High pitched noise during SP...

As the title says, everytime i have a SP ( which happens to me a lot ) after a few seconds i hear this very high-pitched noise in my head, it is so loud and clear that it is almost painfull, and i always have a moment when i think : " this is gonna kill me". :bored:

I know it can’t though… :wink:

Only once have i succeed in do an “OOBE”, the noise became voices and i felt lifting up from my body, altough i think it was just a LD cause the room around me was different…

Last night i had a SP and when the noise came, i concentrated on it and i saw some flash of lights… only a couple times but very clearly…

Does anyone knows what this noise and those flash are?? :help:

It seems like I read that after you hear a loud buzzing noise and then it recedes back into silence you are either “out” or in a LD.

My guess is that these noises are just something that happens to you when you start to go into SP and REM.

These vibrations, high pitch noises, buzzing, etc. are very well known by the WILD’ers and SP’ed people, and there are a lot of threads about them, but I’m afraid there isn’t any clear explanation of the phenomenon. :sad:

Hay I have this high pitch noise nearly in all my Ld’s but this is cus I have tintinitus which I used to get that scared of the noise cus it felt like my head was goin to explode so i had to shake me sen out of the LD. But now I have controlled the noise, i let it come and just think its all in the head its not gunna hurt me and let it pass now it dunt appear all the time. Its only when u think bout it, it comes u gotto get u sen out of thinkin bout it may sound hard but u can do it.