How did you come to know of LD? (1 question 4 all here :-))

LD is a sort of a strange thing :peek:
my question to all of u is that how did you come
to know of LD??

in my case
i watched a movie called vanilla sky
coz i luv Tom Cruise i never wanted 2 follow what was
really going on in the movie but the shot in which a guy
introduces LDing to Tom, somehow i could never 4get
so some 2yrs later i simply google search 4 LD & thats how
i came to know about LD and this amazing website.

so what about u?

one of my friend had LD
but came to know of LD only when i told her
she thought i was something very natural.
she didn’t know she could have LD if she tried
and about the techniques like WILD,MILD etc…

I heard about it on TV, it was a subject on a show called “at the edge of science”! and then i found it on the net… but still no LDs here… :sad:

keep trying. u can do it.
do regular RCs.

hey r u dreaming right now?

no or i just had a failed RC! :wink:


keep tring do like 20 rcs a day
and keep teling yourself that ur gonna LD
good luck.
where is this Croatia place?

I didn’t actually come to know Lucid Dreaming until I told someone about one of my dreams and they said it was a lucid dream… they then explained and I started looking for answers and more people who could do it. I had actually been lucid dreaming since the age of 4 due to a recurring nightmare and had been doing it all my life without realising it is something only a handful of people can do. I thought it was a natural thing that everyone could do. I’m one of the lucky ones that learnt at an early age so I do it fairly often just naturally and dont have much of a problem with maintaining the dream.

not in a strange dream apparently :wink: in Europe next to Italy, Bosnia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Monte Negro…

thanks for the good wishes!

very interesting. strange but interesting.
just aewsome

seriously chip9munk
where r u? i’d like to know?
besides i donno but i think u r tring 2 much
so let it loose, i’m not asking u to quit but just
give it a break.

i found about lucid dreaming on youtube , accidently i found a Clip about lucid dreaming , and then i looked for it on the net and found this site XD

I found out about it when I was looking through wikibooks.

My friend (Aseman, Asema ect) got me into it. He used to be a very small part of the forum but he does not seem to like being here.

I had a few spontaneous LDs as a kid and when I was about 16… manly as outcomes of recognizing dreamsigns, then I asked my father and he told me of Castaneda and of the possibility to get to control dreaming… then thought about that sometimes until now that I decided I have to learn to have them at will

my friend told me about it

We talked until 5 AM about it >.<

well i told you, check the map, Italy (you must know italy…) has a sea right to it, it is called the adriatic sea. well croatia is right of the sea. oh, i stopped trying too hard, i am more like waiting now, just enjoying my NDs… :smile: where do you live?

NiGHTS into dreams…

greatest game ever made!


They had a LDing subject on the front page, so I googled LDing and I jumped to the first forum I found.

I have answered this question in the past on the forum; but I will do it again, since it was a very old topic.

Before knowing anything about lucid dreaming or what it was … I experienced a few lucid moments in one dream and realised it was a dream and woke up with the shock.

Years later the novadreamer was featured in a morning magazine programme (This Morning [richard and judy]) so then I knew that what I had previously experienced was a very short lucid dream.

psychic visions
yeah i wish
i had one and did a project on it in middle school