How to start a dream...

Hello, this is my first post here and I would like to say hello to everyone…

My question. Some times I can have dreams and sometimes I can’t see anything (Or I just don’t remember at the end).

How can I start my dreams, Like say I want a dream about being rich and stuff. How can I make a dream start like that, If there is a way.

Hi. Are you lucid in those dreams? If so, try either…
A) Spinning around like a little kid, and telling yourself that you’re dreaming so you don’t forget. --or–
B) Putting your fingers up to your eye and prying your eyelids open. Don’t just open your eyes, as you might really open 'em.

Spinning is probably safer, and should clear up your vision. You might also try yelling out verbal commands (like “Pikachu, Vision ON! NOW!!!”). Other people might have better ideas…

If you’re not lucid, then you should be… It let’s you be rich in ways money could never buy.

Im sorry, I didnt make it very clear to what I meant…

Im talking about how to choose how your dream will start before you sleep (While your awake laying in bed)

Good question, I would like to know as well. I have done pre-dreams where i create the start of the dream while awake and then let my mind finish the dream while asleep, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe you should try it. Somethings only work for certain people.

My friend was telling me think really really hard about what you want your dream to be about and It will happen. But It has not happend like that.

Tell yourself a couple of times during the day what you want to dream about. Fantasize about that dream.
Don’t just tell yourself, but really visualize the thought of the dream. Then let it go.
Do this also when you’re in bed, right before going to sleep. Think about it, let the thought go and drift off.

Don’t force yourself, that won’t work.

Be sure you have good dream recall before trying it. It would be useless if can’t remember the succesfully incubated dream, would it? :wink:

I have managed to incubate some dreams using this technique. :cool:
However, those dreams were not lucid. :neutral:
Sometimes only elements in the dream came from the incubation.

This is very hard thing to do:(
Methods mentioned above are actually everything that i have heard about dream incubating and sadly-they rarely work.
It seems that its easier for more sensitive people with good imagination skills,i.e those who are really moved by movies,those who are easily scared by horrors,or touched by dramas…know what i mean?
If you`re this kind of person it might be easier for you…if not…just wait for some smart tech device with me:)

Pikachu, Vision ON! NOW!!!

It’s not that hard. It works for me (well, sometimes) and I am not that easily moved by movies and stuff :wink:

I woke up early this morning and decided to try WILD after writing down my dream.
I took the last scene of the dream in my mind and fantasized about how it would be if I were lucid. Well, Jack, you know how that works with fantasies :nodnodwinkwink:
So I fell asleep and had the naughty dream. It worked only partly, because I wasn’t lucid, but - hey - I didn’t care :smile:

hi Marshell,

not thinking hard is the way because thinking is rational and dreams are not…the only thing that works here is visualise…but even better is from passion…i mean with feeling…to really crave for it to happen…you have to feel a real urge to what you want…with all passion you got inside…if you can hold that fire of passion for many hours a day…it will happen…passion and really craving for something is a direct link with your subconsciousness…so you have to do it from passion( Feeling)…
hope you know what i mean… :wink:

Good luck!

Yeah Hypnodude:)
After i posted it i thought about WILDs and that this can be helpfull too.
Using hypnagogics to create the scene to enter is another way to go with inducing particular dream.
Just a thought tho,one should concentrate more on particular dream signs he/she has rather than whole scenery.I think its sure up to purpose but if you want lucids,go by dreamsigns.
All that inducing is kinda blurry to me,maybe cause when i close my eyes i see darkness…and thats no fun:(

im sure no expert but unless you have VERY good dream recall you wont remember the first dream of the night, so you might be having the dream you want and not knowing it. try setting your alarm an hour or two early then when it wakes you up not only will you be able to get back to sleep alot easier you will be closer to waking up so remembering alot more about your dream.
or you could try to have a lucid dream while having the intention of turning it into the dream you want, once your dreaming.

but in theory if this worked, couldnt you also “visualize” throughout your day about becoming lucid in a dream and how it would happen, and then become lucid this very way?

this is to answer Marshell’s answer:

to start a dream u could try to visualize things. So 4 example if u wanted a dream in which u were rich…just try imagining yourself rich…like: living in a mantion…having a cool and expensive car…etc…after a while if u do that u will drift into a dream (hopefully)…well i hope this helps…this is what i do …it might work 4 u !

I agree with Kat. I have found that when I want to dream of a particular thing that when I go to bed at night if I concentrate hard enough , I do dream of what I desired.

However, to succed in this, you have to sincerely imagine intensely what it is you wish to dream about before you drift off to a nights sleep. Try to avoid getting weary from the concentration and simply quit after a time allowing yourself to doze off to sleep’ Because it’s sort of like “giving in”, from tiredness.

Instead continue to concentrate intensely about what you want to dream about no matter how tired you are and keep to it. Try hard not to allow any other thoughts to enter your mind that will throw you off track. Keep thinking only about what you want to dream about. You will find that without realizing it you will soon be in the dream that you wanted. With practice it will become easier for you.

…it might also be a good helpful idea to not force yourself to not think about any other thoughts besides the ones u ReaLLy want :smile: Let other thoughts flow by and dont hold on to them 2 long :wink:

:happy: Hi Kat thanks for your help!

(all ok at work? )


Hey jeff :happy: Work is fine thkx ^_~

There is no real way to do this. Your mind won’t carry something on from what you were thinking, and if it does it takes in a strange direction.

Though it would seem that ideas you have strong feelings about may find themselves into dreams. These are usually in the form of horror movies or a nightmare you had had not to long ago, though.

I find that imagining a situation or event works best. Like imagine walking through the shopping mall, or imagine you spending those riches.

When I do this I usually find myself dreaming but waking up as soon as I realize what is happening.