How much do lucid dreams improve your life quality?

I’m sure a lot of people wonder about this - just exactly how much can lucid dreams affect your overall life quality?
Of course you will feel euphoria when you wake up, but have you experienced any long-term dramatical changes? :cool:
Have lucid dreams helped you with any personal problems or to improve in something, for instance?

I have had some lucid dreams in my life (though not that many, although it’s still great to have actually had them) and have kind of been slacking off a lot these last months, so it would be interesting to hear your opinions on this. :content:

Well for me personally, I have a more positive outlook on life, also the feeling of knowing that after a bad day, you can escape to a world of your own & do whatever :content: . It has really helped me with my anxiety with RL situations too. I’m more calm now when it comes to situations that most people would freak out over.

I’m aiming to use them to deal with past buried issues before more issues arise from them than already have. That, and even my NDs and FLDs and tiny lucid moments help me out. That, and it’s fun to relax and do stuff I can’t normally do. :razz:

I’m curious as to if anyone ever used LDs to rehearse for a situation where they lacked confidence in RL, like talking to people of the opposite sex (or same sex if you’re into that).

I can’t say about lucid dreams, but normal dreams have helped me deal with fears in real life. Maybe that’s because I have a lot of nightmares, but when I rationalise my dreams I find I can get over the fears that they portray from real life.

well Lucid dreams help me keep a balanced sleep cycle and not messing it up :happy:

I can’t speak of lucid dreams because I haven’t had one for ages, but I’d definitely say the process of seeking lucid dreams has improved my outlook and enjoyment of life.

With improving dream recall being one of the parts of pursuing lucid dreams, I’ve had many, many great dreams that would likely have vanished from memory had I not been seeking to make a note of them. Whenever I think back on these dreams I always find my mood improves and I feel more relaxed.

It’s also allowed me to identify my anima, SG, DG or whatever you want to call it. I’ve had so many dreams where that particular DC has been present, and I always wake from them in a great mood that lasts for the entire day. Usually the dreams are rather introspective, and I find myself looking at things from a new more positive position. And along with the improved mood, I always feel really inspired towards my work (illustration).

So as much as I’d love to have more lucid dreams, the benefits from pursuing them has been rewarding enough that I don’t even mind if it never pays off with LD’s.

Lucid dreaming helps me talk to others. I use it to re hearse things I’m afraid to do things like talking to the opposite sex. I also use it to learn about myself. By talking to my dream guide and looking into symbols I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I work.

One thing is for sure… I don’t take things for granted anymore… I look at things different…

Few weeks back I was on this mountain, and our goal was to see sunset and take a few pictures… But it was so nice and beautiful that the first thing that came on my mind was to fly a little bit around and feel this fresh air… And then, the second thing I did was a RC :grin:

I did that because I usually would take off in a dream and this “picture” that I had in front of me was so dreamy and so tempting…

I’m pretty new to lucid dreaming and I can’t say that I learned something from lucid dreams, but for now I use lucid dreams for fun, but once when I’m going to be more experienced I will explore my subconscious…

In a lucid dream I asked my wise mind for some answers about my direction in life. The answer was to feel the way I felt during a specific time in my life (refering to a specific time when I felt very good). My take on this answer was to practice feeling good in waking life by getting in touch with those feelings even if it meant to first remember them from a past experience. This helped improve my waking life experience.

I’ve been really curious about Lucid dreaming for a long time now and I’ve researched a lot about it. The main thing that caught my eye was self improvement. The site didn’t really explain much, it just said lucid dreaming can make your real life better, it can change you, improve you, etc.

So I was wondering is it true? And if so how?

I believe it can help make you more spiritual, if you chose. If you have troubles in your daily life, then it’s possible in your dream to communicate with your SG or anybody really on how to improve your real life. LD’s can help you gain insight on yourself and make you a better person.

For example, if you struggle with confidence IRL, then you could communicate with your SGs and learn why you’re struggling in the first place, and fix it. I read somewhere that some people actually use LD’s to rehearse presentations, and study for up coming exams/tests.

Lastly, there’s also that very nice feeling you get after you wake up from a LD. It last throughout your day, making you a smily person :content: .

It is possible. The potentials are potentially unlimited. How? You must discover for it yourself. Begin with talk with unconscious or how you call it. Thats the first step.
It can reveal many knowledge. Anything is possible while lucid in dream.

Don’t expect much “material” improvement in your life. Lucid dreams, just as normal dreams will only help your emotional life. Still, here are a few ideas what dreams could be used for:

-Reducing nightmare count
-Inspiration (especially if you’re an artist, writer or musican)
-Fighting phobias
-Enhanced spiritual life (You can meet your SG in dreams etc.)

Don’t forget about people that have used lucid dreams to invent things! Like the sewing machine, and even Einstein commented on having had some ideas from a lucid dream. So it most definitely can be used to improve your material life. Think about the people who wrote books about Lucid Dreaming, pasQuale has this site because of lucid dreaming (not that she makes a hel of a lot :sad: …), there are successful painters who base there art on lucid dreaming. I myself am working on an idea from an LD and hope that it will help me financially in life. So, nope I do not aggree with that statement. However, I mostly use LDing for self improvement, finding my inner self, learning to be a better person, getting rid of fears and doubts in LDs helps in real life. Broadening your perspective of life is a life changer by itself.

To sum it up:
Try everything, even “impossible”. Do not impose limits on it.“Think You Can, Think You Can’t; Either Way, You’ll Be Right!” Really trust me i know what I’m talking about.

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LDs are for creativity gain. Many people inspired themselves from dreams to write books, novels, to paint and more. Did you know that Lewis Carroll, the author of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, wrote this book after having a LD ?

In spite of all this, I don’t think a LD could provide useful answers regarding RL problems, such as a relationship or work problem. A dream remains a dream after all. But LDs can be great tools ‘to boost up’ your mood. After having one you wake up happy and joyful, and the feeling makes your whole day better. :smile:

Still, you’re free to ask yourself questions, even though you might get answers you could easily have thought about yourself. :wink:

Know that in LD you can contact your deeper knowledge. Unconscious you can call it.
LD is the hint to contact this deeper layers of your Mind. It can bring many possibilities in your life. :wink:

Deeper Knowledge ? :meh:

The SC stores in memories - it’s all about memories, which experience is all about too. IRL you can access these. You’re saying that you’d access it better in a LD… why do people (me too) have trouble remembering their goal in a LD ? Because of lack of awareness. RL ‘grants’ the most awareness. :spinning:rolleyes:) My conclusion is obvious.

I don’t know though, you may be right. An experiment was once conducted where the tested where divided in two parts: one had to find a solution for their problem IRL while the others enjoyed a night of sleep. The results were clear on the fact that the ones who slept had the most success. But I guess being fresh and recovered from sleep was the key actually, not the dreaming state.

If dreams are the mind’s construct of the world based on our personal beliefs/biases, and we can learn to interpret our dreams to identify these, doesn’t that mean that we could learn a lot about ourselves and how we perceive the world? I would call that deeper knowledge, personally.