with one another mutually

because all utopias are based upon grace and rapture and gratitude and thankfulness and empathy and joy and unity

its like a banana

some people call it banana
some might call it Bob
no one is really right
when you look way deep, so far beyond the NAME you come to find that which I am talking about
Listen to Osho, he knows.

The difference between a Christ and a teacher is that, a teacher knows what he is saying as he has the experience, but a Christ TRANSMITS DIRECTLY with great power as he is ALWAYS there.

the Message OF CHRIST is this

it is the message of Baghavad Gita,
it is the message of Dharma, the Buddha and all Buddhas and all Bodhisattvas
it is the message of the New Age
it is the message of the Old Age
it is the message of the Pleiadians
it is the message of
whatever you wanna call them
find your inner Light and trust Thyself

what we see in this world is the force of ‘God’ becoming so peersonalized that it meets and greets people where they are, with the words they understand, forming a direct relationship, and it works thru the Matrix

in order for it to be GOOD as Eckhart Tolle says in the Power of NOW
we have to forget we are God, so we can appreciate being God when we re-connect

that is why the Matrix is also evil, and also ‘the mark of the beast’

I didn’t read the book of the Secret… I watched a DVD given to me by a weird guy selling hand-made trinkets. A guy who travelled the world and called himself “King.”

It was quite mysterious, but heh, it was a good DVD.

I found that extremely intriguing.
It is hard to absorb in one go-round, I will probably read your posts a few times over in order to understand what you are saying.

About that old “reality is a dream etc…” thing.

Actually, no. This is waking life, you don’t control everything. Reality is stable, dreams are volatile. The rules that control reality (see “physics”) are always the same.

Will alone is never enough to do something, you need to actually be able to do that something first.

Although I’m one to share this belief with you…

it’s quite entertaining to muse about the possibility that dreams themselves have some sort of constant logic too.

To have a persistent environment in dreams your mind would need to have the processing power of a computer. Processing consistent physics, lighting, and environments, all the time during the dream, would be quite a feat.

I’m quite positive it’s next to (if not completely) impossible.

So you saying your subconscious mind works on absolutely no logic?

I think mine does. Whether is as complex as a full–grown personality apart from mine, or it’s just a fuzzy–logic—driven machine, I don’t know.

I think I’m losing you now.

My mind does have a certain degree of logic, but my dreams don’t. Everything changes, nothing is coherent.

Human beings are capable of all imagined and all conceivable.

The laws of physics are bendable.

Understand that we can fly already.

Systematic refinement of technology yields more intuitive flight to the point that one will be able to soar on their own with just their bodies and whatever new knoeledge necessary to keep this afloat as their wings.