How to raise lucidity levels?

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I have this problem when i know im dreaming but i basicaly watch myself act out the dream and i have nearly no control. My lucidity is normally so low that i dont even think about controlling the dream at all. I used the mild tech so should i change the mantra to have something to do with this or what?

Increasing lucidicy is veeeeery easy in dreams.

  1. Yell voice command “Increase lucidicy !”, “More lucidicy !” or “Lucidicy x 1000” (easiest method)

  2. Summon (for example take out of your pocket) a lucidicy pill (If you have no problems with summoning things, it will be same good, and it can work better)

  3. Summon and drink can of Lucid Cola (also needs summoning, but 100% of can = 100% lucidicy. So if you will drink all of this, you will get extremally lucid)

You can try to remember to do one of those things just after realizing tha you’re dreaming.

And as MILDer I can say that it’s good to have easy logical mantra, that will concentrate olny on realizing that you are dreaming.

You may not be fully lucid. There are several stages or forms of lucidity. If you have said to yourself in-dream, “I am dreaming. This is a dream.” Than you are in your first stages of lucidity. Without going into a huge discussion about what I believe to be “pre-lucidity”, I’ll say that you must be in complete understanding that you are asleep. Before you are to be truly lucid, you must have combined or melded your waking conscious and sleeping conscious.

At the moment of realization, what do you experience? Is there a shift in perception? Does the evironment crystillize into a much more detailed surrounding? Does your brain try to wake you up (a term I call Dream Quake)?

You must first determine whether you are fully lucid, or just in the beginning stages (the crossroads)…at the crossroads one can either: wake up, become lucid, or fall into normal dream state.

To answer your question–you must first focus on your surroundings. Look at your hands. Focus in on an object and its texture. Tell yourself again, “This is a lucid dream I’m having.” The ability to take control of yourself and your environment is as simple as “just doing it.” If you find that you are always a bystandered, than perhaps you are not fully lucid like I’ve explained.

Voice commands work best for me.
I would suggest not to get too excited while shouting those commands.

And specifically, what easy logical mantra would you suggest to an inexperienced MILDer :smile: ?

[size=75]You could meditate and focus on the task you want to achieve (Becoming aware in your dreams and take full control).
I’d suggest to exercise your brow chakra as well, even if you don’t believe in the whole “energy body” stuff.

It will make your dreams more vivid, and if you repeat a little mantra like: “I will be aware in my dream and control it as I please” you’ll be flying around in an LD in no time[/size] :wink:

Here’s a great exercise for third eye meditation

"This night I will recogenize my dream"
"I'll know when I'll be dreaming"

I am using those two, works on me, but everyone is different. I also suggest to do some RCs and autosuggestion, those three combined gives pretty much DILDs :grin: