Hypnagogic hallucinations

I experienced a couple of times that when I woke up, DC’s where standing in my room like ghosts.

I learned about lucid dreaming today and I suspect these experiences were hypnagogic hallucinations, am I right?

Hi Snow, welcome to LD4all! :content:

These might very well be hypnagogic hallucinations. These are good signs to becoming lucid! :smile:

Others may be able to give you more information, I’m not an excellent lucid dreamer (only had my 2nd one yesterday).

Well I’m glad I finally have an idea of what these event were. I didn’t experienced them as pleasant. One happened after I got shot 3 times in my dream. I couldn’t sleep for days.

I’m really looking forward to LD’s. I hope it won’t be too hard and I suspect it wont cause I talk alot about dreams with my friends and they often are amazed that I can control so much in my dreams. Though I don’t have the feeling I’ve had a true LD just cause I couldn’t truly realize it like I can now since I’ve been reading about it all day.

Don’t worry about being shot in dreams, these things may happen occasionally. After all, it’s all a dream, it can’t hurt you. Don’t let bad thoughts stand in your way. :yes:

It’s good to hear that you’re looking forward to LDs! It shows that you’re motivated enough to have them. :smile:

I hope you have a LD soon! :content:

Could aswell have been hypnoggic imagery, OR it could have been a some sort of false awakening. You werent really awake when you saw the DCs.

Anyhow, If you see them again. Know that this is just your mind, playing tricks on you, nothing more. They cannot harm you. Next time, feel the power you have over them, you can just make yourself wake up and they`ll dissapear!

but still, I know, those experiences are scary stuff… It`s hard to not get scared of them when you suddenly see them in your own bedroom :confused:

Yikes! That would have freaked me out! Or even worse - the monster from your nightmare - in your bedroom… :sad:

More precisely, they are called “hypnopompic” hallucinations cause they happen when you wake up (hypnagogic = when you fall asleep, hypnopompic=when you wake up).

What were the conditions of this hallucinations appearing? Did you feel you were paralyzed in your bed? Did you get out of your bed immediatly after this, so you knew for sure that you weren’t dreaming? Or was it in a vague state between sleep and dream and you continued to sleep then?

Well when I woke up and saw somebody standing through my bed I first thought it was a burglar but then I realised real ppl can’t be standing right through my bed. I was stunned all the time, I was able to move but I was scared. After a while, for my feeling it took about an half hour, I suddenly made a quick go for the lights and remained in a shock for a half day and didn’t sleep for days.

The second time I experienced was within a year back from now, I woke up and a child was sitting on my bed. I didn’t think and started punching right through him, he crawled of my bed and vaguely faded away. My head was a little messed up for a couple of days but it wasn’t as bad as the first time. I continued sleeping with the lights on.

On both occasions I know I was awake, the first time I ran from my room and the second time when the child was on my floor I punched through him and hit the ground and my knuckles were a bit bruised the next day.

I’m thinking these may actually be spirits. Either that or simple visual tricks your mind is playing on you.

I would definately not classify these as hypnagogic hallucinations for two reasons. The first being that hypnagogic images easily fade at a moment’s excitement, which clearly didn’t happen in your experiences. The second reason I wouldn’t classify these as hypnagogic hallucinations is because hypnagogic hallucinations take place UNDER your closed eyelids. Not in your room while you’re wide awake.

Sorry, I didn’t want you to be misled, but these are definately not hypnagogic hallucinations.

I was thinking “old hag” when I first read your description, but that’s something that happens with your eyes closed.

I remember a friend of mine had similar sightings - waking up and seeing strange people in her bed room. It scared her quite a bit.

I really don’t know what this could be, some weird form of hypnopompic hallucinations or waking dreams or ghosts… but I’m pretty sure that anything you can run through can’t hurt you.

(I’m a bit envious because this is an amazing chance to find out something new. I realize it’s not quite that great when you wake up and somebody’s standing through your bed staring at you.)

My first instinct (well, second, after crawling under the blankets until they go away) would be to ask them what the want or simply to please go away, simply to see what happens then.

Yeah after the second time I responded more understanding to it and wanted to find out what it was. I’m a lot more comfortable with it since I can link about every strange thing that occurred to me with sleeping and dreaming with things I learned about lucid dreaming. I’ve always wondered alot about what they could be and now since I have a clue I’m not so worried about it anymore.

That these sightings could be spirits was the first thing to cross my mind. But it’s a possibility that puts me up with a lot of questions. Ghosts of football hooligans and a child? And why? I don’t believe spirits visit you just for fun, so what could they have been trying to say?

The most likely appearing explanation is that my mind hallucinates easily. I tend to see shapes and forms of ppl and other creatures when its dark in places that see no or little sunlight. Also when I used drugs I hallucinated very easily and I think these things I see in the dark may have been an heritage of the period I used drugs. Though I have serious doubts at this theory cause my first experience that shocked me so bad was before I ever used drugs.

So, I have a couple of options available, but I can’t see them to fit…

Well there is a traditional way to find out whether something is a figment of your own mind or not: ask a question you don’t know the answer to. (Like grabbing a handful of small change and asking how many coins you’re holding.)

Not that I mean you should do it, but it’s the only method of distinction that comes to my mind.

The explanation that your mind likes to hallucinate is of course the most rational according to the current state of science. And as long as these phenomena are limited to situations where you’re in a (slightly) altered state of consciousness, like drugs or close to sleep, I wouldn’t worry.

Post edited. Out of topic comments about drugs removed.

Out of topic comments about drugs removed

My apologies if I have upset someone. So if drugs is a subject not to be mentioned here this is the last time.

You didn’t upset me at all. But a couple of months ago the subject of drugs cropped up and was discussed in a (to me) objective and neutral way, without any sliding towards a “drugs are baaaaad!” versus “you’re just narrow-minded” flame war.

Sadly (and very much to my surprise), to a member of the forum this was a sign that the ld4all forum is way to lenient or even approving of drugs, and quitted the forum.

I’m trying to avoid a repetition. My apologies if it sounded like I was telling you off! An objective discussion of the effects of drugs is nothing bad as far as I’m concerned. I’m kind of assuming that all/most members of this forum are mature enough not to start using illegal drugs because of an online discussion of their possible effects (which include lasting damage/death from whatever the stuff is cut with).

It’s ok you didn’t sound really like you were telling me off but I wasn’t sure about what you meant to say so I just wondered whether it was a sensitive subject. Thx for the explanation.

Hi Snow,

I find your case to be very interesting. How where you old when you had those two hallucinations ?

In the first case you describe, I notice something curious about you not knowing exactly how much time did pass. It seems you were in a sort of altered state of consciousness in which you had no clear notion of time. The second case is more curious though.

I believe it’s the good state of mind. That’s why I don’t like the ghost theory cause I find it proper to scary people and make them lose their mind clarity.

I remember a friend of mine having such an experience after an emotive shock. He saw somebody near his bed and started to punch through him. On another forum, somebody said he used to have such hypnopompic hallucinations when he was a child and they could last up to 30 minutes.

I agree on what Yenia says. I really appreciate her point of view. And about drugs, yes, it’s forbidden on the forum. If somebody says it’s bad, somebody else will say it’s good and we can’t reasonably authorize such discussions on a forum where most of the people are about 15, thus we don’t permit both points of view. (Hence I should have deleted some posts here :tongue: ). Now, if it can help us to understand what happened to you, I think it would be stupid not to talk about this cause it would suppress an important information.

You said that you often see shapes and forms of people in dark places. From a scientific point of view, this may related with the pareidolia phenomenon. It’s the illusion of seeing visages, for instance, in random shapes. This may be related to an important rate of dopamin on brain. People with high dopamin rates tends to interpret things in term of known shapes more easily. That’s a possibility. Now I’m not a neurobiologist, I only repeat what I’ve read recently.

In another way of saying it, it seems that you are very sensitive. Of course, this tendency has certainly been increased by your use of drugs - which are not particularly adviced in such cases, even soft ones. If those hallucinations don’t occur very frequently and don’t disturb yourself, I don’t think there is a need to worry. I think they could be considered as dream chararacters, with the difference that they happen IRL. Thus Yenia’s idea of behaving like they were DC’s (for instance asking them what they do here, etc.) is interesting. Of course, there could be the same problem than with DC’s, that is, they could say anything. :neutral: Anyhow, it’s an interesting experience, and it’s certainly worthy to see what happens.

In a more “paranormal” point of view, have you been ever able to relate some of your experiences with external information? Did you try to practice remote viewing? Or more simply, do you practice art?

Well lets see, first time I guess I was around 13, last time I should have been 17, or nearly 17.

what do you mean with ‘relate my experiences with external information’?

Without further of due. It could very well be from drug use in the past. People have done shrooms and other drugs, and time to time, either waking up or day dreaming, they see some small, mild hallucinations time to time. Some are even “Hypnagogic”.

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What you went through, I have too. I’ve seen some stuff that’s not really there. As said before, it is a good sign of you becoming lucid-which hopefully may be a goal of yours. I say “No fear, sit back and let your mind loose.”

After have seen how the discussion evolved, I eventually decided to remove some comments in this thread which weren’t directly related to the initial topic, so that he won’t turn into a discussion about drugs - what is not permitted by the forum guidelines.

I think this experience is rather common when you’re 13. I don’t mean that everybody has such sorts of experiences, but it’s not so uncommon. By the way, when you’re adolescent, you can have very strange experiences. First of all, they can be due to your metabolism changing. For instance, “old hags” most often occurs when you’re 17: it corresponds to a peak in statistics. Second, they may be provoked by strong emotions, which often happen at this age. I remember having had “borderline”-like experiences after a broken heart when I was 17. During one of them, I wandered in the nature, seeing all the colours incredibly bright and saturated. Roofs were fuschia, grass was limon yellow. When I told this later to my best friend, he became very sad cause he believed I was going insane! :happy:

Some people say that seers may have such visions. As for me, I think it’s possible to obtain information through remote viewing or similar things. Now, if it’s possible, I think it’s rather difficult to make a sort between useless visions - which come from your own mind and are dream-like - and useful information, which can be verified. No matter how, if you are very sensitive, I think it’s better to use it and to integrate it into your life, by doing art for instance. Lucid dreaming can be useful too, cause it may show you how images take form into our minds.

Are you tryingg to say I could have psychic powers? :eh: