How to get deeper into the dream?

I woke up early this morning, went to the toilet then back to bed. Then i decided to have an LD and i got one :content: The problem is that i could strongly feel i was close to waking up. I was lucid for maybe 1 minute and i was very conscious, but my mind was still a bit disconnected from the dream. The dream was about as vivid as my other ND’s and LD’s. The dream faded away quickly when i heard my brother IRL, while dreaming.

So i think i was on the edge between being awake and dreaming and i wanna know how to “dive deeper into the dream” and disconnect from my IRL senses. Remaining lucid and calm was no problem.

Did you try grabbing or touching something in the dream? Or maybe striking up a conversation with a DC, so your focus turns. Worked for me, though I found sometimes that, especially with WBTB, it’s just time to wake up. :tongue:


Touch things from the dream, feel them, talk to DCs…
Also, rub your hands and shout ‘‘Increase lucidity!’’.

One of these must work.
Some people prefer rubbing hands, some prefer touching thing from the dream and some prefer shouting.

Pick your technique.
EDIT: Also, RCs make you ‘‘more lucid’’.

Alright will try your suggestions. I knew that most of them can be used to make the dream longer but i never thought about if they were able to get me “deeper” into the dream :smile: