how long did it take to get your first LD [*NT]

ok i wanted to know how long did it take you to get your first ld. it took me 3 days and i was wondering if i am lucky or avarage. thanks for replys

Wow, three days. That’s great! It’s hard for me to remember, it was about five years ago but I’m sure it took me a month or two. And after that I had a dryspell for ages.

For me it took 2 weeks. And after that I had about 1/week.

about 4 months

just a little under 3 months

2 weeks

hmm… í’m sure i read this question before (and maybe before that too)… i don’t know the topic from the top of my head but i will close this one while i search for the topic i’m talking about :grin:

edit: here you go:

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