How long should WILD take??

I’ve had only a few lucid dreams in my life, and I only recently found out there was a name for such dreams, and techniques for inducing them. I am a musician and lucid dreaming interested me because I think I could come up with some wicked cool music inside my subconscious mind.

Anyways, I’ve been trying some of the techniques on this site, particularly WILD. I have tried it about three times so far, but I can’t get past a certain point.

So I relax my body and count or something to stay aware and suddenly I’ll feel a wave go from my feet to my head and all my muscles relax. Then the darkness in front of my eyes can become 3D and around my head if I “let go” enough. At first I found the increased heart rate and breathing distracting. But after three times, I still can’t get past this point. I get to the point where my body is tingling and semi-paralysed and I see some vague random colors and images, but I stay like that for what seems like forever. When I finally give up and open my eyes, I’ve been trying for about an hour. Does it usually take longer than that? Should I just keep going as long as it takes?

hey, im in the same boat you are as far a WILD
i always get stuck at the point
…i made a breakthrough last night though
i got to a point where it felt like i was standing up and laying down at the smae time

it sounds like your on the right track
just keep at it and you’ll get it eventually

oh and as far as how long it takes…i have no idea…it took me about 10 minutes to get to the poiht i got to last night


Its MUCH easier after a few hours of sleep


Im also new here and am trying WILD, my first attempt last night failed but my dream recall was amazing when i woke up! I just cant wait untill i get my first LD im actually aware of! :tongue:

Hi deftflux, welcome to the forum!

I suggest you read a bit more on WILD here, there’s many people in the same situation (actually all ppl that can not finish WILD share this problem somewhat). Look around and see what suggestions have been made, for example hereand in the BIG WILD TOPIC.