I don’t know anyone else, personally, who experiences this but me. I stopped asking people because they look at me like I’m nuts. But after looking it up online, it’s apparently not that uncommon. It’s called Hypnagogia. I usually hear sounds, music, or talking while falling asleep. Sometimes, it can even wake me up from a dead sleep; such as a loud bang, crash, or someone yelling my name. One time I heard someone scream at me to wake up (that one freaked me out). I’ve always assumed that it was my brain starting to dream before I was fully asleep. Or in a case where I was woken up, that my brain got carried away with a dream.

I will be thinking of my to do list for the next day and some random thing will be said that has nothing to do with what I’m thinking about. They will often interrupt the begining of a dream just as I’m falling asleep, and have nothing to with my dream. Like maybe, unconcious thoughts somewhere deep in my brain overiding concious thought for a moment. Is it normal for these to have nothing to do with your current thoughts?

These have gotten clearer, longer, and more bizzare in the past few years. Things like…
-I heard a soldier and a psychiatrist talking about some man that died on the battlefield. (I’m not a soldier and know nothing about battle, where did that come from?)
-I heard mumbling and then a woman clearly say “Hush she’s listening!”
-and recently a man introduced himself as “Jeff Hurley” and asked how he could help me. (I don’t know anyone with the last name Hurley.)

As usual, these had nothing to do with what I was thinking about at the moment. They interrupted my current thoughts. I started writing them down in my dream journal because they’ve gotten so strange in the past couple years. I read some people see things as they are falling asleep. That would be scary. I would love to hear other’s experiences with hypnagogia. It would be nice to compare notes, and finally hear from someone else who experiences the same thing.

Hello there, Im new at LD and I cant say that Ive had a real one yet. Anyway, last night something did happened to me. Ive posted it here: [Advice pleeeease :))
Ive read also that this is the first step in AP (astral projection) :woo: The "noise" that Im hearing is supposed to be the voice of other “beings”, that youve already understand. But thats just a theory…

Hello, Teodora. I new here at LD too. I actually stumbled onto this sight while researching Hypnagogia. The noises I hear are auditory hallucinations I hear on the verge of falling asleep, between sleep and awake (although as I’ve said, they have woken me up as well). I’ve read that about 15-20% of people experience them. It can be music, a noise like bells or a bang, or talking.
Maybe you had an auditory hallucination, what was the sound like?
Mine usually don’t sound like they’re coming from my head. It’s usually like someone in the room with me is speaking.
Have you ever been in an empty house and swear you heard someone call your name clear as day?..It’s like that.

I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis. I don’t want to, it sounds scary.I don’t think this is anything like AP either, but then again, I’ve never experienced anything like that. It would scare me to death if I thought I was having an out of body experience…That’s supposed to be the same thing right? I guess I’m a big scardy cat huh?

Since that happened Ive been sleeping only at my boyfriends house. :happy: The fear is fading but it didnt happend again either. Here is a video that Ive found useful:
youtube.com/watch?v=d9B3fwdH … re=feedlik
I think that you should try to communicate with those voices somehow…Its easy for me to say that, because didnt happened to me … probably I will be even more scared than now…

HI SP and associated experiences are all common and nothing to be afraid about.

What I would do at this point is somehow get this topic removed, write a short story or novella about your recent HI, starring James Hurley, and get it published and earn millions.

But that’s just me. :cool:

I think that hearing those voices is not a coincidence. Maybe the reason is not exactly whriting a novel (who knows?) :content: I definitely think that you should try to communicate.

In the background of my mind is something that I just call “the noise”. It’s there all the time. It is a mixture of voices, and sounds, but they’re impossible for me to make out. It’s similar to hearing the tv on in the other room, but not really being able to understand what is being said. The one thing that prevents this from taking over my mind (though a constant struggle, and sometimes I lose). Is my awareness of what’s going on around me. It is difficult for me to be present, and impossible to be all the time. But my consciousness keeps priority over what I’m perceiving. While I am falling asleep, what you have posted here happens constantly. Although up to this point I had always just believed it to be a part of myself, I have to say that I am a bit surprised to find out it’s not. My thoughts used to be that as I’m falling asleep, and losing consciousness, this noise takes over. It becomes very loud, vivid, and sometimes it does wake me up.
From what I’m reading here, I do stick to the idea that these things become more prominent due to your consciousness resigning itself for the night.

There is more out there than we can consciously perceive. It is a fact that the brain selects and discriminates sensory information before the hippocampus allows it to be stored into our [explicit] memory. This mainly involves the left [logic] brain, all sensory information that is inconsistent with our ‘paradigm’ is discarded by the memory (consider dual split brain patients). In the hypnagoic state this discriminatory process is not working properly and we are able to retain a memory of the experience. We are continuosly surrounded by strange ‘noumenons’, what makes people special that ‘see’ these things is the fact that their brain is not 100% effective in filtering out the information.

This is really… interesting. :meh: I never had vivid HH - only vague shadows or such, very unclear. I guess it’s how we are build. I think you are somehow lucky with this - especially when trying to achieve lucidity.

You seem (or at least your brain/SC seems) really creative. If I were you, I’d “investigate” that Jeff Hurley in one way or another.

Good luck ! :wink:

I’ve never experienced hypnagogia in that manner :sad:
Same with false awakening and sleep paralysis! What’s wrong with me :cry:

I’ve a question about it. Is the sensory information uncontrollable or can you influence it anyhow?

Don’t patients with only one working brain lobe possess some similar “grouping”/sorting information center? Or develop such?
I’ve visual information in mind. If the left lobe is condensing all the visual cues we’re not even aware of into practical and familiar packets that can get decyphered in our “aware” part of the brain. So we see a known object (say a lightbulb) instead of an unknown source of light.
I’ve heard of people who were blind first decade(s) of their lives and have regained sight due to technological advancements. Theoretically they should be able to see everything everyone else does. And perhaps their eyes do perceive the same details, but their brains don’t have the vault of visual knowledge needed to interpret that deluge of information into a usable construct.

I suppose the information “played” during hypnagogic state isn’t current?
A rehashing of ignored/filtered information that is still around from impressions of previous day?
That could be a reason for sleep, maybe. Sort of a mind-sweep of all the clutter that “didn’t make it” into anything useful.