how do you dream? [1st person - 3rd person]

do most people dream in 1st person or 3rd person?

Now, sometimes, I see it as myself.
A certain times, i “watch” myself.
50/50 I’d say.

As for other people? It varies.

i really dont know how i view my dreams because i rarely see my hands or feet but i think sometimes rarely i view in 3rd person

Being in 1st person, versus being a DO … 70/30. It’s very rare that I see myself while being a DO, though.

Sometimes 1st person, sometimes 3rd person and sometimes DO. I would say the majority are 1st person though.

The majority of my dreams are as a DO, and followed by 1st person. 3rd person is very unusual for me.

I’m 80% DO except for school dreams where those the percent of DO’s are more like… 20%

Certain dream themes have different ratios.

HOWEVER! I also cannot get lucid in school dreams. I did 50 RCs in one dream, not one worked!

Now that i think about this it seems most of my dreams are both at the same time. I can see myself doing the action i did in the dream, but at the same time i am myself doing the action.

I’m half-and-half too.

Mostly 1st person, but I’m never sure if it was 1st person or 3rd person (unless I became lucid), and sometimes, but rarely, I’m DO.

:lol: most in 1st person, but also DO from above or from behind. But most often 1st person :cool:

Mostly 1st person too, and sometimes DO from inside the head of a DC :smile:. 3rd person is very rare.

usually 3rd person but also 1st

For me, I cannot say I dream in a full 1st- or 3rd-person perspective. It’s something of a mash-up between the two. Some elusive, perplexing 2nd-person, where I’m watching myself within myself, as myself…


Last night i was a DO
But i usually wsense my own 3rd person presence.
Sometimes i’m not there.

I usually dream in 1st person and rarely in 3rd person.

I have dreamed in a lot of different perspective. I have dreamed in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person and DO to…

i would say both at same time! lol seriously! :neutral: :smile:

what subjects of dreams do you guys see when u r asleep?
mainly nightmares or others?

I swap back and forth between 1st and 3rd person. It just depends on which seems more cinematic at the time.

Subjects… usually just random a random assortment of things. Most often, the subject has to do with something I noticed during the day, or something that’s been causing me stress. Nightmares aren’t very common for me anymore; I occasionally have a dream that’s very dark in subject, but I haven’t had any where I’ve felt an extreme amount of fear or pain in a long time.