Hi Everyone! Welcome Back...

That was a long shut down :frowning: I was checking everyday to see if the forum was back on.

Anyway, I was in a half-dream state a few eeks ago, and my subconscious was speaking to me via a voice I heard in my thoughts (I didn’t control this voice so that’s how I knew it was partly in a dream.) I asked it to give me advice, and it replied:

'Don’t ride you camel too close to the mountain"

Does anyone have any guesses for what this could mean?

Thanks if so,

I don’t have a clue what it is supposed to mean but i want to congratulate you on having made the first post in the new forum :smile:

congratulations :happy:

Hey, this forum is quick! Me likey

Sorry Laj, no idea either.
But its great to be back! :happy:

Yes I heard whenever you hear that in a dream its a sure fire ting that you have a brain tumor!..

Actually I have no idea either but its good to be back :alien:

Hi Pantalimon,
wasn’t your name Pantamillion before? What happened? :wink:

Finally! :smile:

As for that strange advice I can only relate this to Greek mythology, where Icarus was told by his dad not to fly too close to the sun, and of course he did not listen and the wax holding the winds together melted and he fell to his violet death.

hi there, its great finally being back on this board. did no one here visit the chat? we tried to make that the happening spot every so often. well, hope to become lucid sooner now that i can talk about it more

just so everyone knows, i am out_of_dreaming_experience from the old forums.

Hya Servo, yes its me and I decided to spell it right this time! :confused:


phew, I’m glad the new forum’s up, I havn’t slept since the old one went down :wink:

If you ride too close to a mountain, a rock could fall on your head! Camel’s don’t have roofs you know…

I joined the last forum around one day before it came down :tongue:

anyways, I’ve got no idea what that means.

Maybe you should try to ask your subconscious the next time :tongue:

It means that when you ride your camel, stay away from the mountain.
Sorry but I had to say it.
Later dudes.

Yea. I was about to post my first message here. Then the site went down.
at any rate. Im 20+ and have had but several partial ld’s.
had a very partial one last night. the first one in abouta few months and one before that about what seems like a year.
but I am trying.
So I hope to talk to you more soon.
I met one or two of you in the chat room.
take care