How clear can they be?

Other sites tell me that LDs can look very clear. How clear?

My NDs, and LDs both look quite dim but only a tad faded. If I become lucid more often, can my dreams become bright and clear? Like HDTV? :spinning:

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It’s mostly random, sometimes you’ll get more vivid dreams and other times not…But Some things like herbs and vitamins help…and I think you need a good dream recall to have more vivid dreams

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An LD will be more bright , if it`s high level .

A high level LD can be as vivid as real life. Some people claim that extremely high level LD’s are even MORE vivid than real life (though I find this very hard to believe).

Oh moe Vivid !!!


Sureal, they can be, because you have the feeling you are there, -your presence-, more then IRL, it’s sort of hard to explain… Maybe it’s just due to the increased senses it looks more then real :razz:

My second,most recent (and best) LD was very real. I remember it being more real than waking life. The moment I became Lucid, I yelled out "Increase Clarity!!’ and everything increased so so much! My senses became more vivid, and everything was just simply clearer. It was amazing. I couldn’t do a lot of things, but at least the graphics were as good as they were.

Sureal, yes I do believe it can be more clear than IRL, judging from my personal experience.


When lucidity is high, it is like HDTV or vision below 20/20. The vision range is also wider. It makes you wonder where the extra resolution come from.

It is easy to understand if you in Los Angeles or other cities with bad air quality. You may not notice, but if the dust particles in the air are all removed, it looks like HDTV in comparison. In a dream, there is no defraction caused by dusts, and you see the image with zero disturbance, like listening to a dripping watertap at night as oppose to during daytime with the TV on.

The vision range is wider simply because, when you are awake, your brain is conditioned to ignore the part of your vision that are progressively out of focus. In a dream, there is no lens bending the image, so everything–including those near the edge of the vision field–has a sharp image.

I find it wierd to say something can look realer than real. What the hell? How can something be closer to real than the actual real. Catch my drift? What defines real then?

‘Realness’ in this sense is not referening to the authenticness of the experience, but the accuracy of the signal that can be experience.

When you use a telescope to look at stars from earth, the image of the stars are distorted by the atmosphere. What you see is not the real image provided by the stars, but its image plus a distortion. In this sense, what you see is not ‘real’. When you get into space and look at the same star, it looks much sharp because the air is gone. In this sense, it is now ‘more real’, because there is less distortion.

In this sense, stars are more real when you look at them in space.

(If you see Los Angeles without smog, it isn’t the real Los Angeles anymore, but you can argue that because of the smog, you haven’t been seeing the real Los Angeles.)

But more interestingly:

When you are awake, your experience of the world can be clouded by mental disturbances. It is the feeling you get when you walk around the house, with time floating by, not knowing what you are really doing or caring about anything. Your sense of existence, and of the connection to the world can feel vague and detached due to mental disturbances such as stress, apathy, pretense, and passivity. Those disturbances can be removed in a dream (not that you can’t remove them in real life). When that happens, your overall experience in a dream seem more connected to the world, more alive, more true to yourself, and more exist. You feel more of your presence, as Fadem said.

In this sense, a dream can feel more real than reality.