how often do you dream you are somebody else?

How often do you dream you have the personality of or are somebody else?

  • Never! I am almost always me.
  • Once in a Week.
  • Two or Three times a week.
  • Four or Five times a week.
  • Always! I am hardly ever myself.

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I am intigued with the concept of having a different personality or being a different person in a dream. (LD or not)

I’m myself most of the time. I remember being a horse and a dog before, but I always had my mind. :content:

heh, never been an animal in a dream.
Maybe that can my goal for the week.
It would be fun to be a bird or a fish of sorts-
swim through the ocean and cause all
sorts of mischief.

Usually I am in my body, but playing a different role. A few nights ago I was saving the world from invaders from the earth’s center :content:
Sometimes I’m not even in my body at all, I’m just an ego point, which is fun. Too bad I never realize I’m dreaming whev it happens.
I voted the third one, two or three times a week or whatever.

I’m usually myself, but sometimes I turn into other people in my dream.

Quite often. I rarely have the same personality as myself (even if I’m in my body, and know the same people).

Almost always me… :smile:

Recently i’ve been somebody else, i think it was the first time really…

I’m not sure if being THAT specific is a good idea (ie “once” “twice a week”, etc). For me, it wildly varies. Sometimes I’ll have a whole week of dreams where I’m someone else, and sometimes I’ll be myself for a fortnight or so - or sometimes I’ll be myself but look different, or look like myself and have a different personality. And so on.

I think it would be better to have categories such as “Never”, “Rarely”, “Sometimes”, “Often” and “Always”. I think only the most dedicated dream journalists with extremely high recall would know exactly how many times this occurs on a weekly basis - I know I have very good recall myself, but it’s still not good enough to pinpoint this exactly because of all the variation!

Different people probably also have different ideas of what “rarely” and “often” mean - somebody who dreams of being another person might consider once a month to be quite frequent! I noticed in their replies nobody has said yet “I dream of this once a week” - because most people probably don’t measure their dreams on a weekly schedule. Instead they probably look at the bigger picture, as these comments suggested:

As for me, I said once a week, even though it’s a very poor (and inaccurate) indication of the real situation. It’s the second-least frequent option on the poll. Yet, if you had used less time-specific categories, I would have said it happens very often (for as I see it, it does), but from the way the poll’s categories are given it tends to look like the opposite!

It does happen to me about once per two weeks, so I wouldn’t have to reply “Never!” and I’ve replied “once in a week”.

i am always me, infact i dont think i have ever had a dream where i am someone else, i roleplay in my dreams like i ama spy or something but i am always me :smile:

I’m almost always myself in my dreams,
but sometimes I act like I’m someone else :grin:
I behave weird, and not like myself, but I’m myself

I think i’ve been someone else maybe only once

Why do you suppose people dream of being other people and others dream only of being themselves?

I’d like to think people in the first category are more creative and adventurous. :content:

Seriously, I have no idea.

i moved this to stuff dreams are made off, since it isn’t really an experiment to do in a LD.

To answer your question: i do dream sometimes i’m somebody else, or just a point of view (camera). But it is hard to say how many times a week. So I couldn’t really fill in a choice.

I’m almost always myself or a variation of myself. I recall a few times in my childhood I was an absolutely different person.

That’s also kind of being another person…
In that case I’m still not often another person, but more.

What do you mean with “personality of or are somebody else”. It can mean a lot of things. First of all, you think that you are someone completely else then IWL, like you are convinced you are M. Jackson on trial or so (a nightmare :razz:)… Second it could mean that you act as someone else but still have your own IWL ego-identity. Like, you are still yourself but acting as a superhero or the likes. Third it could mean you inhabit a dreambody that is different from your usual physical body. Fourth you could be in a social situation that is very different from your WL situation, knowing certain people, living in a different setting etc. Last but not least it could be any mix of the previous 4. So how do I know what I should vote?

Hehe, I dreamt I was Han Solo recently. It would have been fun if Darth Vader wasn’t headbutting me… >>


It happens every now and then for me, but when it happens I’m only another person for maybe 5-10 seconds. Once I even got lucid from being a woman :wink: