How do you do the WILD tech?

Like I’m confused on how it should be done a lot of people say different things and all. Are you supposed to fall asleep? How are you supposed to stay awake? Counting I get to in the 1000s and nothing happens and i’m tired too. What is it like? How long does it take to master? Does it work?
And some other things like tips if you could answer these questions I think it would be a great help to the community.

Ok, heres how i understand it. But i could be totally wrong.

Wake up after about 5 1/2 - 6 hours of sleep. Stay up for a lil bit. But try not to get wide awake where you can’t get back to sleep. Read a lil on here, use the bathroom, whatever. THEN go lay back down and count. I personally go to sleep and just have a normal dream lol. but you’re suppose to feel your body go alseep or something.

i know drinking coke (due to caffeine) can help.

But yea, I’m not really sure what to look for after counting…I know this didn’t help too much :\

if it don’t take you there, WILD is 2.4 in the FAQ.

King of Avalon try christophers link and read up!
Then I also must say for wild u need talent…that sounds awful :smile:
but it is really true…also a lot of patience.
I read many ppls postings here and i say only 10% succeed in wild maybe a bit more…say between 10% and 20% a great amount of ppl doesnt succeed in this.
Then u also have different wild tech…not just counting…you have way more to try and c what u like best…but patience and talent are here a real issue.
I think for most MILD is way easier and will have more succes.
Only fun for wild is that many ppl experience a trance or a sp like stage…so they experience something thats new to them.


WILD takes courage, and a good attention span. I have use this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, but I always get scared and just purposefully wander off.
However, the vibrations are quite fun, and worth experiencing at least twice. ^.^

i’ve always wondered whats the point in waking up for 30 minutes after sleeping 6 hours? why don’t you just set your alarm clock to wake you up after 6 hours of sleep so that you wake up, but then just go right back to sleep while doing WILD. i would think that you would get back in the dream faster and easier… am i wrong?

Well it seem that MILD doesn’t really work like I’ve had no success at all from MILD. I can wake up in the middle of the night but that I just look at the clock and say the time and am like I will wake up at 5. What are you supposed to say to do a MILD?

Works for me i wake up at 4:30 and watch some T.V for 15 min a show or two then fall asleep and have dream lucid or not its all good.

How do you stay consiuese? I go with my breathing but I always drift off to sleep how can I make it so I don’t. I can go on long periods without moving a thing.

i have a strange experience everytime i do WILD. i will have been laying there for maybe 30 minutes, when all of a sudden, my eyes start to vibrate pretty rapidly like i’m in REM sleep, but still no dream comes up, and i am still fully concious too. my body has already entered sleep paralysis at this stage, but no dream comes up! i don’t understand it. when this is happening, i may also see some very vague lights, but they always just drift away. what’s going on?

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