How to get more LDs? stuck in bad places in dreams

Last night I had a normal dream about switching religions, it was really disturbing.
But the night before I had a really fun lucid dream. It was the first one since thanksgiving. The one on thanksgiving I had taken mirtzapine, which is both an antidepressant and a sleep aid. I have 3 bottles of it that I never use, I was wondering if taking it before going to bed will increase or decrease my chance of having LD?
I am going to try the March MILD. Meditate before going to bed.
Often in LDs I get stuck in psych wards or cults and they wont let me leave. If I have that in a LD, I plan on secretly escaping by going down the stairs, through a door or in an elevator (instead of commanding them to let me leave.)
Any ideas?

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I recently noticed that once something appears in a dream, it’s kinda Canon, if you can put it that way. Oftentimes our dreams will offer us solutions to problems and if you can take advantage of that symbolism, that may help you with your nightmares. For example, I {and another character} now possess healing powers, I’ve got syringes with a medicine that has soothing effects, etc.

You can also ask or summon your DCs to help rescue you from bad situations, just by sending out a sort of silent distress signal.

Another thing that can help is by retelling the story while you are awake to have a happy ending. Rehearse this new story in your daydreams, and once you are in the nightmares you will automatically use the solution you came up with during your waking hours. For me I used to have tons of bad dreams getting bit by snakes, until i learned that holding them behind their neck kind of immobilizes them, and then those dreams weren’t scary anymore because I had a defense against them.

Finally, it can be useful to ask your nightmare monsters why they are attacking you during the LD, it can yield some pretty insightful responses that can help discover what’s bothering you.

Hope this helps!


I had a dream about a snake a few weeks ago! I cut off the head but then the head tried to bite me and it didnt but I thought it got its poison on me!

Do you have any ideas how to get out of a place in a dream where the DCs are basically holding you hostage?

I do also think LDs can be therepeautic, it helps me explore my subconscious mind!

they are indeed therapeutic ^^
I have definitely had situations where a dream character attacked or harmed me, but that happened because I pushed my protector DCs away and left myself defenseless against attack. Have you had any characters show up in the past to rescue you? If so they are ‘canon’ too, and can be brought back to help you whenever you need it. I also know that, for me personally, most of my nightmare monsters are incapable of flight so that’s useful for a quick escape. Honestly the solution can be anything you can imagine- maybe you can have a little dagger in your pocket during an LD to use for self defense?

There was a girl I was in love with. One dream we watched a art movie together. It was a long time ago. And later someone she knew tried to hurt both of us. And she wasnt what she seemed.

the dagger idea is great! I can already make money appear in my pocket in some LDs

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can you elaborate? what was her true nature?

she was like a hippie spirit that smoked weed and dmt and was an artist. she was similar to a friend i had in pittsburg, yelena, but also very different from yelena and looked different. but she hasnt appeared in a few years so its hard to remember her essence.

in one dream this DC and me smoked weed together. In another we did art and wandered and then a woman who was taking care of her told me I had to stay with her and oppressed me. but the DC didn’t hurt me, only her caretaker did

also she was like a twin flame

ye, I think you could probably bring her back in as your Protector. maybe if you can find a way to get her away from her caretaker? Next time you are lucid, maybe ask her for her advice. you can help each other!

i wonder how i can summon her. i remember her essence but not much else, not what she looks like or her name

hmm, well if directly summoning her fails to work, maybe you could ask other DCs for directions as to where she is, or find a map/GPS?

good idea! and maybe i can just be patient and meet new DCs

although it cant happen if i dont get more LDs! I had one two nights ago and last night I just had blurry dreams I remember I tried to get gym equipment and another dream where people were wanting me to switch religions. i end up getting 1 LD and then 2 months later another. How do I make them more frequent?

I’ve no idea if you’ve heard of this before, but if not there’s a tactic you could practice to help your dreams become more vivid {leading to higher likelihood of having an LD}. The experiment starts with an apple- while daydreaming, try and imagine the apple in all five senses, starting with the imagery of your apple. What color is it? what shape? hold it in your hand. Envision yourself biting into it, what it tastes like and smells like, the sound as it crunches. Once you have the sensations as vivid as you can get it, you can transform that apple in your mind into any object you want!

Thanks! I willl try that

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no lucids last night! :frowning:

same here :sob:. Lucid Dreaming takes some practice and patience and time in order for it to work