My WILD position

I wanted to make this thread to tell everyone about my WILD technique and progress and also ask a few questions

I spent about 2 monthes trying to wild b 4 school took over.
I started over a week ago first trying to MILD then remembering that I like WILD better and I switched to that

One thing i realized that i learned from LDing is that…well most people when they go to sleep dont remember falling asleep, or like the point when they fall asleep…most people are laying in bed then the next thing they know they’re waking up the next morning or in a dream. I, however, learned to realize when im starting to fall asleep and i always remember the point when i fall asleep. I can also, when laying in bed, realize when i start thinking abstract thoughts b 4 I fall asleep.
Your probably asking yourself “what does this have to do with your WILD situation.” Well although i havent successfully done WILD i have found that i can start the wild process without counting, paying attention to breething, or keeping my mind busy in any way.
My point is…i can start to WILD wihtout really trying
I can just lay in bed and when i start to think abstract thoughts i start paying attention and then i get the HI and the vibrations and the fast heart rate. Then…nothing

The reason i really made this post is i dont know where to go next…i actually made a breakthrough last night…i got ot a point where i felt like i was standing up and laying down at the same time…but then it went away and i was just laying in bed again

I think my problem is that i never really get HI
Iv gotten it where it looks like im pushing my finger against my closed eye buy i never really get pictures let alone 3D images

what i reallyu odnt get is…when you get HI is it supposed to look like a TV screen on the back of your eyelids or is it supposed to be like in your head…that what i never really understood?

n e other tips would be appreciated :smile:

And id also like to hear other peoples techniques so i can experiment with them and see if they work better

If you want to use HI for entering a dream, you have at some point to “move into it”, so to speak. So not tv like, more like you’re really in it, it should surround you. If you wish to explore an alternate technique to enter a the dream which brought me quite some cool WILDs, check this. Good luck :smile:.

This is interesting ! how did you learn to do that ??

did it help you with becoming lucid at all ??

i just learned it from trying to do WILD and reading about LDing

I’m trying to figure out a way to use it to have an LD but i havent thought of n e thing thus far and i still havent had a successful WILD

when you realise that you are nearly falling asleep, does this wake you up ??

no…this is usually how i start to do WILD
rather than sitting there counting in my head until i start to fall asleep i jsut let myself start to fall asleep (its much faster)

the problem is that i dont get HI so theres no way for me to enter a dream because from what i understand your supposed to use HI to enter a dream

ok, thanks.

i think i’ve read that having HI isn’t obligatoy for having a WILD ??? maybe im wrong though :cool_laugh:

anyway, good luck with it. I would have thought that if you manage to stay conscious while you are falling asleep, and if you KNOW that youre gonna fall asleep in a few seconds, then it wouldnt be so hard to stay conscious for those few seconds ??

but seems like it’s not that simple

wait…if i let myself fall asleep would i be able to just roll over and be in a dream (iv read about this in other peoples posts)

yea if you let yourself fall asleep, there’s obviously a moment where you either loose concentration and fall in normal sleep/dream, or else manage to stay conscious and this would be a WILD isn’t it ?

I usually fall asleep anyway as i find it hard to stay aware … i dont like the idea of counting 1 im dreaming … 2 im dreaming etc all the way up to 560 and eventually fall asleep :sad:

When I fall asleep I often remember my Hypnogogic Images and stuff and feel my heart racing. But then I will hear a noise, which will startle me and wake me up.

One of the times I tried to LD I remember my whole hynogogic state. The last thing I came to was a wall… First I was playing with a cat outside of it, but it went through a crack in the wall. I tried to get through to follow it but I couldn’t fit.

The second time I tried to get through the same wall. There was a lady with white skin, white eyes and no pupils and blue hair and clothes. She was floating and offered me her hand. I accepted it and she started to move slowly back through the wall. I tried to follow her, but I was stopped by the wall again. After this I woke up.

My HI’s are always really solid, but that’s the only time I remember them so clearly. I’ve only LD’d once and that was the point where I wasn’t trying and don’t remember my hypnogogic state at all. No colours, images or sounds like usual…so I dunno, hehe :tongue:

I hope that made sense.

It may be faster, but if you want to have a good WILD, you have to make sure that you keep conscious during the transition. There are other ways to do so apart from counting. For instance, the moment you notice the appearance of abstract thoughts, you can try to do some easy math just to keep your thoughts and overall awareness focused.

HI is not required to WILD. Nor are the other phenomena like vibrations or hypnagogic sounds. They’re not required because they’re not directly related to the WILD experience. HI, sounds and vibrations are all signals that the body is falling asleep; WILD on the other hand is about staying conscious during the waking-dreaming transition, but because you keep conscious, you might become aware of those phenomena which tell you that the body is falling asleep. Both phenomena (HI/sounds/vibrations and the WILD experience of remaining conscious of your state) are related though pretty much independent from each other. So don’t worry if you don’t see HI. It certainly doesn’t mean you’re not able to practice WILD. One thing you might try is to focus on a dream scenario (but do this only when you realize your body is in SP, because then you’re very close to an actual dream). Visualize it as vividly as possible, and try not to pay much attention to your sleeping body. Let yourself carried away by the scenario and perceive it with all your senses. If you’re lucky, you have a good chance of actually finding yourself in that dream scene in no time.
If it doesn’t work out pretty well, try rolling out of your sleeping body (like Xetrov suggested), or imagine yourself falling down (imagine yourself in a high-speed elevator going down) or in a rollercoaster. There are many variations which you can try, but since you don’t see the visuals of HI, it’s perhaps best to use a technique where you have to visualize the dream for yourself. This might make it easier.

Hope this helped a bit :smile: Let us know if you make some progress!

Good luck :happy:

im so stupid…

iv been thinking for weeks that i was incapable of seeing HI but im not…i just didnt understand what HI is…i was so busy looking for HI to appear on the back of my eyelids that i didnt realize there were entire senarios flashing through my mind

…HI are supposed to be pictures in your hear (your minds eye as some call it)…i think iv been having those all along and just didnt notice it

HI aren’t like TV… it’s more like it’s under blanket… and you zone out into that reality a bit… without realizing what it is… hard to explain… it’s like you see it, but yet you don’t see it. Eventually HI wraps you so much that you get into a solid dream.

Did I make sense?

when i start to fall asleep my brain starts making up random senarios that include pictures…is this differant from HI or the same thing