Hows earth ?

Im ot exactly one of those “lets eat grass and svae earth” peoples , but:

yesterday me and some friends (it wasnt the first time though) thought about it , and it struck me.

Its too many humans in this planet !

The forests dies
plains get build to houses
fields of food get polluted
big areas of europe gets to be towns with big farms between covered in railways and highways.

Thining of it , I LOVE the place i live.

I can go to the city whenever i want (15 min.s drive) BUT
It is still forest , its still few houses and peoples , it still aint hghway.

And it is pretty long to the south , and pretty warm , its not like a cold , waste area still having trees because noone has interest in keeping them.

I LOVE my home :content:

when looking on the filds of wheat , green or brown in the spring and imagine houses there i can cry.

And I belive the earth has got too many people living on it.

A norwegian mad man called Varg Vigernes said that the best for earth is if 99 % of its ocupants got killed.

And I wonder
it makes me wonder

He has got a point

An indian one of the last of them said something that has made an impression on me.

Men will have 2 options , if they let the nature die , they will die too.

The earth will cry

Petter: if 99% of the humans were killed at once, their simultaneous decomposition would generate a methereological disbalance and it would be disastrous. :razz: It’s not that easy, we’re already far away from the point in which we should have stopped. Now, the only decent solutions to saving the Earth are gradually stopping everything industrial humankind has done and gradually going back to a less technological model.

Mankind appears to be under some subconscious notion that if it gets enough technology, if it advances enough, creates enough factories and whatnot, it can learn to live without the aid of Earth and it’s plentiful harvest. Nothing is further from the truth. If we could move backwards a bit, and live more off of the Earth rather than industry, we could all be a healthier race of people.

Both DayLight and Bruno have a good point, and are close to what I would have said if I had gotten here first. :content: Perhaps our race would be much better off if the world population were less, but the killing of 99% of that population is impossible, and will never happen. Instead, it can only be expected to grow, and double; which worries me, and I’m sure many others.

Of course, nature has its own ways of killing humans. Just think of all the natural disasters that claim lives. I’d say that the two are doing damage to each other, wouldn’t you think?

Of course there are too many people, and yet Australia is in the middle of “Quick, have seven children, we need more people!” syndrome. It’s kind of disgusting, when you consider there are starving children in the world, and ‘us’ in Australia are worried about there not being enough of us.
That’s my rant :wink:

I agree Snape. In Canada, we have 31 million people, but we’re the second largest country (geographically) in the world. China, on the other hand, is I believe the third largest, and their population is about 1 billion. I find that strange :eh:
I also recall hearing something from a notable scientist named David Suzuki. If every home in China were to have clothes washers and dryer machines installed, it would exhaust the earth’s supply of readily available metal.
I am kind of an environmentalist, and I also agree with DayLight and Bruno; the simpler we can make like, the better, The Amish and the Mennonite peoples are really good at this. Where I come from there are many Mennonites, and although they all still enjoy the same modern conveniences anyone else would, like a Car or Electricity, they also share, say, one tractor between two families, etc.
I think we need to turn our industrial society back into an agricultural one. We could still enjoy things like computers and the internet, but there should be less of this ‘corporate America’ (McDonalds, Sports Utility Vehicles for people who only drive 3 blocks to work, etc.) nonsense. To put it simply, the more simple we can make our lives, the better off we will be, as a species, as individuals, and as caretakers of this planet,

I think norway is in a pretty much like situation as Canada , we have 5 million people , and look upon norway on a map :wink:

I belive that if we get so long that we “kill” earth , the earth would win.

Nature would go on , even if we havent got anything left to eat.

And , as i typed it to a friend , I still thinks that we humans need more than just food and energy …

Ugh. The Earth is in serious trouble. Everything comes back to materialism. As long as people believe that they need ridiculous amounts of stuff to be happy, the crapping on Earth will continue. It’s like some poor-skinny kid in Ecuador that plays Soccer made out of rubber bands and he’s perfectly happy with it. Then there’s some shmuck kid from North America who weighs five hundred pounds (McDonalds wrapping everywhere) and plays video games all day. And its like, who’s happier? I’ll betcha the kid from Ecuador.

Something needs to be done.

Very well said :smile:

Nah. Gaia can take care of herself.

Take a look at a cow. A cow eats the grass. The cow takes a crap. And the crap makes the grass. It’s 100% recycling.

The Earth will be here for a long time. It’s not in any trouble.

However, we are in trouble if we don’t stop exhausting natural resources before Nature can recycle them.

I just feel bad for the animals that live here…


The sadest thing is that WE is one of those animals

Sorry to point that out, but cows and grass are going down the drain with humans if we don’t stop messing around. Of couse, we can make an environmental holocaus and the archaeabacterias won’t even notice the change. Once we’re gone, they’ll start evolving to fit the new environments and will start changing the environment. Maybe, one day, animaloids will exist again. They won’t, however, be the cows with grass that you love so much. These guys are going with us.

Well, anyways, humankind—and the nature itself—are bound not to work forever. Animals are too complex to exist forever… But we have acelerated the process, instead of doing what we should’ve and tried to make it the slowest possible…

It’s quite sad to think that, one day, another inteligent race might find our ruins and think: ‘look, they had inteligence, and destroyed themselves with it,’ rather than, ‘look at these guys, they managed to make a fair society, in which nature was respected and protected, these guys should be an example for all of us.’

We, humans, are with no doubt the stupidiest thing in the universe.

Youre wrong bruno.

My dog is the stupidest thing in the universe.

ANyways , that cow thing.

its not 100 % recycling , but it seems like it.

Sun aint lasting forever :razz:

There are few wars going on all the time for centuries,selling cigarettes and other poisons is legal,starving third world is not any news…- so we are actually trying to lower the population but those little monsters keep arriving…no worry,we`re getting more and more advanced in killing.Earth will win.

Anyone ever read Jurassic Park? The Dr. Malcolm guy has this awesome awesome rant in it. Jurassic Park: a good example of what we, humans, are doing to the earth :wink:

What… populating it with extinct Jurassic dinosaurs??
I beg to differ :tongue:

Dinasaurs ?

WHere ? :scared:

/me goes buying an elephant rifle.

Lets get abck on track :wink:

You should have asked for the dinosaur rifle :wink:

I honestly don’t think there’s anything that can be done or will be done by humans to take us out of our current cycle. It’s just going to perpetuate until something that isn’t human knocks us out of it, something beyond our control.

I’m betting on alien invasion, or meteorite/volcanic catastrophe.