Hi there GOD!

Hello folks, I’ve been kind of away for sometime now!
Probably because I haven’t had much success with LDing.
Anyhow, the other night, after a pretty bad day, I layed down, and started falling asleep in my own way. I usually do some king of WILD exercise.
At some point I kind of felt I wasn’t alone. I had a lot of questions from that day and I started asking for help. “Help me, Help me”
Without really asking questions I started getting answers.
It was GOD.
-You may say that it doesn’t exist and yada yada yada, but the GOD I believe in, does exist and I can almost explain you what it is, except that I don’t know him that well yet.-
The amazing thing is that I hadn’t ever talked to him like that except for this time. Usually he bombs my head at certain times with answers I don’t really want to know. Because of that I find it very hard to understand what he is saying. When I want to. - But THIS TIME I didn’t really ask questions, but I got answers for the questions I’ve been asking lately.
These answers weren’t in the form of words or complete thought, they came to me as intuition. I just knew what was right, with no need to justify it!

Ever felt some kind of experience like this?

BTW: If you’re all thinking why is this guy posting this here, I say: “It seemed like the right place, below the lucid lounge it said, Have a drink share your story” - No need to say this… Oh well…

peace again :content:

It looks like a cwl experience for you :smile:

And I think some people won’t call it God but your sprirital guide. At least it looks like it when I read it.

Dreams like that are really comforting. In my opinion only the person who dreams of an entity can really figure out what it is. (Only you can really interpret your dream)

(I told my Mom about my SG and she came up with something I wasn’t thinking of at all (guardian angel) if you read my DJ… :eek: )

Everyone names that kind of experiences the way they like.
BTW what is a CWL experience?

Cwl is just internet talk for cool. Cool means, neat, interesting, good, Dr Cool, etc :content:

Your experience sounds pretty cool if I do say so myself, I’d love to have a mystcal experience some time. Well, maybe in the future… :peek:

I have a feeling we have a baptist amongst us! Yay!

What makes you say that?

only we baptists can tell the difference between God and the (supposed) Spirit Guide.

Don’t you have to be baptized to officially be a baptist?
Well, in any case, how do you know you can tell the difference? :wink:

no, you don’t need to be baptised to be baptist, just like you don’t have to be an idiot to be a jehova’s witness, like the rest of them (no offence. My mother’s one and I’m still angry.) Being baptised is just a sign of obedience

And when you see him, trust me, YOU’LL KNOW!