How do you PROPERLY M.I.L.D?

After many sequential fails in WILD, I move over to MILD - HOW WONDERFUL!

It’s gonna be so awesome, I’m gonna create an awesome dreamworld, it’ll be Ponyville, I’ll live there, ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh…

That would be if it actually worked, can’t help but feel I’m doing something wrong again here.

Most techniques that are based on mantras or other kinds of motivation seem to work wonderfully well the first time I use them, after a few days, they just stop there, and I’m dry for months now.


It’s hard to see why you fail at MILD, since you didn’t say exactly how you do it. But I’ll mention a few tips & tricks for MILD.

  1. Don’t just repeat the sentence without putting any thought in it. Say it at a calm speed, slow enough to realise and understand the meaning of the words. It’s not the words which induce MILD, it’s the understanding, it’s the meaning you put in them. You must really convince your brain.

  2. Visualise what you are talking about. If you are saying that you are going to become lucid, see the moment in your eyes. Imagine how the dream will look like, visualise how you suddenly become lucid & do a few RC’s. In other words, do MILD not only with words, but with visual effects too :smile:.

  3. Don’t use very long mantras. Usually people can’t think about more than 6-7 seperate things at the same time. That has been proven scientifically. So keep your mantras short and understandable. Don’t make it too complex.

  4. While it’s not a necessarity, MILD’ing after 4-6 hours of sleep works well. Just like while doing WILD, the point is to get into the dream as fast as possible. This will reduce the chance of forgetting your intentions.

  5. Do not give up! Keep yourself motivated & remind yourself why do you want to have a successful MILD. Keep your brain convinced that you care about Lucid Dreams. If you don’t think about them, nor will your brain. If you give up, so will do your brain.

Hope this helps & good luck, mate :smile:

Here’s a nice guide found right here on the LD4all forums.

Paulius said some of the stuff talked about in there, but I’d say it’s worth checking out.

Anyway, if you put in a mild effort, you can have wild results! Badum crash