Hi, new here with some questions...

Hello guys, I’m brazilian and I found this amazing website/forum through my researches about Lucid Dream

It’s been a long time since I discover the existence of Lucid Dreams, but only about 2 weeks ago I started to trying to have it…

My journal already have many pages. I have no problem remembering dreams and I had one moment of lucidity in one of them, but it was pretty quick…as soon as I realise that I was dreaming, I began to fly…but seconds later, I lost lucidity again.

Well, the question(s) is:

Is it normal to become lucid in a dream for a short period of time in the beginning?

How long does it takes to someone who have no problems in remember dreams to start controlling them?

Well, I apologize for my TERRIBLE English, but I learned English by my own. I hope all of you can understand me.

Wish me luck, bye.

Yes it is. I mean, most of us here are like babies. First we need to crawl[remember our dreams] then we start to walk[having short lucid dreams]. But you know how babies are. At first they can walk but only for short distances and usually with someone holding their hands. :content:

It depends from person to person and ones dedication to his goal. If you don’t have any problems with remembering dreams you should start with RC. And I think you should see some result after a week. Now, you may have result even earlier or later but even dreaming about LD or talking about them in a dream is a big step forward.

Oh welcome :welcome: and good luck! :content:

thanks for the answers…

one more thing

90% of my day I am in front of the computer…is there a software that can pop up RC messages?

I tried Liquid Dream III and didn’t work

I’m sorry to break it to you, but if you always rely on computer messages, you probably wont see them in dreams and do a reality check. Instead, you have to remember to do it every few hours.

I would like a software to remember me to do reality checks

example: the message appears in my scream, then I’ll make RC…

Prfft, your english is good. At least I think it is, but I´m from sweden :content: :welcome:

just another question, it may sound stupid

but if I make a “Totem”, like that “Inception” movie?

It will work as a RC?

thanks my friend, believe it or not, I learned play videogames and watching movies with original sound + subtitles :content:

If all you guys can understand what I’m saying, I’m already happy :content:

A totem. I don’t have an answer on that one! :tongue: But you can try and see. Maybe it will work for you!

And I found this reality check reminder.


It looks like the link for download is not working. I had before some software but I don’t know from where I downloaded it… If I find it again I will post here!

EDIT #2:

I think that I was using this software made by Chryler, but it looks like his link for download is also not working! :sad:

:welcome: I’m brazilian too! Where are you from?
Well, about your questions…
My first lucid dreams lasted less than 30 seconds. Later on, I had a dream in which one of the dream character told me I worry so much in keeping the dream on, in prolonging the dream that I forget the most important thing; to enjoy it. That single day, I had what I thought it was a 50 minutes LD. But it has been some time since I can remember anything.
About the software, I use one called You Are Dreaming. Don’t ask me where I got it, don’t remember :neutral:
This software uses subliminal messages, telling you to remember your dreams, to do RCs, etc, and some messages related do dreams passes by the screen form time to time.
Anyways, good luck with LDing :cool:

Sorry to hear that! What part didn’t work? Have you tried the subliminal messages? They can be configured to show a message at a set interval. And here is the user’s manual which may help.