How to gain control

Hi again,
Tonight, I became lucid in a nightmare(ish) dream, but I was nearly unable to take over control about my surroundings. Well, I guess I’d first have to describe what happened…

I don’t remember the beginning of the dream well, but it had to do with some sexual encounter that turned out to be unpleasant for me in some way. however, the dream “ended” with a false awakening.

I was lying in my bed just like I did in reality, and I wasn’t aware I’m in a dream. I was confused by the strange sex-nightmare and also thirsty, so I decided to get up and get a water bottle from downstairs. As I pushed the button of my bedside lamp, nothing happened. I felt around on the commode next to me and found a lighter. At this moment the air around me started to flare and a deep bass tone filled the air, growing louder and louder. Fear crouched up my back as I desperately tried to use the lighter (it wasn’t working of course). A heavy tiredness overcame me. I tried to fight it, but I still fell asleep.

Then, I woke up in my bed again, in the same position as before, but still with the lighter in my hand…I tried to turn on the light once more, and again it didn’t work. At this moment I thought “this cannot be a coincidence”, so I made a reality check by holding my nose trying to breath. It worked! My excitement about this wasn’t all that big because I was still lying in absolute darkness unable to do or see anything, so I decided to try lighting up the room. I closed my eyes and concentrated on how the room would look like if I open my eyes again.

As I opened my eyes, the room had become slightly lighter, but not at all as I had hoped/expected: It now had a “realistic darkness”, anything I saw was some vague silhouettes of the rooms inventory instead of the total blackness the dream had begun with. I thought “I have to get out of here”, so I got up and walked towards the door…while I was walking, I concentrated to stay lucid: I thought about where my body lies, what I did the day before…It worked fine, so I was pretty confident I’m having the control now. As I got out of the door and into the corridor, the scenery became more vivid and the darkness faded. I checked the room for realistic details (books I had left in the room yesterday and such), and most of them were there. Those who weren’t there appeared directly before my eyes.

Suddenly, I saw someone walking up the stairs. I felt instinctively that he was dangerous. As I looked at him, I saw that he looked like a friend of mine, but I know it wasn’t him. I thought to myself “so what, you’re lucid, that poor bastard is just a dream character, what can he do to you?”. Then, I saw a brick in the stairs’ ballustrade, so I leapt towards it to fly down the stairs. Much to my regret, it didn’t work at all, I was falling down! In the last second before I fell to the ground, I gripped the ballustrade on the other side and swung myself up again. I literally catapulted myself the whole 4-5 metres back up to the 1st floor! The dream character was standing there, just in front of me, staring at me with anger. I said: “I can do it, just give me a chance…”. “No! You already have failed!”, he shouted in a demonic voice. I was shocked. I didn’t feel like I had failed until this point. At this point I realized It was a failure because I didn’t have had the power despite the fact I was lucid.

In a desperate attempt to fight the DC in a physical way, I threw an object (I think it was a shoe) towards him and lept forward, ready to convince him with fists rather than words. Laughing in his demonic voice he evaded the flying shoe and forced me to my knees with some invisible force laying on my shoulders, pressing me down.

At this point, the perspective and proportions of the dream became surreal. Optical distortion warped the whole room, defying the rules of logic and physics totally. The dream character grew taller and taller, becoming about 5 metres high, still retaining his slender build…he looked really weird, like anything in the room. “Okay, that’s too much, I can’t stand it”, I thought, so I concentrated myself and said “I wake up. Now!”.

I woke up in my bed, with a mix of frustration and relief in mind. So, long story short, what can I do to gain more control in a lucid dream? Is it a question of my personality? Will I always be bound to the rules of the dream I’m in?

thanks in advance,
Major Victory

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That was a really interesting dream…I usually don’t like reading long posts, because they are usually boring, but this one was really interesting.I wish you continued the dream, instead of waking up.

The answer of the question is: ‘‘No, you won’t!’’
Well, everyone gets a low-control LD sooner or later, so you don’t have to worry about it.
I think if you had more confidence, you would be able to defeat him…

How to gain confidence?
Just say: ‘‘This is my dream! No one will stand in my way! I can do whatever I can, no one will stop me!!’’…Usually, you get much motivation from that, and you can kick his ass now.