How did you come to know of LD? (1 question 4 all here :-))

you had to do a project on LD in school
strange, no one knows about LD in my school
(i am in High school by the way, final yr)
& when i talk about it everyone thinks i am crazy.
seriously did they teach u LD(topic)
where in the world do u live?

hey this one’s for chip9munk
i live in india
used to live in MUMBAI(Bombay)
but now i am stuck in Kerala
just wanna go back

OH MY GOD chip9munk
Croatia was a country
i am so sorry(if i hurt ur feelings)
u no i’ll feel bad if someone told that they
don’t know India
i just checked Croatia in wikipedia(thats how i came to know),

Nice triple posting… wow… learn to use the EDIT BUTTON.

Edit: Meh, I’m just generally miserable so disregard this.

eh, who cares

not me

:smile: no problem… how come you are stuck? pm me… it is kinda of topic…

i told a few of my friends about LDs, two trying, 5 not… oh well…

yeah, I told a friend of mine about LDing. She said it was (merely) ‘cool’ and barely tried. She failed to realisel the awesomeness that she had the fortune to learn of. The sucker.


Foolish women!

You should mock her.

But not really cuz that would be mean.

'm stuck
coz my parents got transfered to Kerala from Mumbai
& now i’ve been livin here for 7 whole yrs
but not any more coz
i’ll go to college(outside Kerala)within nxt 3 months
ha i’ll be free at last.
can’t wait

i already did ( “so disregard this” )
some people never change, count me in!
y u r miserable? :bored:

The first time I learnt about LD was when I researched on the internet the problem of SP that occurs to me often.

i think that we should learn about it in school instead of some stupid things that they want us to know… stupid propaganda and *** like that!

yeah!! could take maths’ time slot…

French Wikipedia, while trying to figure out how much sleep a human needs every night.

Sleep -> Dreams -> Dream phenomenons -> Lucid dreams. And then I learned that it could be induced. I RCed on and off for a couple of days, then forgot it.

Couple of months later, in October, one of my online buddies told me about lucid dreaming. Okay… we’re two people trying together, so it’s not as weirdo as it looks like. Cool.

And then I browsed… and ended up on ld4all. Its guide. Its forum.

Now I’m trying to LD ever since.

Hmm,interesting question,actualy i was browsing yahoo answers, and (i still thank God for this) one of the top/head questions was, “whats the best/easyest way to induce a lucid dream”. Well someone answered and i just happened to click on one of the links he gave! ( After about 2 weeks on the “guide” page, i moved to the forums.Wow, come to think of it, its been a while.You guys are like family now.I still
get P!ssed at my sister when she disses lucid dreaming.She thinks you guys are a bunch of meditating hippies.

Well actualy, it all started 2 years ago… I woke up from a dream, went back to sleep and i experienced SP. I tried to fight it at first but after a while i relaxed and had a OBE. I was never able to explain what had happened that night untill 8 months ago. I was searching on google for information on OBEs and i accidently clicked on a lucid dreaming site. That got me interested in LDing and after searching a bit more, i found ld4all :content:


obssessed with the game, i figured out that it was a giant LD off of a fan website, and remembered having dreams like that. ever since, I WANNA LD!

I’m doing BWGen quite a wihle now and there where always pesets who Said “for luzid dreaming” so i looked on wikipedia and here i am :smile:

I tell myself each time I get on Wikipedia that I will only look up information relevant to whatever report/film project/3d model/poster/etc. I’m doing for school. How exactly I got from the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 electric locomotive article to the Lucid Dreaming Wikibook, I may never know.

(I think the X Window system and dual booting Windows and Linux came in somewhere)

Last year, I found it on a forum that I was browsing,, found a thread about SP, then found a thread about LDing. I gave up in a week. 1 week ago, however, I found a thread on another forum, Beyondunreal, and somebody named Azura or something recomended and here. I went to both, and I like this place more.