How messy is your room?

lol…kinda pointless topic, but I’m curious :cool_laugh:

Is your room spottless? Or, can you not take 3 steps without stepping on papers or clothes? What does your room look like?

I’m a clean freak, but I mess up my room a lot. It will get really messy with art supplies, and it’s kinda overwhelming to clean up. And whenever I clean, I like to organize to. I cleaned my closet last night, when it was allready organized before. :neutral: My room is really messy right now, but I plan to clean it later today. It drives me crazy when my room is messy, expecially during school, cause I lose stuff when it’s messy.

so how does YOUR room look? :cool_laugh:

provide pictures :grin:

Good idea Q! Except I can’t get my camera to work on my computer… :sad: . Kodak ‘easy share…’ riiight. Does anyone else have pics of their rooms? hehe

Is it cheating to clean it first for the pic? And then tell you about the mess of books and paper and clothes that are normally there. :shy:

Don’t worry, it can’t be worse than mine! :cool_laugh:

I’m going to clean my room sometime today…maybe. I’ll stop procrastinating…tomorrow. :tongue:

I don’t have a room, I sleep on the floor in the den. :grin: (which is not messy at all, thank you very much :content: )

Do you think that could be the source of my weird dreams?

I know i have places to store my clothes but i find it so much more convenient to have them on the floor! :cool_laugh: That way you can see where everything is, well most of the time anyway. :tongue:

I keep my room messy on purpose.
You know, to fool the sleestacks.
My dirty socks and stuff help to confuse their senses.

depends on time of day.

morning it is a mess and then whe i get home it is perfect

Yup, my rooms a mess. I do have a dresser for my clothes, but why use it?? I would rather have my clothes spread out on a chair in my room. I can see all of my clothes at once, and can pick what i want to wear. My closet is the worst part of my room. It probably has more junk than you can buy at mcdonalds. Anyways, about the only clean thing in my room is my rubik’s cube collection. Ill try to get some some pics soon.

my room is quite clean now (was forced to clean >.<) but normally it has clothes all around the floor (easy to find) some tools, and oil cans on shelves… school books lying around the floor… nothing shocking…

My house is always messy, but my room isn’t too bad. I never do the bed, I rarely clean the furniture, besides that everything is in its place.

I have just clean m,y room completley. Befor that it wass a minor quest to either walk from the bed to the door or to find somthing on my desk. And the giant ball of cabels under my desk generated such a coil effect(I dont know if it is the correct word but is the direct translation of the swedish term “Spol effekt”) that my guitar sounded like crap. And i lived in my sisters room since she now lives in ireland becaus my guitar and my bass was ocupying my bed. But it iss all more or less corrected at this point.

I’ll have you know my room is beautifully clean.

points camera towards the roof

I had a big clear out a while ago so my room has less stuff in it now and can be tidied quickly. There’s clothes thrown on the chair, papers lying around, old computer equipment i want to sell but not sure where or how much it’s worth and two cat beds on the floor though we only have one cat :tongue: (she’s sleeping on my bed in the second photo). I went through my cd’s so now they can all be seen and books, I’m still sorting. There’s always things to sort out, it never ends :grrr:

I just took these pictures:

love the “am i dreaming sign” below the tv :grin:

He he! I’ll win easily the messy room contest! :smile:

I usually keep my room pretty clean, but lately it’s become very messy and cluttered :tongue:

A friend of mine took my camera for a few days but when he will come back, I’ll post some photographs of my room…

I hope you make sure and thank your Mum. :tongue: