How long does it take?

Hello to all, I’m new to this Forum but I’ve been reading a lot of it lately.
I’ll present myself: my name’s Piero and I live in Florence, Italy.
I’ve approached LD reading Aleandro Jodorowsky’s “Psicomagia”, this was more than a month ago.
Since then I’ve been practicing to achieve a LD.
I’ve started making a dream journal and I found it very easy to remember my dreams as I’ve been recoding all my dreams for the past 3 years, I’ve achieved to find many recurrent dreamsigns as I had no lack of material to work upon. I recall naturally at least 1-3 dreams per night.
What I seem not to be able to do is to recognize the dreamsigns as they come naturally in my dreams, I always end up doing so when I’m already awake such as when you wake up in the morning and you’re still in between the world of dream and the real world.
I’ve even tried recently with the braiwave generator with no appreceable results.

Now I wonder: how long does it take to have you first LD?
I understand that the time varies for most people but I’d like to share your thoughts on this topic. :help:

Hehe…succede anche a me e non lo sopporto :wallhit:. Chi trova la soluzione merita un monumento. Btw, io ci sono “stato” nel tuo avatar.

Translation: it happens to me too and it ****ing sucks.

So it is a common problem I see. How long ago have you started your oneironautical adventures?

Hehehe, anche io ci sono stato neanche un paio di mesi fa… molto onirico si… :cool:

Anche basso…ho sbattuto la testa a un dente :lol:.
Ho iniziato a giugno ma per ora sono a zero.
Ah, e “The Gathering” e “Playground” sono ottimi posti per conoscere meglio la gente qui…

Translation: I suck at LD’s.

Si anche io, ho iniziato ufficialmente il 16 Giugno il mio Dream Journal, ma scrivevo accuratamente i miei sogni da 3 anni… quello che non capisco è come possa la mia capacità critica abbassarsi talmente che nei miei sogni quando vedo mio padre non lo riconosco oppure so che una figura e mio padre quando è un ragazzotto qualsiasi ed io possa accettare la cosa passivamente senza chiedermi: “ehi, ma questa è proprio una bella e buona incogruenza…”.

Translation: I’ve started my DJournal the 16th June. What I really cannot understand is how my critical capacity can get so low to accept anything the dream might include, as I dream of a boy and I suddenly know that he’s my father, the thing simply is accepted as it is without any comment on my part such as: “hm… this doesn’t seem right…”.

Per non parlare poi di quando corro a quattro zampe o guido una macchina! :lol:

Translation: I am even more dumb than you dude.

Buono, allora siamo messi bene… :rofl:

Trans: I’m not the only one with LD achievement problems it seems…

It really depends on your motivation. When I first discovered lucid dreaming it took me several months to start WILDing because although I really wanted to LD I didn’t have the motivation/courage to try the techniques. Conquering my fears took me a while

How many are several months?
Two, six, eight months?

I need to plan how long I will go until I say “enough!”

It took me less than one month, but at this point in time, learning to lucid dream is all I have, so I’m pretty motivated.

Tonight I’ll try the VILD technique… let’s see what can be done (I’ll do it in conjunction with Brainwave generator with the Deep theta 4 preset).
I’f I’m lucky this thead will be dead.

Ah si? mi consigli in particolare? Quale delle due? :wink:

Hi Gorgoneion! Welcome to LD4all! :wave:

There are 2 techniques which use dreamsigns. Reality checks and MILD.
With reality checks, you have to choose dreamsigns which can be found in dreams and in reality too. In real life, when you find a dreamsign, you perform a reality check (for instance, trying to stretch your finger and wondering if you’re dreaming or not). When you’ll do the same in a dream, your finger is likely to stretch so that you’ll know you’re dreaming.
With MILD, when you go to bed, before you fall asleep, you visualize your last dream and when you find a dreamsign, you imagine that it makes you lucid and that you do the action you planed to do in a lucid dream.

The average time is about 3 weeks. With DILD’s techniques (autosuggestion, MILD, RC’s, VILD, etc.) most of the dreamers have had their 1st lucid dream before 3 months. Just have a look at the links in my sig. :wink:

Some parts of the brain are quite switched off during sleep and dream. For instance, you can no more recognize stupid words or silly words associations. :crazy:

Does he give some tips or techniques about LD’ing? And what LD’ing techniques are you using?

I’ll probably go in Tuscany next summer. We’ll rent a big house with friends (most of them are painters). I’m so happy I’ll see at last those beautiful landscapes and towns like Florence or Sienna! :cool_laugh:

“The Gathering” è il forum ufficiale per presentarsi, il “Playground” è per giocare ma secondo me ci si conosce meglio là.

Translation: go get your introduction done man.

BTW, it’s Siena. :wink:

ehilà ragazzi allora ci sono altri italiani :content: :smile: :grin:

I know all my dreamsigns but I don’t seem able to recognize them when I see them in my dreams. For instance a really common sight are guns (personnally I’m no gun lover), so everytime I see one in waking life I ask myself if I’m dreaming but when it comes to dreams I never get to ask myself the question…

THANKS, that’s defenetly good news. I was starting to despair (I’ve started only a month ago). :grin:

Jodorowsky is a famous artist \ poet \ storyteller \ movie director and screenwriter from Cile, Latin-America. He has directed movies such as: “El topo”, “Voyage to the holy montain” or “Santa Sangre” thant in my view are masterpieces. All his productions have a very strong occult and dreamlike taste to them.
In the book “Psicomagia” I don’t know the english title for it, he describes his experience with LD (he is a natural LDreamer) and how LD was important to him in his artwork and his personal developement.
I approached LD because of “Psicomagia” and so I’ve read S.LaBerge’s “Exlporing the worl of Lucid Dreaming” just to have an idea of the subject and it’s possibilities, from then on it was nearly a month ago and I actively started to pursue LD.
I’ve tried the MILD technique and yesterday I tried the VILD techique with Brainwave generator.
I didn’t have LD but I had some (3 in total) of the most exciting dreams in my oneironautical career! :grin:
Brainwave Generator works for me, and this has opened a lot of new possibilities.

Nice! Have you visited Florence and Siena before?

Hoilà! si si, ci siamo. E’ un piacere fare la vostra conoscenza… :grin:

Question out of topic: do I need to present myself in “The Gathering” section of this Forum? (don’t want tobreak any netiquette rule, you know…)

Not a rule, but more of a “ritual” IMO.

Ok, I have great respect for the power of “rituals”.
I shall provide with my official presentation in “The Gathering”.