How do i keep my mind from wandering?

Whenever i do methods like MILD or VILD and i try to focus on the dream scenario or i say what i want to happen over and over again my mind always wanders away from it. I bring it back but it still always wanders. What are some tips to help me focus on one thing and the only the one thing?

For some time this part was also tricky for me to… Everybody suggest that you don’t go to bed very late at night, that it’s better to go hour or maybe earlier then you usually do. But for me that also means that I’m not so sleepy at the time, and many thoughts are going on my mind at that time, just like in your example…

Then i figured that it’s best for me to clear my mind, while I’m sitting in my bed… And if I don’t feel sleepy, I would repeat mantra two or three times, and then just softly thinking about dreams… And I don’t bother about another thoughts that keep coming on my mind… Sometimes I like to remember my first LD, because thinking about it makes me happy every time. And when I start to feel sleepy then I start thinking about dreams and me becoming lucid more intensively… So those are mostly the thoughts that I have on my mind when I fall asleep.

I hope that helped you, and I wish you many LD’s.

Meditation to clear thoughts out of your mind before going to bed is a good idea, simple breathing meditation.

I get these random thoughts if I havn’t calmed down. Before going to bed listen to relaxing music for a bit and then meditation, then lay down in bed and repeat your mantra’s it should work out better and stop those thoughts popping into your head.


Keep an awareness of your breathing.