How did you find out about Lucid Dreaming?

I was reading the How Old Are You forum and a thought for a good topic along those lines popped in my head. How did you leaen about Lucid Dreaming.

I was reading the book “Exploring Consciousness” and found a short intriguing section on lucid dreaming. I then looked it up in my self-hypnosis book because it sounded like it might have something to do with that. It also only had a few paragraphs on the subject so I visited my local bookstore. I found another few books in psychology mentioning it so I figured it must have some credability. I then asked an employee for help on a book only about lucid dreaming. Enter “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”. The book was great, research on the computer lead me to this sight and have been an active member since.

Please share your story on how you heard about lucid dreaming. Thanks.

The first time I read about LDs was in some article in a new age magazine. After a while I got back interested and I borrowed the book “The Lucid Dreamer” from the library. That’s how I got started :smile:

My friend (who is also a member of this forum) told me about Lucid Dreaming^_^

A penfriend told me about lucid dreaming in a letter. I did not take much notice, but later read Exploring the World of Lucid dreaming. I did a search on the internet and found this site. Now I’m hooked! :content:

Before knowng anything about LD i had my first LD. Then a couple of weeks after this i saw waking life and reaised it was an LD and from then on I have been having them more often.

I LDed a lot between the ages of 5 and 8, and then when I was 19 and working in a bookstore, I picked up Lucid Dreaming by Stephen Laberge and the rest is history!

I was searching the internet for a dream dictionary to look up what my dreams meant when I came across a site that talked about lucid dreaming too. I searched on that and found this site, and then i learned all about it.

I found out through my friend… god knows where he found out :happy:

I found lucid dreaming accidentally on the internet :user: while looking at hypnosis, I think. I became interested and continued to look on the internet for more information. I had no luck/lost interest (No one I talked to knew about lucid dreaming and frankly didn’t care. I had no one to share it with so there was no point.) This was at the very least 4 years ago. Then about a year or two ago I became interested again and new how to search the net. I found a few sites, and eventually I was led to this one. Finally I learned what I needed to do in order to lucid dream! and there were people to share it with! :nodnodwinkwink: I’ve been trying ever since and have only had a few LD’s that I can remember. :confused:

I’m looking at getting a book about LD’s and was wondering how Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming was. Is it worth buyin?


my ex mentioned she could do it about a year ago (she’s a natural LDer) and i thought hey cool for you because i didn’t know you could learn how. i was kinda jealous and then forgot about it. i heard about it again on the bus on the way home from school a few months later, and was jealous again because i had no idea i could learn how to do it. then, while looking at incubus sites (i used to be obsessed with them), i noticed that it said brandon boyd’s mom taught him how to do it at a young age, and i was like you can learn it?! next morning i searched and found and this site and it’s great stuff.

I found out about it on a forum about trance music. I would have found out anyway; cos i already had 2 independant friends that knew about it, and i ended up watching waking life without knowing it was about lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming isn’t that underground really…

My friend and I were painting and she just asked me, “are you dreaming?” I wasn’t really the new age type so I’m like “uh, no! Duh, I’d know if I was dreaming!” and she said, “then why don’t you when you dream?” oh dear I thought. My mind really is messed up. She lend me her dream book and I read it. There wasn’t a lot on LDs but enough to get me trying! Then I saw someones name on a random forum (somewhere else) and asked them if they could LD (there forum name was LucidDreamer23970357 or something) and they gave me this URL.

I had a really intense vivid dream last summer and was looking up dreams on the internet. There was a directory called lucid dreaming??? 3 months later I found this site.

Didn’t we have a topic about this before?Well,I’ll tell the story again.

First of all I’m really interested in how the brain works.So I’m sometimes just looking online for information for topics like dementia,brain chemical imbalances,and,of course dreams.So after spending a few days of reading peoples dream diarys I start getting really interested in nightmares.

I go to this one site that talks about different types of dreaming; nightmares, Old Hag Syndrome,interpreting dreams,and then I come across Lucid Dreaming.A dream where you know you are dreaming and can even control your surroundings.Pretty general knowledge,but nothing more.

That’s when I search for Lucid Dreaming,and then I come across this site.

Totally by accident… Was trying to find info on Telekinesis to prove my friend wrong (heh, that’s my favorite hobby :cool: ), and found some site that had a discussion on how to control your dreams… I’ve immediately fallen in love with the idea, and now I’m here :slight_smile:

I was reading some message board where was a thread about LD’s. And I started training same day. :content:

i think i had posted this before in a similar topic, but whatever. I discovered lucid dreaming in a very stupid way. I was in the car listening to the radio and there was this commercial, it started “Did you know you can control your dreams?” doesn’t seem so weird huh? well it turns out that it was a comercial for hair spray/products… (???) anyways I thought they were just making it up to get ur attention. but i always thought it would be a good idea, so then like 3 years later i remembered and searched the net “How to control your dreams” and i thusly found Lucid dreaming

i found myself dreaming a lot more (or should i say remembering my dreams a lot more) when i started meditating and doing chi cultivation exercises. then i hit the internet and looked up astral projection and stumbled upon a site that mentioned that AP was similar to LD, so then i looked up LD and seemed that once i got good at it i’d try AP (which i was never successful at :smile: )

I was talking to some mates about dreams and i said i could kind of control them and then my mate told me all about it.

19 years ago…lol when i was also 19 years old i was walking at the street in my old neighbourhood, in my dream, then suddenly it just hit me “Hey, iam dreaming!” Was not so much to read up to in those days hehe :happy: