How frequent can we achieve lucidity?

Is anyone on here capable of achieving lucidity in their dreams atleast once a night? I pray I could do so.

Some people can have more then one LD a night…

Of course, it takes time and practice to get that good, but it can be done :wink:.

I don’t have lucid dreams every night but I do have them several times per week. On the nights I am lucid I often have more than one that night; at least 2-3 on average.

Im having let’s say 3-5 lds per MONTH!(how crap is that!)
that’s like 1 ld per week but they are pretty low, we can say 1 high lucid from each 3-4.

My sympathy… :cry: :sad:

oh yeah “White Mage Cid”, i forgot there are ppl that are even trying to have one…and im frustated for having 3-5 per month…how stupid is that?

Actually, if you are trying to have a LD, but get pissed off over the fact that you never managed to do it, take a break from it. Some people who forgot everything about it, eventually got a LD. :eh:

It’s possible, but it requires a lot of motivation. Very few people can do that.

does having more than 1-2 Ld’s in a week cause physical disorder ? I started to think if somebody comes to a point like that,he would see delusions in real life ?

No, it absolutely doesn’t. A lot of people have 1-2 LD’s in a week without any problem. I’m knowing people who have about 15 LD’s a month. It’s not because you’re aware during 10 minutes in a week that it could change anything.

It’s possible to have multiple lucid dreams every night with enough experience.

Yes, it’s possible. A good technique for having several lucid dreams in the same night is the “dream reentry” technique.

I had two LD’s the other night.